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Julian's Hidden Past by absolutenerd17
Julian's Hidden Pastby Kylie
Draco Malfoy escapes the wizarding world after the war and becomes the muggle CSI, Julian Albert. Ten years later, he's working in Central City with the Flash to take do...
Julian Albert Imagines by vsms899
Julian Albert Imaginesby reader309
The title says it all really.
Tom Felton smut imagines  by purplegoatz
Tom Felton smut imagines by 𝙹𝚞𝚞𝚕𝚜♡
just for all da horny peeps out there requests are open
The Replicator (JulianAlbertxreader) by Skippy6804
The Replicator (JulianAlbertxreade...by Skippy6804
Y/n Prince is the daughter of a world renowned scientist and engineer, Steven J. Prince. One day, her whole world changes - she gains these powers and after her father's...
Phoenix, Wrong or Right? - A Flash  Fanfiction by MorwennaGreenleaf
Phoenix, Wrong or Right? - A Flash...by MorwennaGreenleaf
"Well, it's not my fault we're in here, is it, Phoenix?" "Well it's not my fault either. That frosty bitch attacked us first." I pull at my hair, loo...
The Flash Preferences by Dude_iLoveMexican
The Flash Preferencesby A Winters Child
^^^^ . . . #53 - ciscoramon #42 - leonardsnart #193 - barryallen #6 - julianalbert #218 - theflash #32 - captaincold #918- preferences
snowbarry me six feet under by xx_ria7
snowbarry me six feet underby xx_ria7
It was supposed to be a normal day. Well as normal as a regular day as the Flash could be. Who knew that life truly was a fairytale. Just like Beauty and the Beast. Who...
Family Easter. by LunarPlayer16
Family Easter.by LunarPlayer
Barry and Leonard are soulmates. There marks are different from everyone else's, and they want to know why. They've also been keeping their relationship secret from Barr...
Paparazzi by isnith
Paparazziby Wizardwrldhp
Y/n l/n is an plays extra original character in the harry Potter series by the name of Lorraine Geldford that came in during the third movie Harry Potter and the Prisone...
Locked Away by squid_ink_2124
Locked Awayby 🦑Damien🦑
Barry Allen is deemed unsafe by his family and friends. They place him in a meta-human holding cage. Little did they know, he has severe anxiety and panic attacks. How w...
You're The Hero Now by EffyGrose
You're The Hero Nowby Effy
This is a follow on story for a Drarry fanfiction called You're the Saviour Now. (If you haven't read it, make sure to read that first as it may be confusing if you do...
Lol (How The Flash characters react to a spider) by helpmehgo
Lol (How The Flash characters reac...by helpmehgod
Idek. I got this idea from a funny oh sh*t video.
Not your average speedster | Barry Allen X Reader | by MrNoseee
Not your average speedster | Barry...by Mr.Nose
Started: March 28th 2019 Ended: What if Barry Allen wasn't the only one hit by lightning and got super speed? Y/N is a CSI for the CCPD and meets Barry Allen the day bef...
Flashette(Book Four) by Flashette1
Flashette(Book Four)by ⚡️FLASHETTE⚡️
(Season 4 of The Flash) Continuing after Season/Book 3: The Flash team is left on a cliffhanger when Barry disappears into the speedforce with his mom, leaving the tea...
In Time | The Flash by SaveTheBrooklynBoys
In Time | The Flashby Madi
Aspen Penrose can't remember what it was like before the Particle Accelerator exploded two years ago. The bright light in the sky, the wave of energy raging towards her...
Changing Moments To Save Her (The Flash) by Shireen_Padha
Changing Moments To Save Her (The...by Shireen
My name is Sabrina Allen, and I'm the fastest women alive. That line sounds similar right. You caught it right. Im daughter of Barry Allen the fastest man alive and Iri...
A Woman Of Ice by allthingsfanfic666
A Woman Of Iceby allthingsfanfic666
Diana Black returns for more mischief in this next sequel to The Girl Who Didn't Die. (Modern day)
Snowbert One-Shots (Caitlin X Julian, The Flash) by StarfishOverlord
Snowbert One-Shots (Caitlin X Juli...by StarfishQueen
This is just a collection of short Snowbert fan fictions. If you love Caitlin and Julian, then I'm sure you'll love these. #BringJulianBack
"You're mine. And only mine." Yandere Barry X Julian 2 by helpmehgo
"You're mine. And only mine." Yand...by helpmehgod
This is the sequel to the first book. So enjoy!
Not Quite Fast Enough by NightmareWritez
Not Quite Fast Enoughby Nightmare
Barry Allen was taken to an unknown facility to get experimented on. It took Team Flash five complete weeks to get him back, but at that point the damage had already bee...