"Things We Love We Are Destined To Destroy."

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A God and a Spider - Status - Complete - 8 Chapters
For All You Know-I'm Dead - Status - Distcontinued
What Family Means - Status - Discontinued
Finding Petey - Status - Complete
It's Okay - Status - Complete
Spiders Never Forgive - Status- Complete - 28 Chapters
Rogue - Status - Discontinued - Adopted
Find Him Yet? - Status - 15 Chapters - Complete
We Do Care - Status - Complete
The Blood On My Hands - Status - Complete

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Stories by Nightmare
Not Quite Fast Enough by NightmareWritez
Not Quite Fast Enough
Barry Allen was taken to an unknown facility to get experimented on. It took Team Flash five complete weeks t...
F i n e . . . by NightmareWritez
F i n e . . .
"Maybe I don't have a thing, maybe I'm just a 5th wheel... 7th if you count Coran and Allura." Shi...
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A God and A Spider by NightmareWritez
A God and A Spider
Loki the god has taken the newest Avenger, Spider-Man, and kidnapped him. He had did this so the Avengers wou...