You're The Hero Now

You're The Hero Now

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Effy By EffyGrose Updated Apr 12

This is a follow on story for a Drarry fanfiction called You're the Saviour Now.  
(If you haven't read it, make sure to read that first as it may be confusing if you don't.)

Julian Albert is being haunted by his past and is on the edge of breaking. But what happens when he accidentally tells Barry some of his many secrets? Will Barry help him or will he turn him in? 

To be honest, Julian never spoke of his life before America to anyone.

Without realising, Barry had grabbed his arm and was examining it. Julian watched him as he analysed the scars. His excited smile turned to a more serious pout. He finally spoke. "I personally think it's cool, it makes you look tougher." Julian smirked at the comment.