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Exiled (AmBw) by babybluekitten1
Exiled (AmBw)by Ella V. T. Jones
Simple business trip to Japan. What could go wrong? ************************************************************** "HEY! SLOW DOWN! YOUR GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY! I y...
Calm Envy [Ruki - The GazettE FanFiction] by WitchAngmar
Calm Envy [Ruki - The GazettE FanF...by WitchAngmar
What happens when the girl you once rejected in high school is now someone you can't take your eyes off? The famous vocalist Ruki from the Japanese band The GazettE and...
[Anulada] Between us [the GazettE/Ruki] by MihaelaTib
[Anulada] Between us [the GazettE...by Mihaela
Saori ha estudiado durante cuatro año una carrera que no le gustaba, pues sus padres quieren hacer de ella alguien de provecho. Pero cuando ella acaba la carrera decide...
Hollow 空洞 REVISITED [A Ruki Story] by chijou97
Hollow 空洞 REVISITED [A Ruki Story]by ✨Akina🌙
[A Re-write of "Hollow" AN: I wanted to re write this story with my more current writing style but keeping with the same story line with a more modern taste ad...
You & I by Pan-ADoll
You & Iby Miss Ribena
most of people had known him as the stoic, charismatic leader of Sannoh Rengokai. Handsome, swoon-worthy, one of the best fighter of S.W.O.R.D, he was perfectly fine wit...
White Innocence (REDO) by GazeReiRu
White Innocence (REDO)by GazeReiRu
So I wrote White Innocence a while ago but it didn't seem like it was right...I felt like all my ideas where the same so now I decided to write another version or a rewr...
Midnight Insanity Seme!MaleOc x Ruki (boy X boy) by O_M_I_N_O_U_S
Midnight Insanity Seme!MaleOc x Ru...by cringe
I did this for a little more diversity. This is not in anyway my otp, I just wanted to spice it up a bit in the GazettE yaoi community I guess. Idek. Enjoy in moderation...
Dazzling Darkness by R-y-u-u-t-o-s-h-i
Dazzling Darknessby A Serene Abyss Of Intuitive T...
I knew something was different about Takanori the moment I laid eyes on him. Not only was it the dark aura that surrounded him, there was a caution in his eyes that drov...
Game Over by filthandbeauty
Game Overby filthandbeauty
One by one, citizens from all over the country have been disappearing. Not a single person has yet to be found. Aoi has just recently proposed to Uruha, who both live ha...
GazettE One Shots by filthandbeauty
GazettE One Shotsby filthandbeauty
A collection of GazettE one shots
Black Pearl by TrinityMoua
Black Pearlby Trinity Moua
Some say she's a mermaid just by her beautiful natural wavy hair, people believe that she is the next Cinderella, while others think she's a mysterious fairy tale? She...
Occultus Silva (Reita x Uruha) by O_M_I_N_O_U_S
Occultus Silva (Reita x Uruha)by cringe
Kouyou is a curious elf who seeks the knowledge that lies beyond the locked and ivy covered gates at the edge of his forest. However his curiosity will be satiated once...