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The Purple Spider's Second Chance by kate_mrgn
The Purple Spider's Second Chanceby Kate Morgan
My name is Yu Ziyuan.I am known by many names: Madame Yu,the wife of the sect leader of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect, but the name I'm most proud of is the Purple Spider. My j...
Present In Past (MDZS) by wuxilanchen
Present In Past (MDZS)by wuxilanchen
It's my first writing inspired by reading many fanfiction of MDZS . sorry in advance if any grammar error rectify me. This story about Wei ying,Lan zhan ,jiang cheng an...
only "cultivation partners" | 🐇XICHENG🌸 by LOS3RZXX
only "cultivation partners" | 🐇 ..-xÑÿxīî
in which a story where meng yao and his sworn brothers try to find cultivation partners. but for xichen and jiang cheng, their dating life only forms while being partner...
The Gentle Cloud's and Purple Lotus's Second Chance by kate_mrgn
The Gentle Cloud's and Purple Kate Morgan
My name is Jiang Wanyin. I am the son of the Purple Spider of Meishan Yu,the fiercest woman in the world and Jiang Fengmian, the former sect leader of the great Yunmeng...
MDZS ART TALES  by salguez
MDZS ART TALES by Shinguez
Romance between bunny Wei Ying and wolf Lan Zhan , Cuteness of naughty Wei Ying and adorable Lan Zhan, Brother XiChen and angry lotus, Nie brothers being third wheels...
The unrestrained by wallflower1112000
The unrestrainedby Alee
This work is based on the book mo dao zu shi ...the storyline follows Lan Wangji's perspective...please vote and support ☺️☺️☺️ before that most credits belong to the au...
3Zun x Male! Reader (The Untamed/Mdzs) *DISCONTINUED* by 2getherwithme
3Zun x Male! Reader (The Untamed/ ~☆V★ ~
He admiringly stared at the other, with a playful smile on his lips. "But, pardon me for saying this; Rules are sometimes made to be broken." "If everyo...
On the Petals of a Flower, I found something that does not belong to me by Eirlyseirlyseirlys
On the Petals of a Flower, I E.I.
(Mo Dao Zu Shi- The Untamed English Fanfiction). (COMPLETED) Nothing could ruin her favorite moment: Her body is facing the window, the moonlight is shining and she is...
MDZS/The Untamed - Memes by SallySocker
MDZS/The Untamed - Memesby SallySocker
MDZS and the untamed memes!
Mo dao Zu shi  by ch0cozz
Mo dao Zu shi by chocoz
First of credit to the artist I just edited it that art is not mine Before I start mind you I do not own any of the characters they r from a show\novel\animated Chinese...
Unrequited - LWJ x WWX fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
Unrequited - LWJ x WWX fanficby HaiRyuuKi
Wei Wuxian realized that his teases to Lan Wangji may be more than what he thought he feels towards him. And so, he confessed. Only to be outrightly rejected. credits t...
You're Mine//xicheng ff (Modern ft. Ancient) by Lewis_Jiang
You're Mine//xicheng ff (Modern fine_zeo
"Is it really possible to call someone in other world yours?" Shipping JC (from ancient) x LXC (from modern) WWX x LWJ = couple in both world JGY x LXC = coupl...
MDZS Modern AU fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
MDZS Modern AU fanficby HaiRyuuKi
Summary: Everybody was reincarnated. Some had their memory of their past life, some not. How will they deal with their regrets in their past life, more so when the one t...
Fascination - NMJ x JGY fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
Fascination - NMJ x JGY fanficby HaiRyuuKi
Compilation of fics about Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao - MingYao short fanfics
MDZS x Disney - Mulan  by HaiRyuuKi
MDZS x Disney - Mulan by HaiRyuuKi
A/N: I watched the animation Mulan last night and realized I crossover MDZS to Disney but why foreign when this can be crossover to the very own Disney country? Ok. This...
Get one's comeuppance. by HaveSomeWangXians
Get one's Wei YingBB
(This book is the same as the Sufferable truth but, the plot is far more different than the other.) Wei Wuxian truly believes that his past will never be forgotten. It h...
COMPROMETIDOS by AndreaMolinaHuaman
COMPROMETIDOSby Andrea Molina Huaman
Everyday means Everyday With You by JewelzLibrary
Everyday means Everyday With Youby JewelzLibrary
A swapping of stories, and roles. Wei Wuxian is a crowned Prince, loved by many, loved by the gods, and envied by the jealous. Hated by the poor. Sought after by woman...
Tough Love by TheHannahMT
Tough Loveby TheHannahMT
What if the Nie Clan elders had decided that they couldn't leave it up to Nie Mingjue to find a wife and have an heir on his own? After all, as focused as he is on fight...