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Sufferable Truth by HaveSomeWangXians
Sufferable Truthby Wei YingBB
(This book is no longer active.) The Yiling Patriarch reincarnated into the body of Mo Xuanyu. After the Guanyin Temple events ended, the Yiling Patriarch lived his life...
Mdzs React to a Alternative Universe (Book 1) by swedyixn
Mdzs React to a Alternative nami
what if they saw Wei Wuxian is the real daughter of Madam Yu and Fengmian, and the older sister of Jiang Cheng and Yanli?
You are my fate (wangxian) by sarah0759
You are my fate (wangxian)by Sarah0759
Fanfic story of wei ying and lan zhan. Wei ying second prince of jiang kingdom follows strange group who have damaged his country.They lead him to another country when h...
Back To The Past (Girl AU)(Jiang Ying,Jiang Wuxian) by ZWangxianY
Back To The Past (Girl AU)(Jiang Janelle
wei wuxian came back to past or should i say different universe what if in this universe he is a girl and a biological daughter of madam yu and fengmian what if she is a...
The Twin Red Lotuses  by 0824myra
The Twin Red Lotuses by 0824myra
Wei Wuxian didn't have any reason to stay alive anymore. He lost everyone who was dear to him especially his dear son, his little A-yuan whose body was laying lifeless r...
let me be your miracle-wangxian by sarah0759
let me be your miracle-wangxianby Sarah0759
Wei ying comes to china for a limited time, from his arrival he encounters events changing his life, like always he will bring happiness wherever he goes, maybe he will...
The Light's Dark by Bangtanarmy581
The Light's Darkby VaeRyn
Part two. Lan Zhan is now focusing on helping Wei Ying heal from the atrocities that the other had been forced to suffer for among the Wen clan, as well as during his ti...
Back in time by Silver-butterfly21
Back in timeby Silver-butterfly21
I've read alot of these and they we're mainly of wangxian I have nothing against them and they were always fun to read but then I started seeing other characters instead...
The love of a sister by nomin123456789
The love of a sisterby Wangxian_nct
Oneshot: Canon divergence where- In the battle of the nightless city, Jiang Yanli is the one who kills Wei Wuxian Angst and Fluff Made just to hurt y'all teehee
(Like Mother, Like Son) Yu Ying/ Yu WuXian (MDZS FF) by Ethereal_Hyacinth
(Like Mother, Like Son) Yu Ying/ Aster Wisdom
What if instead of Jiang Fengmian it was Yu ZiYuan was the one who adopted Wei Ying from the street and instead of (Wei) Madam Yu changed his surname to Yu and instead o...
Role Swap (Lan Xichen x OC) (WangXian) by Ethereal_Hyacinth
Role Swap (Lan Xichen x OC) ( Aster Wisdom
What if instead of Wei Ying, his younger sister Wei JingMei took his spot as the grandmaster of the demonic cultivation And Wei Ying he is set to marry Lan WangJi who is...
Xiao Xingchen x reader  by HiReginaPhalange
Xiao Xingchen x reader by u
There are not many mdzs x reader books, so I decided to write one. Xiao Xingchen x reader Please! Read and enjoy Desclaimer! I don't own mdzs or any mdzs characters. I...
Get one's comeuppance. by HaveSomeWangXians
Get one's Wei YingBB
(This book is the same as the Sufferable truth but, the plot is far more different than the other.) Wei Wuxian truly believes that his past will never be forgotten. It h...
in modern world the jiang,,jin,wen,nie and lan family was the powerful mafia but all of them died except from jiang cheng in plane crash in the other world,jiang cheng...
lady wei of yunmeng (DISCONTINUED)  by wangxian_colette
lady wei of yunmeng (DISCONTINUED) by Colette ;)
Wei wuxian girl AU Jiang cheng girl AU lady wei was an amazing lady, but suddenly she fell in love and that man is actually getting married to somebody, what will happen...
A New Beginning ♪MDZS♪ by DaiSyNooR7
A New Beginning ♪MDZS♪by Shin Chan
After regaining her memories Cangse Sanren immediately went to Lotus Pier to reunite with her son, unfortunately or fortunately she arrived when Lotus Pier was under att...
Wei Ying Adopted by Lan Qiren {BEING UPDATED CURRENTLY} by Snow_flake1405
Wei Ying Adopted by Lan Qiren { Snow_flake1405
Long black and red robes flowed carelessly in the wind as Cangse Sanren skipped cheerfully up the steps of Cloud Recesses. The snowy mid-December weather making the wind...
Redesign | A wangxian time travel fanfic by yllzdefender
Redesign | A wangxian time ⚜️
As the clock reverses, destinies change and secrets unfold. ~ A reading the books fic with twists / Based on the new MDZS English translation. ~ Tags will be updated as...
Mdzs Sect Leaders React by Wakeuptoreality21
Mdzs Sect Leaders Reactby Wakeuptoreality21
I don't really see many of these besides from watching YouTube. So as usual filling my needs, and others as well. I will resurrect some people and add some others but no...