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Servamp x Reader One Shots by dark_moon_tea
Servamp x Reader One Shotsby Anne Scribbles 🍁
Hey! Requests are currently closed 🔕.I hope you guys enjoy this book! Servamp belongs to it's creator, Strike Tanaka, and none of the art belongs to me. *Editing some p...
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Lust's new eve (All of love x reader) by TrashWriter4ever
Lust's new eve (All of love x Гергана Георгиева
After Tsubaki's fight everyone lived normally again and Mahiru and the other eves hang out from time to time. But everyone knows that good thing don't last for long. The...
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Everything Servamp by ashalexwrites
Everything Servampby A. A. Hinata
A collection of what if's, headcanons, one shots, lemons, limes, AUs, character x character. Basically anything you could want for the Servamp cast! *I do not own Servam...
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∞Pictures Of Servamp∞ by MidnightDreamer1357
∞Pictures Of Servamp∞by Star_of_Destiny
Random Pictures of Servamp
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Servamp boyfriend scenarios( EDITING) by Lady_Demonica
Servamp boyfriend scenarios( GothicArtist
sorry if there's slow updates I can be busy at time and your free to leave requests
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Servamp:Back to the Past. by TheLostSilence
Servamp:Back to the Silence
'Ah..I see,they're too good for them..' Tsubaki realised as he heard shuffling from the floor below them. The shuffling was chaotic,as if the people below were desperate...
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Normal? No Such Thing {Servamp Fanfic} by Kureiji_otaku
Normal? No Such Thing {Servamp Psychotic Lover
Eiko is a reserved girl that rarely talks and goes to the same school as Mahiru Shirota. She doesn't have any friends, but that changes when she befriends Mahiru and his...
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Servamp Art Book (cause why not) by Post-it-Notes
Servamp Art Book (cause why not)by Post-it-Notes
Mostly doodles of the Envy pair right now because I fricking love JeJe I don't know why If someone comments someone one for me to draw then I'll try to draw it probably...
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Im Caretake My Eve?! by HoseokChild
Im Caretake My Eve?!by Siawyn//SopeForLive
Mahiru Shirota 16 years old high school teenager and his servamp Kuro has agree to help johannes to try a invention that he created. There johannes tell the servamp of s...
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Servamp:Behind their Façades. by TheLostSilence
Servamp:Behind their Faç Silence
During a Get-together at Misono's house with all of the Eves and their Servamps -Excluding Izuna and Freyja-,Mikuni handed out potions to each of the Eves, brewed by Joh...
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Servamp: Truth Or Dare by MidnightDreamer1357
Servamp: Truth Or Dareby Star_of_Destiny
A bunch of truths & dares with your favourite Servamp characters😄 You can request truths and dares for me to publish and write PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REQUEST!!!😄😄😄 (Req...
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"愛" ➳ Servamp Oneshots (On Edit) by eriel_jess
"愛" ➳ Servamp Oneshots (On Edit)by Jesslyn Lie
-Disclaimers:- ➳I accept Requests ➳I don't do yaoi,oc,ships on this book ➳I accept Lemons though #3 - #lawless @ 11th of May 2018
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The Gluttony Pair by My_Husbundo_L
The Gluttony Pairby My_Husbundo_L
Gluttony has been in Italy for a hundred years. A girl at age 20 found him in the city. After a year, he reveals himself as a servamp. The girl takes it surprisingly wel...
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The Book of Servamp Ships by Kasumi1610
The Book of Servamp Shipsby Kasumi (かすみ)
The title says it all (^_^) This will just be a collection of my favorite ships in Servamp (by Tanaka Strike), as well as some artworks I found in other sources
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Servamp: Of broken bonds and sorrows by Nemuruyukine
Servamp: Of broken bonds and Nemuruyukine
Servamp fanfiction. When the eves abruptly decide to break the contract with their servamps, it's a storm of confusion, anger and mostly pain that rages within. Little d...
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Adopted Shiota (Servamp) by Jackie_UwU_
Adopted Shiota (Servamp)by Jackie_UwU_
Akito Shiota is Mahiru's adopted cousin. He is a kind person and think of other's happiness especially Mahiru. Akito and Mahiru inseparable bond that can't be broken by...
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Like me (Servamp x eve reader) by RielaMcGuire2005
Like me (Servamp x eve reader)by Riela F.
Y/N, the eve of world end of gluttony who she named Shibo, comes from a long line of witches. She comes from a rich family and is the heir to her family (which comes in...
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♡Servamp x Reader♡ by MidnightDreamer1357
♡Servamp x Reader♡by Star_of_Destiny
Servamp oneshots with your favourite characters! Please feel free to request anything for you to spend a day with your favourite characters! I'll do my best to make your...
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servamp facts  by Lazy_Yuna
servamp facts by Yuna
Servamp facts!!! This book contains servamp facts!!! It also tells you where you can watch the movie and ova's but I'm not good at explaining them...ヾ(,._.,)ヾ Also this...
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Ang Girlfrend kong Tomboy by Aeleael
Ang Girlfrend kong Tomboyby Daym_Dawn
Isang tomboy at isang bully
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