Servamp:Back to the Past.

Servamp:Back to the Past.

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Silence By TheLostSilence Updated Apr 19

'Ah..I see,they're too good for them..' Tsubaki realised as he heard shuffling from the floor below them. The shuffling was chaotic,as if the people below were desperate to get atop to the level they were currently on.

Cries of 'Licht-Chan!', 'Misono!' , 'Izuna!', 'Tetsu!' and 'Mikuni.' were heard.

However,one of the cries were the loudest of them all:


And that,came from the Kuro himself.

"That didn't sound like something coming from his Sloth personality at all." Mikuni sighed,and faced Tsubaki.

"Hey..Don't you all think that..You're all too good for your own Servamps..?" Tsubaki hung his head low,and extended his hand. 

He flattened his pale hand out, which confused Mahiru as he tilted his head in a response to his actions,"Huh?What are you talking about,Tsubaki-"

Tsubaki made his hand turn into a fist,and the Eves' chests glowed a red hue. The Servamps finally reached the top floor,but they were too late:


The Eves disappeared.

Tsubaki turned to the Servamps and smiled,before disappearing in a puff of smoke.


The Eves went to fight Tsubaki with their Servamps. Tsubaki then realised that the Eves,were too good for their own Servamps. So what does he do?

Why,transport them back to the Past,of course!

And it seems that.. Tsubaki's past self had received information that Tsubaki sent the Eves back to the past. 

Now,what will happen to our dear Eves,as they travel back to the time where the Servamps don't even know what an Eve and a Contract is?

And will they even be able to get back to their own time?

"They say that if you have the power to change the events of the past, you will be able to have the power change the meaning of the future."


(Inspired by a Story in ArchiveOfOurOwn,called 'I'm sorry,what time is it again?' And credits to FoxcatAI for the cover made! ^^)