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Total Drama Group Chat by enphi_
Total Drama Group Chatby enphi
Yeah, title says it all! I wanted to do this for a while, but I'm lazy! Ships. I don't own any fan art used! Sorry if you don't like all the ships! Also I do not own Tot...
Total Drama group chat + Alejandro 😍 by spidergrl1
Total Drama group chat + Alejandro...by vampwebgrl ★
Got obsessed with these so I wanted to make one of my own Ships: noco, gidgette, gwourtney, trustin, aletyler I will update slow so I can get ideas Request are open if y...
TOTAL DRAMA GC by mkuliastan
TOTAL DRAMA GCby rileyy <3
this is a total drama chatfic!! ships - gwortney, aletyler, noco, izva, duntrent (maybe)
NOCO! by JusticeForTheLockers
NOCO!by Komi Can’t Communicate!
Noco (I have to have desc ig)
total drama gc 🥶 by evasluvrrr
total drama gc 🥶by evasluvrrr
ive seen a bunch of these so i kinda wanted to do one 😻
- A Typical TD groupchat!! ★ ≡ by imapinkcharcoalx
- A Typical TD groupchat!! ★ ≡by ꒰ ° *charcoal* ° ꒱
The most very not original idea ever!!! woww!! soo awesome!!! (help) ofc we have our most favorable (not really) ships here!!1 also almost everyone is like in their 20s+...
Total Drama gc cuz I have nothing better to do with my life ;3 by IEatInfantsAt3AM
Total Drama gc cuz I have nothing...by IEatInfantsAt3AM
THIS IS MY FIRST TIME SO BARE WITH ME Ships: Noco (Noah x Cody) Gwourtney (Gwen x Courtney) Justrent (Justin x Trent) Aleheather (Alejandro x Heather) Leharold (Leshawna...
♡Amour plastic♡ by arsonwithizzy
♡Amour plastic♡by noco deprived
Noco story ❤️‍🩹A total drama AU where Noah and Cody fall in love during TDI far from canon show ❤️‍🩹99% focused on Noah and Cody ❤️‍🩹the perfect fanfic to fell 10x...
Your First Love - A Noco Story by Am1Realll
Your First Love - A Noco Storyby 🌕 • Everest • 🌑
Angst and Fluff!!! This is a Noco highschool AU!! I know they're already in highschool but let's pretend they all go to the same school and TDI didn't happen. 😓 It'll i...
THE Total Drama Groupchat by DjJazzyChef
THE Total Drama Groupchatby Asher<3
Groupchat fic bc I can't do creative writing for my life I dont upload regularly but I try to upload new chapters each The chapters aren't even as long as I want them t...
Total Drama Gc!!! by Noahsrealmum
Total Drama Gc!!!by ☆Kerry/Kai☆
This is my first time!! If i mis characterise anyone, I'm dearly sorry Usernames!! Gwen:GothGirlxx⛓️💔 Duncan:CutMyLifeIntoPieces😜 Courtney:IAMACIT 😱😱 Heather:Queen_H...
TDI One Shots by angelic_fae
TDI One Shotsby . ݁₊ ⊹ . ݁˖ . ݁
Each chapter is gonna be a one shot of whatever I want to write If you want to request something, comment or message me
total drama incorrect quotes by expIosivo
total drama incorrect quotesby zee!! || julia lover
Created: 8/7/2023 Completed: ??? includes like a million ships probably needs a TW #1 in #tdi as of christmas 2023 i dont own total drama obviously
Total Drama Groupchat??!????! (Discontinued And Remade Due To Cringe) by K4_tyyy
Total Drama Groupchat??!????! (Dis...by kel irl
I mean it's literally the title
SUPER GAY total drama group chat by arsonwithizzy
SUPER GAY total drama group chatby noco deprived
just the title ⚠️this contains weird shit my head came up with so be ware⚠️
Total Drama GC by Stormfast_Studios
Total Drama GCby •Stormfast•
Absolute chaos with the tdwt cast and featuring the rest of Noah's siblings and his twin sister because I said so ✨ Ships will be revealed as time goes on
Total drama group chats by totaldramamilfs
Total drama group chatsby he/she yo broski🥶🥶
the book of gay toyal drama messes with m realisig after releasing half of it that i hate mos of the ships ive been writing in
tdi gc by LesbianExplores
tdi gcby Ttuutguufufuffy Tdtcyfhcggcgc...
Awesome total drama chat fic!! by Gwensbiggestfan
Awesome total drama chat fic!!by Ash Ketchum
I haven't seen anyone do one of these in ages so LET'S DO THIS!! There is a bunch of non-canon ships in this so if you don't like them, just fuck off!! I'm trying to kee...
Total Drama GC ig by EatsD1rt
Total Drama GC igby silly
wowee I'm so original thank @foreverflowx for giving the idea for this 😭😭😭