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a total drama group chat tbh by alefootro
a total drama group chat tbhby ja-party
noone is doing these anymore so i made one 🤞 AYO THIS IS #1 IN TBH?? ships: noah x cody, justin x trent, courtney x gwen, alejandro x tyler, sadie x katie, izzy x eva...
Total drama group chat but GAY by HotDoritosHQ
Total drama group chat but GAYby DoritoBoi
i honestly have no idea why i wanted to do this but hey, points for unoriginality ykwim? also 🏳️‍🌈
Total Drama Groupchat by Ratbreak
Total Drama Groupchatby Ratbreak
It's legit just the title :// What do you want from me?? I'm totally original 😎😎😎 Most relationships are already established :3
td groupchat by wyvrianxv
td groupchatby girlboss detected
hated the old one. liked the concept. here we fucking go. again.
☆total drama texting: updated☆ by txtal-drama
☆total drama texting: updated☆by ☆☆☆
❝geoff has added 23 people to the chat❞
Total Drama Group Chat & Stuff by LETth3mEATcake
Total Drama Group Chat & Stuffby Liza( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
Yep. Another Total Drama Chat Fic. You should read, i am a very funny person. 😎 | Mostly Gen 1 Characters | Ships in tags | | TW for Swearing + Mild Sexual Humor |
total drama instagram  by emomylifelol
total drama instagram by emomylifelol
fanmade<3 basically as the title says, it'll revolve around certain characters which are: heather courtney gwen leshawna lindsay alejandro duncan cody noah i mig...
Phone Calls Are Their Thing | aletyler by joxnerd
Phone Calls Are Their Thing | bababooey
After busting out of the robot, Alejandro finds himself on Wawanakwa Island having to compete on another season with no allies. With his mangled body and some hope left...
total drama aftershock by wyvrianxv
total drama aftershockby girlboss detected
the first generation campers have all officially hit the age of nineteen, and as a celebration they had all received yet another email demanding their presence for a new...
Total Drama Group Chat by enphi_
Total Drama Group Chatby enphi
Yeah, title says it all! I wanted to do this for a while, but I'm lazy! Ships. I don't own any fan art used! Sorry if you don't like all the ships! Also I do not own Tot...
☆total drama jungle☆ by txtal-drama
☆total drama jungle☆by ☆☆☆
chris mclean brings back 24 of your favourite campers for another season of the beloved reality show! who will make up, who will break up and most importantly who will p...
total drama gen 1 fart chat 😐 by cha0tic_r0npa
total drama gen 1 fart chat 😐by cha0tic_r0npa
you know the drill,, mfing total drama group chat with the gen 1 cast (with other generations chiming in here in there but it's mostly the gen 1 cast cuz I love them the...