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OUR LIFETIME « Pietro Maximoff by yksydknee
OUR LIFETIME « Pietro Maximoffby syd
OUR LIFETIME || PIETRO MAXIMOFF "i've lived enough lifetimes to know that i was meant for this one. i was meant for a life with you." metamorphic...
IronDad & Spiderson  ~And Stuff~ by Batfamily4Life
IronDad & Spiderson ~And Stuff~by ToManyFandoms
All the Fanart and or Things I Find. All of this is from..... ●Tumblr ●Pinterest ●Google ●Twitter There may be Starker Idk [sorry for some ppl] IM SORRY THERE WILL BE...
I Can't Help It - Steve Rogers by icandothisalldaysr
I Can't Help It - Steve Rogersby icandothisalldaysr
When Rachel and Steve meet through Steve's experience of waking in a different century, they get to know each other. And when they reconnect due to Loki's attack on New...
Professor Hiddleston the Actor  by tomsmytype
Professor Hiddleston the Actor by Evelyn ;)
Tom Hiddleston teacher AU x fem reader, usually y/n's POV (I and me) but sometimes other characters (still I and me) Y/n has moved to the America from England just over...
Living with The Avengers: Weapon X by tomsmytype
Living with The Avengers: Weapon Xby Evelyn ;)
Erik Killmonger x fem reader, usually y/n's POV (I and me). Y/n is a 95 year old teenage girl, due to her healing abilities, who grew up in Wakanda, beside Shuri and T'...
How Can A Spider Help A God by IsThisAUsername-05
How Can A Spider Help A Godby IsThisAUsername-05
When Thanos came in search of the stone it was sooner then Loki had thought he would come, and when Loki died, everyone who still breathed in the ship saw it. He was gon...
Might As Well Be (IronDad & SpiderSon) by chloeh928
Might As Well Be (IronDad & Spider...by Shitpost-Chan
Months. Three Months. That's how long it took before they undid the damage Thanos did. And even then, it came at a cost.
I Will Find You✔️ by pvddinghead
I Will Find You✔️by pvddinghead
✔️Completed✔️ When Peter gets sent to the soul stone, Wade will do anything to get his baby boy back.
No Man's Paradise (A MHA & COD MWII crossover) by HARDWARE027
No Man's Paradise (A MHA & COD MWI...by HARDWARΞ
After a deadly terrorist attack in Japan leaves many heroes and civilians dead, traumatised or wounded, Class 1-A and a handful of heroes are tasked with carrying out a...
Spiderson Irondad Oneshots by ExistentialStar
Spiderson Irondad Oneshotsby baguette boi
A collection of oneshots revolving around irondad and spiderson content because I've vaguely got my shit together despite all the depression after infinity war. I take r...
Marvel imagines  by tomsmytype
Marvel imagines by Evelyn ;)
A book of one shot imagines with the Marvel cast and their characters! Imagine x female reader, usually y/n's POV (I and me) but sometimes other characters (still I and...
"Keep my memory with you." Alternative Title: Satellite Lovers [Book 2 of 3]
In Damaged Lands (Rebooted) (A COD MWII OC Book) by HARDWARE027
In Damaged Lands (Rebooted) (A COD...by HARDWARΞ
Set during the events of MWII's campaign, operators of 141 are dispatched with American PMCs to investigate a surge in AQ activity within Mexico with the aid of the Mexi...
DEADZONE *      ᵖ ᵖᵃʳᵏᵉʳ by ruephorias
DEADZONE * ᵖ ᵖᵃʳᵏᵉʳby ×
( the end of a war is always what could have been done to prevent it ) . - " what would you even call it ? " " well , within radius...
The Contractors (A Call Of Duty Modern Warfare OC Book) by HARDWARE027
The Contractors (A Call Of Duty Mo...by HARDWARΞ
Set during Modern Warfare's timeline in a different country... After a terrorist attack occurs in downtown Kyoto by an infamous terrorist group, RONIN PMC is hired by th...
Finding Loki by AdyAda
Finding Lokiby Kacso-Fenyves Adel
*THIS BOOK IS JUST A SKETCH.* You can read it now, or wait for the full book, if you dont want spoilers. Thank you all for reading :) Sorry everyone for the grammatical...