Sans x Reader !requests open! by TechnoCat16
Sans x Reader !requests open!by TechnoCat16
includes smut, fluff, and basically anything else. don't like, don't read
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Why (Jungkook FF) by B_earr
Why (Jungkook FF)by вєαя♚
Finished 21/3/17 Y/N is an new student at her new school because she had to move home towns (Busan to Seoul) because of her parents jobs.. On the fist day she gets in t...
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But you're girls (EDITING) by XscriblerX
But you're girls (EDITING)by Mary khan
"Let go you son of a bitch!" I shout, and try to push him of off me "Be quiet kitten" I smirked up at him "Make me" Before I could realise...
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girls/girls (girlxgirl) ✔ by FlamingFandom
girls/girls (girlxgirl) ✔by jail is super
girlxgirl "Did I mention I'm into girls?" Highest Ranking #468 in Romance completed story c: f f.
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V LIVE // markson fanfiction  by Lunatcliar
V LIVE // markson fanfiction by fuck ハエざ
jackpuppy: fuck me oppa~ jackpuppy: you look so good Mark oppa~ jackpuppy: why are you so daddy????
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Acrimony {Newt Scamander} by kmbell92
Acrimony {Newt Scamander}by K.M. Bell
Warning: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spoilers. Tegwen Gittins knew better to stick her nose where it didn't belong, but that didn't save the Ravenclaw girl...
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Gutta2: Redemption  by Qveen_Keylaa
Gutta2: Redemption by KEYLAAA
This is the sequel to Gutta this will mainly be about the Kids Karmen and Lucas outcome on life.
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They Didn't Know.. 《Langst》 Completed by tolllancey
They Didn't Know.. 《Langst》 tolllancey
{Under Editing} What happens when a part of voltron, a paladin to be exact, is taken hostage by the Galra Empire for 10 days ? Will he be searched for ? Will he be forgo...
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Bat Boys Boyfriend Scenarios by ZebraGirlMaximum
Bat Boys Boyfriend Scenariosby Angel Marie
Boyfriend Scenarios for the Bat Boys, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne. (Comment Suggestions. NO SMUT) (I also don't write Bruce) I do not own any o...
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Of Love and Loss: An Attack on Titan Story (Levi x OC) by etherealeffervescent
Of Love and Loss: An Attack on Elizabeth Davison
Captain Levi has always been emotionless and the perfect soldier, free of any ropes tying him down... Until a young girl captures his heart. Disclaimer: I do not own all...
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Colby Brock x Reader  [Book 1] by zestynooosh
Colby Brock x Reader [Book 1]by zestynooosh
Hey guys it's meh zesty and I hope you enjoy this fanfiction!
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Psycho Sister (Brendon Urie x Reader) by FrankLOVESFurries
Psycho Sister (Brendon Urie x Lexi Holland
Your just another awkward 15 year old, crushing on a guy a year older. This guy just happens to be BRENDON URIE, a guy with an amazing voice and huge forehead. When you...
  • lol
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BATIM x Reader 2 by SmartSmexyPotato
BATIM x Reader 2by trash
WE'RE BACK BITCHES! You already know... I don't own BATM,BABTQFTIM,or Cuphead
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Percy Jackson adopted son of Artemis ( Go To Rewitten One) by ShadeDaughterofHades
Percy Jackson adopted son of Why?
Go to new and improved story. It has the same title.
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CAUGHT UP by KSmittySmith
CAUGHT UPby Krysten
Break is over and Josephina is an inexperienced, wealthy college student who abides by all the rules. Jo's friends continue to bother her about not being able to take ri...
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Like Water {Niall Centric} by Foodislife2001
Like Water {Niall Centric}by Where's the food?
Do they still count as sugar daddies if they are all in high school?
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✿Yoonmin Littlespace One-Shots✿ by Kyarii_Trash
✿Yoonmin Littlespace One-Shots✿by ☓CompletePieceOfCathy☓
I'll probably update it by every week (no promises though >:D) also i take requests cus i have no creativity. >_>
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Lowkey  {Niall Centric} by Foodislife2001
Lowkey {Niall Centric}by Where's the food?
Niall had a hard time choosing his favorite band member, so he chose them all. ~ This is a collab between PlayingLove and Foodislife2001 ~
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Tell Me You Love Me▪Demi/You by AngelFox0130
Tell Me You Love Me▪Demi/Youby ⁷∕₂₇
(GirlxGirl) you are a famous model working for Calvin Klein. one day while you were doing photoshoot, your manager called you and said you were gonna work with Demi Lova...
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Sorry Not Sorry by SunlightBlossoms
Sorry Not Sorryby Sunlight Blossoms
Oaklyn West has lived a relatively normal high school existence, dodging mean girls, sticking to her core and ultimately never losing sight of herself. But all that chan...
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