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Saving Grace by BarnesandRogersfics
Saving Graceby BarnesandRogersfics
Steve leaves you and your son to go back to Peggy unaware your pregnant. Your heartbroken and struggling without Steve until Bucky Barnes steps up to help you out. Wit...
The Hurt and Abused: Steve x Reader by Wolfie_Star
The Hurt and Abused: Steve x Readerby Kristin Schulz
Going through early life with an abusive father, (Y/n) had always wanted to get away. When she finally thinks she does... things take a turn that leave her in the arms...
Saved - Steven Universe x Reader by strawberry_milq_
Saved - Steven Universe x Readerby strawberry_milq_
(Takes place after the Steven Universe Movie) TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of self harm, depression, trauma, abuse, and more. I don't own Steven Universe.
Mine~ A Steven Universe x Reader Story by xfandomxgirlx
Mine~ A Steven Universe x Reader xfandomxgirlx
You were just one of the crowd. Even still, that didn't keep a certain someone from noticing you. Met by chance, Steven finally notices you, and how much he likes you. ...
《Left Behind》 Possessive steve x reader by Dirtyminddragon
《Left Behind》 Possessive steve x 𝘿𝙞𝙧𝙩𝙮𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙙✓
"pleases don't go " "please y/n I'm begging you " He said with hurt in his voice as he clinged onto her arm urging her to listen to his words. "...
Human Diamonds ~ (Steven Universe x Reader) by newtonthedork
Human Diamonds ~ (Steven
(Y/n) is a hybrid, not created out of love, but for a much greater purpose. DISCLAIMER: Probably super cliche, but I still hope you enjoy the book ~~~ They/them pronouns...
Secrets | Steven x reader by httpszuly
Secrets | Steven x readerby Zᴜʟʏ <3
This fan fic will be between Steven and y/n aka the reader. Steven just moved to beach City and meets y/n. He finds her amazing and slowly falls in love with her. He get...
Out Of This World (Yandere Steven x Reader)(Gender Neutral) [COMPLETE] by SuckMySchmeat
Out Of This World (Yandere SuckMySchmeat
(Y/N) (L/N) was on a normal boating trip when they were sucked into a world they've never known where they make friends with a kind boy named Steven. However, as time go...
The Spark Within - Steve Rogers x Reader by BeccaAnne814
The Spark Within - Steve Rogers BeccaAnne814
It's your typical love story - guy meets girl, guy falls in love with girl - all except for one minor detail - girl hates guy. He's not the type to give up without a fi...
The First ( Steve Harrington x Reader) by emo_demon18
The First ( Steve Harrington x emo_demon18
You were the first one to ever been tested and first to escape Dr. Brenner clutches, and if you think eleven and eight were dangerous there powers are nothing compared t...
SteveXReaderXBucky - Fight Song by BerjhawnGideon
SteveXReaderXBucky - Fight Songby Berjhawn Gideon
Reader is the unknown daughter of Tony Stark. Because of certain circumstances she has grown up with a dark shadow hovering over her. All at once her dark past comes cre...
The Outsiders Oneshots by LuddleBubble
The Outsiders Oneshotsby Love The Void
A book of oneshots that include you and a character or just the characters. I have everything from wholesome to angsty. I no longer take requests. -COMPLETED- S.E. Hi...
Someone Like Me(Steven x Male Reader) by Sonlove17
Someone Like Me(Steven x Male Sonlove17
Y/n moves to Beach city hoping to find a place to belong, and then he meet Steven universe his life might change for the better.
Stranger Things - Steve Harrington X Reader by 8Murphy8
Stranger Things - Steve In The Clouds
!Stranger Things does NOT belong to me! This is a slow burn. It's not going to jump straight into the romance. Goes episode by episode in only one point of view. Sorry...
Steve Harrington Imagines by Jackie_fio56
Steve Harrington Imaginesby Jackie_88
A series of imagines about Steve Harrington Started: July 16th
Limerence (Male Reader) by Stranger_Forever
Limerence (Male Reader)by Be the weird.
limerence (ˈlɪmɪrəns) noun psychology Limerence is a state of mind which results from a romantic attraction to another person and typically includes obsessive thoughts...
Double | Steve Rogers X Female Reader | by MCU_101
Double | Steve Rogers X Female Autumn's Escape
*Completed* Being an agent is all Y/n knows, or at least she did. That's until she meets none other than the Avengers themselves. And soon shes at war with herself. T...
Not so Perfect                                      (Steve Harrington x reader ) by anna_g3o
Not so anna_g3o
You are Dustin Henderson's older sister and this is a story about how you go on adventures with the party and fall in love with steve - Takes place during seasons 1-3 an...
☆ Yandere! Steven x Female Reader [Steven Universe Future] ☆ by bitterganache
☆ Yandere! Steven x Female bruh
In light of the new episodes, I thought that Steven's new character arc would fit nicely in a possessive yandere story. Cover Art by danyve16 on Tumblr
Promises by MrsNea
Promisesby MrsNea
Y/N always keeps her promises. Always. And this time it ends up hurting her.