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Issei: The Mind of Games by Eraser-Boi-Dat
Issei: The Mind of Gamesby Jiren The Grey
Waking up to reality with the view of a system, the stats that he could see described his powers. Issei died to only be revived once more to see the world in a different...
Sacred Gear: Heavenly Crown by ShineiHyoudou
Sacred Gear: Heavenly Crownby Shinei
(Issei X Heavenly Harem) The first inheritor of the Sacred Gear: Heavenly Crown, Issei Hyoudou. When the God from the Bible disappeared during the battle against the Hea...
Pawn of the Wind by thecurb
Pawn of the Windby Cringe
Issei Hyoudou, a brown-haired, easy-going, freedom-loving guy who loves adventure! What happens if Rias Gremory summons him to assist her in a rating game that would dec...
Issei:Alucard by KZ1818
Issei:Alucardby KZ1818
Issei reincarnation of Alucard
Issei Reborn (Highschool DxD fanfic) [Currently Rewriting] by LazyHunterZ
Issei Reborn (Highschool DxD Child_of_Oblivion
So basically, a character of my own will wake up as Issei, but he won't be called by his given name in this story. He'll just be your plain old Issei but with a little t...
Issei: The 16th Wizard King by KZ1818
Issei: The 16th Wizard Kingby KZ1818
Issei reincarnation of Jester Garandros(from Black Clover)
Issei: The Black Butler  by KZ1818
Issei: The Black Butler by KZ1818
Issei Reincarnation Of Sebastian Michaelis
The 9 tailed Dragon Emperor (DxD) by Jus1anotherguy
The 9 tailed Dragon Emperor (DxD)by Jus1anotherguy
Issei Hyoudou, a nine tailed fox yokai born with the boosted gear and an ancient beast sealed within him arrives in the town of Kuoh but for what reason and how will he...
Highschool DXD: The Supernatural Killer by Helix_Asmodeus
Highschool DXD: The Supernatural Helix
the official rewrite of the supernatural killer story idea.
Issei crossover in akame ga kill by Isseinumber1truefan
Issei crossover in akame ga killby Isseinumber1truefan
This is the end of season 4 of high school dxd after Issei Confess to Rias. Issei and koneko went back home after a long day, Issei and koneko went to his room to sleep...
Welcome to the Dragon Den by ShineiHyoudou
Welcome to the Dragon Denby Shinei
Welcome to the Dragon's Den! Here we have the finest drinks your money could possibly buy served by the best bartenders in the world, supernatural or not. Our policy is...
Saiyan Descendant by thecurb
Saiyan Descendantby Cringe
Decades have passed since Son Goku left, riding on Shenron's back. The saiyan bloodline lives on, with its latest descendant being Issei Hyoudou. Unfortunately, he's the...
The 'Perverts' Kitsune - (Issei Hyoudou x Male kitsune reader) by Saero_Kun
The 'Perverts' Kitsune - (Issei Oreo
Y/N L/N a male kitsune with the abilities to shapeshift, manipulate nature, use magic, use fire, teleport and can use special chains crafted by the heavens. Y/N is supri...
Twilight by stormsilver1000
Twilightby N30_Monster
The story revolves around Hyoudou Issei, a typical quiet kid (minus the guns and the missiles) who has almost no regard as to how others view him. To him, everything is...
The Twist We Need  by Eraser-Boi-Dat
The Twist We Need by Jiren The Grey
A twist was all that was needed to throw the lives of two individuals into a catastrophic lead into events that will test the bond that they share. One who was broken b...
Challenge  by FuckTrippy
Challenge by Grimm
Disclaimer : I don't own the pictures/fanarts and the characters of the respective series. All of the credits goes to the original creators I have no description but th...
Dragon Brothers Crimson Flame by ManuelMaster16
Dragon Brothers Crimson Flameby Arrow
Historia alterna a la original, casi todo igual a excepción de unas cosas
The Golden King (Highschool DxD) by ChromeStriker
The Golden King (Highschool DxD)by ChromeJ5K
Everyone isn't born equal, but someon's fate will decide who they are instead of their pity lineage. Watch as how Issei Hyoudou a normal kid, be blessed with the power o...
Alien Hero Hyoudou by Fantasizer_X
Alien Hero Hyoudouby Fantasizer_X
My final redo of my old Highschool DxD x Ben 10 fanfic.
Random Crossover Ideas by WhiteDragonEmperorX
Random Crossover Ideasby VoidGodEmperorRimuru
This Is All ideas for a Naruto/Jaune/Issei Crossover fic not a Actual stories as I Still not Really sure how to Start one