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Silent Scream (Book One Of The Brave Series) by Jaayvas
Silent Scream (Book One Of The J. Vas
"Hey Xepher?" she asked. "Yeah?" I wheezed out. She smiled. "I love you." and then the ice gave way. ______________________________________...
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Raiza's Burden  by adventuretazi
Raiza's Burden by Tazeen
Raiza fell in love with the charming and passionate Siddharth she was sure it was meant to be. A love to last a life time. His passion turned dark and she escaped. Two y...
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The So-called Boy Magnet by MissSo-called
The So-called Boy Magnetby Winnie PGR
Sensitive, perceptive and with a mind of her own, Tina Lauren is friends with a lot of boys. They include the smartest guy in her class, the University 'gentleman' and t...
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Trappers 3: Temptation by Misguided_Angel843
Trappers 3: Temptationby Mœšhã Mäçk
Five years have passed and a lot has changed. Sophia, the quietest of the sisters, went out on a limb with the love of her life and moved far away from home. All seemed...
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Unbreakable | ✔ by Jenny-Tj
Unbreakable | ✔by Jennifer Tjandrajana
After losing her mother to cancer, Charlotte Bell's life falls apart. When the mysterious Alex Ryans saves her from an attempt suicide, Charlotte realises life offers s...
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Gypsy's Inner Mirage by gypsy_1love
Gypsy's Inner Mirageby gypsy
Collection of my quotes, one liners and short poems (Original) I have tried to pen down my thoughts, my sentiments, my desires and what I aspire. You will get to read ab...
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Spitfire by ElvishPotterhead
Spitfireby ElvishPotterhead
Ellie Wren didn't expect her life to go the way it did. After the brutal murder of her father and brother and the disappearance of her mother, she runs away to stay aliv...
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Revenge Bites by AmongTheThorns
Revenge Bitesby Arnaza Lewin
When they are misunderstood and placed within a psychiatric hospital, they learn of the deception their parents had endorsed while keeping them isolated from the rest of...
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Beautifully Broken by countrystronggirl
Beautifully Brokenby Dayla Simons
Heartbreak. It's something we've all been through in some way---whether losing a loved one, best friend, or significant other. It's a pain that's deep and strong that wi...
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Confessions Of A Depressed Teen by skyslovelydemon
Confessions Of A Depressed Teenby Sky
Just some poems about depression and stuff. I wrote these poems while I was going through a really, really rough time. I've decided to publish them on Wattpad. It conta...
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we're so human- even when we don't feel like it by remedyworld
we're so human- even when we don' remedyworld
Poetry I'm not super proud of lol. Like it's okay but I'm bored with how I sound. Idk I write more, but then immediately erase or rewrite or dont share, so this is what...
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The Life of Mine by ILoveMe0295
The Life of Mineby Latinaa Sidol
Missina Davinson has been through a lot. She's a spitfire, loving, and kind to other that deserve it. Until she has to endure a summer with Zad Johnson, her ex-boyfriend...
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You & I by ____leahletterhos
You & Iby ____leahletterhos
Rian was your average girl. Except about 10 times the size of a closet of an average girl. That all changed when she started to notice Brett. Her ugly past began to resu...
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On The Rocks: A Poetry Collection by readwriterunrepeat
On The Rocks: A Poetry Collectionby readwriterunrepeat
Poetry. New work will be added periodically.
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Daddy's Little Warrior by Zephyr by ShreyastaSamal
Daddy's Little Warrior by Zephyrby Shreyasta Samal
We all look for inspiration and derive strength from it, but what we forget in our day to day lives is that we have the strength within us. We need to find that strength...
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Hope For Freedom by Marsbar224466
Hope For Freedomby Maha Abbouchi
A journey through the minds and hearts of those full of stories brimful of emotion.
For all who are Broken by ScarletShadowNeko
For all who are Brokenby Shadow Neko
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Inner Fire by VictoriaMessino
Inner Fireby VictoriaMessino
Rose is trapped in a loveless abusive marriage until one day when he cruel husband sells her to a passing caravan so that he can go marry another. Rose has never been ou...
My Freeverse by lostTRINITY
My Freeverseby with love
a poem Can make you cry... But trust me it is not thaaat bad.....
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