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Harry Potter Next Generation Time Travel by DetectiveRueBennett
Harry Potter Next Generation Time...by Inactive Bitch
This is my first fan fiction and I am going to be writing a HP next gen time travel story as you can tell by the title, I feel its isn't too generic and I am including S...
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Crush x Reader One Shots by renduu
Crush x Reader One Shotsby ★
--requests are CLOSED atm, sorry-- enjoy your stay here! highest ranking: #71 in random happy reading yo -ren
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My Inner Demons (MID) X Reader ONESHOT + PREFERENCES! (REQUESTS OPEN) by _Gamjay_
My Inner Demons (MID) X Reader ONE...by _Gamjay_
*COVER ART ISN'T MINE* Since I've recently came back into the Aphmau fandom and love her new series, why not write for it? If you didn't know, I had two 'X Readers' a fe...
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"Cuts" Miritama (BNHA) by kemoka-cocoa
"Cuts" Miritama (BNHA)by Spencer
(Lel, this is my first fanfiction, sorry-) Tamaki hates himself for the way he acts. He hates his personality basically. This makes him cut himself, and he cuts himself...
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Clover (Daryl Dixon X Male Character) by Im_The_Pan_Man
Clover (Daryl Dixon X Male Charact...by disappointment
Jaxx then moved onto Sophia when the bushes nearby began to sway with movement, Caught up in the cut Sophia had gotten from falling into a thorn bush, Jaxx did not notic...
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Love Potion Gone Wrong [Black Hat x Dr. Flug] by Alice_the_shinigami
Love Potion Gone Wrong [Black Hat...by Vivian
Yes, I am aware this has probably been done a lot and that it's probably the most cliché one out there, but whatever. I sincerely apologize to my fellow shippers.
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Thirteen Vampires... by XxAli_HoltxX
Thirteen Vampires...by XxAli_HoltxX
A story of a 20 year old girl who's life is ruined by thirteen hot vampires.
Demigods in Hogwarts (PJO/HOO and Harry Potter crossover) (under slow editing) by SolangeloSquad
Demigods in Hogwarts (PJO/HOO and...by ♕
This is just a small free-write thing that I am doing. Demigods from both camps are sent to a wizarding school to defend the school against the rising threat. Will the h...
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Tozier (Richie Tozier x Reader) by --that_girl--
Tozier (Richie Tozier x Reader)by The Loser
Y/n moves to Derry maine for her fathers job, she has a friend there but what happens when she meets the losers club?
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GRUXBOB MINION FANFIC S MU T !!!!!!!!! by trashnugget2
GRUXBOB MINION FANFIC S MU T...by i hate myself
Bob was innocent.. and Gru did not like that. the little yellow minion had no experience with anything, well except travelling the world and basically becoming a ruler...
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Maybe I Care- Horror x Dust by NachoCheeseOfRed
Maybe I Care- Horror x Dustby Nacho Cheese
(Cover by 12Keanna) So I was browsing Wattpad as usual, messing around reading bootiful fanfics when a certain pair of delinquents popped into my brain. I searched 'Horr...
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hajime hinata is love, hajime hinata is life // my random life book by Sleepy_Cuddles
hajime hinata is love, hajime hina...by loaf
i'm getting obsessed over hajime- help-
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The KFC Club! by xNightingale_girlx
The KFC Club!by Night
Join The KFC Club, as they go about their fluffy lives together! With Kris, Frisk and Chara, they are the KFC! The amazing Deltarune and Undertale is created by the just...
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keith kogane oneshots + others by icy_hot_
keith kogane oneshots + othersby icy_hot_
my first ever oneshot collection! if you dont like father/son shiro and keith then this book most likely is not for you. ps: i dont own this cover or any of the voltron...
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Harry Potter Jokes  by DracoIsGayForHarry
Harry Potter Jokes by ♡Devynn♡
I love Harry Potter, so here is a book of HP jokes. If you know a good one you can messege me. They're all really short so.... hope you like them...
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The Sheen by amatuernovice
The Sheenby Amalia Novice
A somewhat eccentric but seemingly normal boy and a semi-popular science and music lover are forced to work together for a english project for 50% of their final english...
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Hey Blondie by Hplover64
Hey Blondieby Hplover64
The Moon Has To Leave Before The Sun Is Able To Rise , It Kills Him More Every Time But Its Worth It To Let Her Shine. Wouldn't it be the perfect crime if I stole your h...
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Vidcon. (Dan x reader) by Geeky_trash
Vidcon. (Dan x reader)by
Oh hey. My name is Y/N and welcome to the X reader! (Oooh, ahhh) This story is about a socially awkward girl in her twenties living off the internet and staying in he...
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Reddie-The Death Zone by AL3X_BOI_12
Reddie-The Death Zoneby 🖤AL3X_BOI_12🖤
The losers go to a place called The Death Zone with the craziest roller coasters! And welp..Eddie doesn't like them.. The most I will do is some fluff, but that's it. I...
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Making My Ocs Suffer by stressed-and-haunted
Making My Ocs Sufferby stressed-and-haunted
It's exactly what it says on the tin, kids. Might just turn into general sadness but idk
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