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HIDDEN SECRETS by heavenbradley17
HIDDEN SECRETSby heavenbradley17
  • royalty
  • iamjustairi
  • princess
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The Squad Goals!. by TherealtkKiyy
The Squad Goals!.by TheOffical.Kiyy
Gairi or Trairi??
  • niquendking
  • traymfbills
  • iamjustairi
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If It Isn't Love by Ionreallyknowfrfr
If It Isn't Loveby TheyCuteOrWhateva!
Airi is a very geeky and bubbly girl who moved to Atlanta because her mother's job trips were closer there. Tray is born and raised from Atlanta and is the most popular...
  • iamjustairi
  • trairi
  • traymfnbills
Leave him sis by trairi_lover3
Leave him sisby trairi_lover3
Well airi ever find a way out....
  • trairi
  • iamjustairi
  • love
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The Hood by Bigk133
The Hoodby Bigk133
After a new family moves in next door with their 7 sons they all develop a soft spot for her like her own little body guards but not all of them wanted to be just friend...
  • trvptwins
  • badkidjay
  • traymfnbills
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Kidnapped by justrairi86
Kidnappedby Jus trairi86
Read to find out
  • iamjustairi
  • trairi
  • traybills
Love-N-Music (Trairi Fanfiction) by Weezyana12
Love-N-Music (Trairi Fanfiction)by Weezyana12
  • trayandairi
  • iamjustairi
  • airi
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Sexy love by naomijj2003
Sexy loveby naomijj2003
Strong Language. Very emotional. Lots of drama. *DONT PROOFREAD* It's about how the four friends that fall in love with four other men. Airionna Lynch , Dominique Green...
  • traybills
  • trairi
  • iamjustairi
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On My Mind by trairiforeverrr
On My Mindby trairiforeverrr
  • iamjustairi
  • trairi
  • traymfnbills
Trairi Drugs 💞 by BrianaManning
Trairi Drugs 💞by Briana
  • love
  • iamjustairi
  • ybn
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The Principal's Daughter  by justtrairivibez_
The Principal's Daughter by _Justtrairivibes_
This is about a girl named Azariah(Azar-ee-ah) O'Neal who's been transferring from schools to schools and her mother who is the Principal enrolled her into her school. W...
  • love
  • trairi
  • youtubers
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Butterflies • Trairi by BAdbishjass
Butterflies • Trairiby Jassdagawdess 🤪
Read 🥰
  • tray
  • romance
  • trairi
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What Is Love??? by unbothered_trairi
What Is Love???by YoursTruly Promiss
This is a story about two individuals looking for love that soon get together and realize they don't really know what love is. Will that affect their relationship or wi...
  • whatislove
  • trairi
  • traymfnbills
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No Guidance  by justtrairivibez_
No Guidance by _Justtrairivibes_
This is a collab book with me, Airitracyy and Trairiforeverrr. Go follow their wattpad😌
  • iamjustairi
  • fanfiction
  • trairi
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KIDNAPPED | DAVE EAST by ghettokashanti
Dave East , the biggest drug dealer in New York kidnaps little ole Leilani because of debt her father owes . He slowly falls in love with her , but Leilani is just tryin...
  • cheating
  • weed
  • traphouse
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Gun Powder  by leanamcg12
Gun Powder by _.royall.trairi._
This is my book challenge 😂😁
  • family
  • tray
  • happy
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Is It Love •Tray and Airi by trairi4
Is It Love •Tray and Airiby Bbydlle
Airi and Tray meet at a nail salon but when they get to know each other ||is it love||
  • bills
  • iamjustairi
  • tray
A Reason To Love | Trairi  by nique147
A Reason To Love | Trairi by Dominique❤
meeting someone who shares the same love story gives me a reason to love them more ❤. give feedback and comment please, i love seeing y'all comments ❗ enjoy it .
  • teen
  • iamjustairi
  • traymfnbills
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Trigged•Tray And Airi by airitracyy
Trigged•Tray And Airiby Airi.Tracyy
Aaliyah:Because someone called the police from my number*she said laughing * Tracy:You dummy YOU CALLED THEM Aaliyah:O well my bad Tracy:Both of us are going to jail
  • iamjustairi
  • traybills
  • wattys2019
Dangerous Love Story  by layyShort
Dangerous Love Story by layyShort
My Name is Airi That Cute Lil Brown Girl Everybody Want A Lil Taste Of 😜Ima YouTuber From Houston But I'm Also A Singer And I Fell Inlove With A Drug Dealer Who Is Also...
  • iamjustairi
  • lucascoly