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Lovers And Friends (BOOK 1) by spicyganggg
Lovers And Friends (BOOK 1)by spicyganggg
Love at first sight is hard to deny
  • clarence
  • clarenceandqueen
  • queen
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His jewel || Clarencenyc by urbanTh0t
His jewel || Clarencenycby urbanTh0t
Seven jewels is a 17 year old regular girl. Unfortunately she is sent to live with her brother and sister she knew nothing about in Atlanta due to her grandmothers deat...
  • augustalsina
  • bgc
  • clarencenyc
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What A Dog ! by mrsgovan
My name is Aurora salisco i am the only child and i am now off to college i thought it would be easy but that was until i fell for dog that only wanted a bone Question...
  • fanfiction
  • clarence
  • queen
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Best In Me (On-going) by shashaniee
Best In Me (On-going)by GwapongAuthor♡
Sa iyong buhay naranasan mo na bang magmahal ng di mo maalala kung sino ito o saan ito nagmula.
  • tricia
  • valeriehaya
  • clarence
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Warrior Princess (Adventure Time) by Valree
Warrior Princess (Adventure Time)by Valree
Ghost Princess, who she really was and what really happened. This is Ghost Princess' past life. A strong, brave, and smart princess. She is the Warrior Princess. She wou...
  • warrior
  • adventure
  • ships
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Dear Clarence by kali27
Dear Clarenceby kali27
  • dead
  • angel
  • note
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 How Clarence Became Clarence Cyborg  by EtstheLoudHouseFan
How Clarence Became Clarence Ethan Uson
It's a half slice of life and half science fiction of how Clarence Became a cyborg
  • sliceoflife
  • action
  • cyborg
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On The Run teaser by Ccarter91
On The Run teaserby Ccarter91
A little teaser of my book on the run, which is available on Kindle and Amazon.
  • run
  • clarence
  • carter
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Chasing Him by kennethsalenga
Chasing Himby kenneth salenga
Simula nung makita ni zia si skyler lage na niya itong sinusundan, Lage nya itong iniisip , minsan iniisip din nya naiisip din ba sya nito? Si skyler ay walang...
  • knnethsalenga
  • ác
  • clarence
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Our lives by crazy_for_sherbet
Our livesby Em & Tras
Meet Katie Elle Jackson, a girl with blue streaks in her blonde hair, a love to surf, two older siblings, one a little more stable then the other, a father whose moved...
  • family
  • two-worlds
  • different
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Innocence by EricRiders
Innocenceby Eric Riders
"Absolutely beautiful!" - Sora Roxheart Ackerman. This story travels through the years with our protagonist Clarence Sigfriend, you can feel what he feels, and...
  • france
  • innocence
  • circus
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Infinite DC Journeys: The Missing Face by LivingStoneWriter
Infinite DC Journeys: The Sean Livingston
A horrible accident leaves Mandy, the sixth regeneration of Neas, severely burned beyond recognition. Her 8-year-old companion, Clarence Wendle, is left without much hop...
  • thetwilightzone
  • comedy
  • darkman
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love will remember by axelell
love will rememberby axelell
natatandaan. mo pa ba ako? ung mga bagay na madalas. paborito mating gawin. ng mga bata pa tayo. siguro kungdi tayo nag kalayo baka makilala pa natin ang isat isa n...
  • lianne
  • candice
  • janely
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Bar-20 Days by gutenberg
Bar-20 Daysby gutenberg
  • clarence
  • cassidy
  • western
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Breehn X Blaide: Coffee & Kisses by Kbug2k
Breehn X Blaide: Coffee & Kissesby Kayla Marie
Yet another of my infamous OTP writings. Oh and there's coffee involved! :D
  • shipping
  • starbucks
  • clarence
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An intense battle between Clarence and his imposter.
  • bijuu
  • highlighter
  • socio-chan
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The Glugs of Gosh by gutenberg
The Glugs of Goshby gutenberg
  • dennis
  • clarence
  • james
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This Simian World by gutenberg
This Simian Worldby gutenberg
  • clarence
  • day
  • gutenberg
The Sorrows of Princess Anastasia by clarissa_wo
The Sorrows of Princess Anastasiaby Clarissa Wagner-Opatrny
Anna writes as a way to escape from reality, but when her writing becomes a reality, her characters are not how she imagined them.
  • mean
  • clarence
  • clarissawo
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Distance by niknaknoodle
Distanceby niknaknoodle
A girl broken by society and a boy with a two dimensional personality Their identities hidden, their personalities, fake, their emotions, real. Will they meet, what diff...
  • seren
  • friends
  • distance
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