Thug love❗️ by Yayathaplug
Thug love❗️by #IBEENTHAT✨
" 17 and pregnant by a thug?but it's all love?"
  • watty2018
  • 17
  • love
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Love is Dangerous! by armyts4life
Love is Dangerous!by armytroops forlife
A story that has Armon as the main character! Armon and Tiana have been together since they were in high school? (their married?). They never stopped ??loving each oth...
  • treytraylor
  • jazzandtae
  • moddagod
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Hood high school love story 💋 by mosthated_princess
Hood high school love story 💋by Unique ❤️
Princess has to learn the hard way that everything glitters ain't gold.✨ Black has to learn to pick a side loyal or player player to keep his reputation?💧 Drugs, money...
  • hoodlove
  • queen
  • high
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Alpha (Jefmo AU) by MaryJoeycoco
Alpha (Jefmo AU)by × Mary Jo ×
Jeff moves around a lot. He knows the reason is his mom is a dreamer and hates staying one place for too long. Now, he's in his tenth school and in his senior year in hi...
  • highschool
  • clarence
  • jeffrandell
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NYC by Clarencenyc_
NYCby Clarence White
New York, the big apple, broadway , this is what you think about when people say the words new york right? Wrong. What about the gangs, the prostitution, the drug lords...
  • newyork
  • nyc
  • urban
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One Choice At A Time  by peypeywilsonnn
One Choice At A Time by peypeywilsonnn
"when's the last time a nigga made you lose your breath?"
  • dirty
  • black
  • clarenceandqueen
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In The Life by SmauriG
In The Lifeby SmauriG
"Why should I listen to you?" Malay yelled to Trey. ." Not great with summaries?
  • lucascoly
  • kids
  • lucas
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MEDICINE by QueenSahmara
24 year old, Clarence White, is living a normal but non stress-free life. He is in a complicated relationship and also dealing with the responsibility of his two teenage...
  • comedy
  • fanfiction
  • queennaija
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Moonlight Kisses . by nijxbk
Moonlight Kisses .by . ♥️
Eight months has passed and Nami is trying everything she can to make sure her babies are okay. The trials and tribulations are hard but she keeps pushing. Ethan's still...
  • augustalsina
  • clarence
  • generalfiction
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medicine. (august alsina) (clarencenyc)  by desirayjade
medicine. (august alsina) ( amourjade
queen gonna give august a taste of her medicine?
  • dqdgang
  • drama
  • read
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Black Diamond by dd_kaia
Black Diamondby dd_kaia
When life comes hard, Queen comes harder. Black Diamond is one of the hottest and most dangerous clubs in NYC. When she gets caught up with a feared drug dealer of New Y...
  • stripper
  • urban
  • queen
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Love at first sight👀🖤 by laylahju
Love at first sight👀🖤by Lala🌚💕
A trairi story🌚🌚👀👀🖤🖤
  • queen
  • traymfnbills
  • niqueandking
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Something New by Naejah12__
Something Newby Naejah12__
This book is about two best friends named Kennedy Cymone and Queen Naija. In this book they are trying to find someone who loves them. They both find someone, but will t...
  • darryl
  • ace
  • love
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My Savior {Queen Naija & Clarence White} by storiesbydevon
My Savior {Queen Naija & storiesbydevon
Queen is a Physical Therapist with a liking for doing YouTube living with her boyfriend of Two years what happens when she catches her boyfriend cheating and meets NBA p...
  • singer
  • queen
  • clarebear
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High School; A Clarence White Fan Fiction  by wavyysyd
High School; A Clarence White yendys
Anaya Johnson, 18 is a senior at Brayden high school. She is the definition of a nerdy girl. Top of her class, all APs, multiple scholarships, and obsessed with keeping...
  • spicygang
  • clarencenyc
  • urbanromance
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Queen Naija's Daughter by Frimzy4Life
Queen Naija's Daughterby Frimzy4Life
Royalty was put up for adoption at a young age. What happens when she finds out her mother is the one and only Queen N.
  • love
  • clarence
  • comedy
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Wild Thoughts Two by __Marya
Wild Thoughts Twoby Marya
Sequel to Wild Thoughts duh.... Things are different now, Serenity dropped out of school to be a full-time mother to her two children Halo and King while doing her best...
  • love
  • urban
  • romance
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My Hood Nigga 2 by ItsTheRealLea
My Hood Nigga 2by ItsTheRealLea
Queen and Clarence are now married and life's been pretty good so far.......until a certain someone they both thought was out they life comes back and stirs up the drama...
  • kids
  • queen
  • violence
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She's spicy🌶  by ALSINAxCURRY
She's spicy🌶 by Augxalsinanation
Queen an up and coming model meets a clothes designer Clarence,who hustles the streets on the down low. What happens when they meet and encourage each other to follow th...
  • queennaija
  • clarence
  • spicy
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