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Our Connection | Plagg x Tikki by legitrash_
Our Connection | Plagg x Tikkiby 11:11
[ COMPLETED | EDITED ] It all happened after the discovery of each other's identities behind the mask of Ladybug and Chatnoir. The two starting dating which brings their...
Human (Hiatus) by KOTLC_reader
Human (Hiatus)by Midnight
Life is nice in Paris for Marinette and Adrien. They're both secret superheroes and have tiny, 5 inch tall best friends with big personalities. But what happens when Tik...
The Markings of a Soulmate  by Princess_Janiz
The Markings of a Soulmate by ShiningAhgase
Adrien and Marinette were childhood friends , even before the bratty girl .That is , until Marinette had to leave for China because of a family emergency. 10 years later...
Creepypasta Masky x Reader. [Cheese Cake] by TheCring3
Creepypasta Masky x Reader. [ Cringe 🌸
You've been apart of the creepypasta family for a while now, but what happens when Slenderman assigns you a job to work with Masky? The one person who is cruel to you.
Pens and Sticky Notes: A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction by ProphecyScribbler
Pens and Sticky Notes: A ProphecyScribbler
Cat Noir finally convinced Ladybug to give him her phone number. What happens when Adrien already has Marinette's phone number in his contacts too? Will he find out who...
Miraculous Oneshots and Drabbles by CeceTheAuthor
Miraculous Oneshots and Drabblesby Cece
This book is a collection of oneshots and drabbles that I have written about the many characters in Miraculous Ladybug. Some of the oneshots/drabbles are ship-related b...
The Flirting Challenge by MichelleShadowBlack
The Flirting Challengeby MichelleShadowBlack
The tittle says it all. It's the challenge between Alya, Nino, a bold hero and a sly cat. Who will win? Well that's not my secret to tell. Read on!
The boy underneath the stars // Minsung by seungminsnail
The boy underneath the stars // Mickey♡︎
He stands there, with tormented eyes. Shivering under the wind, only a whisper away "...stay..." ...... "everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter h...
Kwami Academy(Miraculous fanfic)  by IShipSimonette
Kwami Academy(Miraculous fanfic) by IShipSimonette
Tikki was brought to Kwami Academy for her to improve her skills as a kwami. She only thought that she was an ordinary kwami but her fate wasn't ordinary.
One Direction Bit Me! by LiLLyCoOLeSt1
One Direction Bit Me!by Lils
Getting bitten by a vampire is something, but getting bitten by five hot vampire celebrities is something else. Amberia Purt is a 17 year old American Directioner. Just...
The Pirate's Prize by Lovelife11
The Pirate's Prizeby Lovelife11
Captain Chat Noir and the crew of the infamous Kwamii are the terror of the seven seas and beyond. When the crew sets anchor near a stunning island, they find something...
Scars by NyanKittyPug
Scarsby Nyankittypug
Book 2 of the Numb Series Everything had been perfect since Marinette and Adrien has revealed themselves to each other, albeit not very romantically on her part. They ha...
humanification • plikki by moonxnoir
humanification • plikkiby 𝒄𝒊𝒂𝒐
❝'This happens every thousand years. Plagg, Chat Noir's kwami, and I turn human.' She explained, unfazed, looking up.❞
Miraculous Short Stories |MLB| by bleuebellebleue
Miraculous Short Stories |MLB|by 𝑺𝒊𝒎𝒑
"Déjà vu m'lady?" Ladybug's eyes widened in shock, and she found it difficult to answer back. "W-What do you-" Chat smiled and leaned in close, whisp...
Eyes that Glow | Herobrine X Reader (COMPLETED) by Waffle_Muggler
Eyes that Glow | Herobrine X bread
This is my first story on Wattpad. Sorry in advance if there are any mistakes or inconsistencies to the plotline. I hope you like my story!☺☺
The Knight And His Princess's Battle by NyanKittyPug
The Knight And His Princess's Nyankittypug
What happens when one day you go to school and find out that one of your closest friends is battling cancer that is known to kill most of its victims? How would you reac...
Life in Another World with my Increasing Cup Size by gigajules
Life in Another World with my gigajules
Ava was just an average college student, until the day she died. After begging for a second chance, she is granted a new life in a world of magic and fantasy. But under...
Miraculous One Shots by happymonster1026
Miraculous One Shotsby x.darkangel.x
This book will include one-shots of every ship, including DJWIFI. Comment for which ship you would like to read next! P.S. This is my first book. I will accept construc...
 Fear- (tim wright) masky x reader  by ibrokemyassatwalmart
Fear- (tim wright) masky x reader by Burnt Toast
a creepypasta ff. What happens when-- wait no, I would spoil it for you, take a peek into my shitty story Good luck :[
Shipping (HIATUS) by traescy
Shipping (HIATUS)by angel
A/N: "Hey y'all! I made this fanfiction back when I was still in fourth grade (10 or 11 years old). There are a lot of grammatical errors & the plot is messy af. I...