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Shizaya One-shots! by amaia_ii
Shizaya One-shots!by amaia_ii
Exactly what the title says~ Mostly Fluff & A little bit of angst (T.W.) = Trigger Warning Completely RANDOM updates Art does not belong to me. Belongs to the Artist. Co...
*MAJOR EDITING* The Devil's Marionette (A Drrr Fanfic) by Irrodim
*MAJOR EDITING* The Devil's Marion...by Ashleigh
I wrote this when I was a child and it has major rapey vibes at some points so needs a whole ass rewrite. Read at your own discretion
Shizaya One-shots:Fluff, Angst, Smut, etc. by Yuika_chan04
Shizaya One-shots:Fluff, Angst, Sm...by 🥔🥔🥔P O t a T o E S🥔🥔🥔
A set of stories centering our favorite couple of all time: Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara. Feel free to read how Shizuo and Izaya go through with their relationship...
I Forgive, You Do You Forgive Me? by AlegnnaStory
I Forgive, You Do You Forgive Me?by Alegnna
Shizuo heard his phone ringing and picked it up he answered the phone and said : SHIZUO: hello! Who's this? IZAYA: hello Shizu chan SHIZUO: flea? How did you know my nu...
Depression (shizuo x izaya) by lenkamijoushion
Depression (shizuo x izaya)by Aiden✨💫
When izaya came to realize that he had somehow developed feelings for the monster of ikebokuro, he tried to hide them. But everytime he would face the protozoan, it woul...
The Hilarious Romance Between The Brute and The Flea by DarknessLuver
The Hilarious Romance Between The...by Cas Masterson
After years of fighting, Izaya decides he is no longer interested in playing with Shizuo. He decides to go out and tell the 'brute' just that so hopefully, they can move...
My Sister's Keeper (Shizuo Heiwajima x FemReader) by burgersnscones
My Sister's Keeper (Shizuo Heiwaji...by burgersnscones
Izaya Orihara is many things: he is arrogant, narcissistic, manipulative--in other words, a real scuzball. But a bad baby brother he is not, much to the surprise of ever...
Big brother 's Love(Durarara!!)(Izamika) (Discontinued) by Long_Finger_Senpai
Big brother 's Love(Durarara!!)(Iz...by Long_Finger_Senpai
Durarara!!!Mikado×Izaya.disclaimer-i do not own durarara in this life or afterlife(what will happen if the cold-hearted human lover Izaya found out that his little brot...
The Demonic Angel and the Vixen by Reika-Suzuya
The Demonic Angel and the Vixenby Reika Suzuya
Durarara fanfiction Description inside TEMPORARILY ON HIATUS
¡Feliz Cumpleaños Orihara-San! by Solara529
¡Feliz Cumpleaños Orihara-San!by ✧ℛℯ𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓉𝒾𝓃ℊ✧
Pequeño one-shot para conmemorar el nacimiento del informante de Shinjuku.
Grief by surreal_fix
Griefby surreal_fix
With Izaya finally dead at the hands of Shizuo, he's left a ghost that's stuck haunting his murderer. All the while he watches as Shizuo spirals into despair at his wron...
I HATE YOU . . .by HOWL .
because i love you. hanahaki disease! shizaya one-shot
Divergent by Shira-Minazakisa
Divergentby Shira (HIATUS)
Satu pilihan bisa mengubahmu dan seluruh hidupmu. Pilihlah dengan benar, sebelum semuanya sudah terlambat. Izaya Orihara, seorang Divergent, yang diburu oleh seluruh pen...
His Little Sister (Durarara) OC X Shizuo Completed by kate_inspired
His Little Sister (Durarara) OC X...by Kate_inspired
Izzy Orihara is 21 happily 2 years younger than her big brother. Although her parents were distant and didn't like the two. She loved her little sisters. Living in Ikebu...
Ya es demasiado tarde...[Resubido.Mariazoaldyeck] by ReiSakuma96
Ya es demasiado tarde...[Resubido...by Bañuelos
Han pasado más de cinco meses desde que Izaya se había marchado de Ikebukuro. Después de ese largo tiempo al fin regresa pero no de la forma que a él le hubiese gustado...
Shizuo x Reader | Lemon by fancyjasmin
Shizuo x Reader | Lemonby fancyjasmin
This is a 18+ fanfic Hope you'll like it But still remember... Becuase I'm doing this fanfic, dosent it mean that he's yours... since he's mine!!
You Had ONE Job by PandoraButler
You Had ONE Jobby Death Themself
Shinra pleads Izaya to help a guy out and get Shizuo a date...what he doesn't realize is that Izaya is going to /be/ that date. Cover: @SiIverPsycho
Listen- Shizaya by Bluewing88
Listen- Shizayaby Massacre Madison
A sad shizaya one shot about listening.
Bet You Can't by NachtGraves
Bet You Can'tby graves
Izaya and Shizuo were just playing a game. A simple game of 'I Bet You Can't'.
Love Triangle by NeedForShigu
Love Triangleby Emma
Izaya likes Shizuo, Shizuo likes Mikado, and Mikado likes Izaya. How will this work out?