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One Shots 1 by Musique_Me
One Shots 1by Musique
Insert a book summary of an anime of a trading card game. || Fan-fiction: Various X Female Reader || Status: Completed || Requests: Open for the next book || Cover: @-hx...
Life Going Forward (Nosaka Yuma × Mikado Anna) by Unknown_glassdoll
Life Going Forward (Nosaka Yuma ×...by Classy
After the championship, team Japan get back to their normal lives as they get ready for their next soccer journey. But will this journey be the same as the last one? Sur...
Durarara x reader by Itsahabit17
Durarara x readerby Itsahabit17
One rainy night, celty was riding past the park when she noticed some girl lying on the ground, when she goes to help she notices she similar to her in a different way. ...
Why You Shouldn't ~ Izaya Orihara X Reader  by LibranYandere
Why You Shouldn't ~ Izaya Orihara...by .
A girl moves back to her hometown, Ikeburko after a long stay in Canada and connects with some of her friends and family.. But Ikeburko isn't how it once was anymore.. O...
Big brother 's Love(Durarara!!)(Izamika) (Discontinued) by Long_Finger_Senpai
Big brother 's Love(Durarara!!)(Iz...by Long_Finger_Senpai
Durarara!!!Mikado×Izaya.disclaimer-i do not own durarara in this life or afterlife(what will happen if the cold-hearted human lover Izaya found out that his little brot...
"I am one who bears many fetishes" RATED R SMUT by RamuneHolic
"I am one who bears many fetishes"...by ラムネHOLIC
Mikado has some fun with nikei~ This story is from the prospective of nikei
sdra2 pride hcs by sussy_square
sdra2 pride hcsby follow me on tiktok
happy pride yall ! since its june i wanna give out my hcs :)
Yandere!Nikei x Oc x brother!Yandere!mikado by Nikei-Yomiuri
Yandere!Nikei x Oc x brother!Yande...by Exhausted writer
Gwen sannoji is mikado's little sister. Truth be told they are the founders of void,Gwen is like her brother but instead she has a mouth mask that show her expectations...
Aishiteru by Storm-Girl
Aishiteruby 🖤Arashi ⁴💙
I am Y/n, I used to live with my grandma in America. But one day my life got completely flipped upside down, Some Blue haired boy showed up at my house. What shall becom...
Durarara (reader insert) by Blank-Reaper
Durarara (reader insert)by Mei Misaki
I love anime and durarara is one of my favourites so how bout a reader insert? We'll see if any romance happens along the way. And YOU get to be in the story as y/n ( yo...
Danganronpa Another 2 Roleplay  by Creative_Angel_
Danganronpa Another 2 Roleplay by 𝑱𝒊𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒊 !!
This book will be similar to the canon 1-3 Danganronpa book! With the scenarios and all!
The Heart of Monsters (Durarara fanfict) [EDITED] by Josev_Quadra
The Heart of Monsters (Durarara fa...by Josev
Chiyami Kuronomi is a 19 years old girl who live not in a normal state of life. Her life is horrible, but she never felt pain. Because she never know what emotion is...s...
Danganronpa Another Utsuro by TimothyQueen
Danganronpa Another Utsuroby Timothy Queen
Utsoro decides to survive instead of die
Jealousy is a Killer by TimelessWriting
Jealousy is a Killerby Bella Archer
When Izaya gets jealous, things get messy and people broken. WARNING: Implied murder and rape, mindbreak, yandere, insanity, and mature themes
Outside The Shadow (Durarara!! AU) by Furnitt
Outside The Shadow (Durarara!! AU)by Furnitt
Things may of seemed to have calmed down in Ikebukuro after awhile but in reality, hell was coming back to haunt everyone. Mikado has gone completely berserk, Masaomi an...
To love ru: Rito Yuuki challenges (and some others as well by Sihlobisile
To love ru: Rito Yuuki challenges...by Sihlobisile
As the title says these series of challenges will be based of our accidental ladykiller Rito Yuuki
Mikado One-Shots  by TsuukiChan
Mikado One-Shots by Tsuuki Chan
I just love my magical husbando and I decided to write oneshots about him! I hope that you will like them! Be carefully, this book may have any nsfw contents.