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Don't hide from me ~ Izaya x reader by TarCow
Don't hide from me ~ Izaya x readerby mmm
Ikebukuro is a city of many different wonders. During the day, the people itself is an amazing sight to watch and during the night, it seems like the world has changed a...
Shizaya One-shots! by amaia_ii
Shizaya One-shots!by amaia_ii
Exactly what the title says~ Mostly Fluff & A little bit of angst (T.W.) = Trigger Warning Completely RANDOM updates Art does not belong to me. Belongs to the Artist. Co...
I'm Officially Never Adopting Cats Again!(Akatsuki Cat Story) by ReikaandNaomi
I'm Officially Never Adopting Cats...by Reika Kuro and Naomi Potter
(Nao: Just skip this blabber and go to the next paragraph for the real description) The wait is finally over! Hi, I'm Reika Kuro! Some of you may know me as @BlackAlphaR...
Ikebukuro : A Bohemian Hikigaya's Rhapsody by BetrayedDreams
Ikebukuro : A Bohemian Hikigaya's...by Betrayed Dreams
A multi-crossover adventure full of mystery and fantasy, the supernatural and sci-fi elements. OR Hachiman Hikigaya is a natural when it comes to interpreting micro-expr...
*MAJOR EDITING* The Devil's Marionette (A Drrr Fanfic) by Irrodim
*MAJOR EDITING* The Devil's Marion...by Ashleigh
I wrote this when I was a child and it has major rapey vibes at some points so needs a whole ass rewrite. Read at your own discretion
In A World With No Oblivious- Izaya Orihara x Reader by inactiveaccount13290
In A World With No Oblivious- Izay...by inactive account
(y/n) was a girl who has been watching over Ikebukuro in secret for a while now... When Izaya Orihara finds out about this the two have some tension- but there's a catch...
Shizaya One-shots:Fluff, Angst, Smut, etc. by Yuika_chan04
Shizaya One-shots:Fluff, Angst, Sm...by 🥔🥔🥔P O t a T o E S🥔🥔🥔
A set of stories centering our favorite couple of all time: Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara. Feel free to read how Shizuo and Izaya go through with their relationship...
His Little Sister (Durarara) OC X Shizuo Completed by kate_inspired
His Little Sister (Durarara) OC X...by Kate_inspired
Izzy Orihara is 21 happily 2 years younger than her big brother. Although her parents were distant and didn't like the two. She loved her little sisters. Living in Ikebu...
Falling In Love With A Flea (Shizaya. IzayaxShizou) by All_Anime_Otaku
Falling In Love With A Flea (Shiza...by CreativeCas
Izaya Orihara and Shizou Heiwajima have been fighting to the death ever since they first met. However, what happens when Izaya's deepest darkest secret somehow gets told...
My special human (Izaya X Reader) by Izaya-Orihara-Days
My special human (Izaya X Reader)by Izaya-Orihara-Days
Izaya Orihara the strongest and heartless man in Ikebukuro loves all humans. But one interesting human will catch his eye. Also he must deal with feelings he had never f...
An Informant's Assistant | Izaya Orihara x Reader by isakurasnow
An Informant's Assistant | Izaya O...by Sakura Heichou
You met Izaya Orihara in college, and you have always been impressed by his intelligence and good looks. As a desperate attempt to stay together after graduation, you as...
Izaya Orihara x Reader by IzumiOrihari
Izaya Orihara x Readerby Alex
(L/N) (F/N) is a informant from Akita, but she grew bored of knowing her city.she also wanted to escape,So then she decides to go to a dangerous place, Ikebukuro. She he...
Depression (shizuo x izaya) by lenkamijoushion
Depression (shizuo x izaya)by Aiden✨💫
When izaya came to realize that he had somehow developed feelings for the monster of ikebokuro, he tried to hide them. But everytime he would face the protozoan, it woul...
The Hilarious Romance Between The Brute and The Flea by DarknessLuver
The Hilarious Romance Between The...by Cas Masterson
After years of fighting, Izaya decides he is no longer interested in playing with Shizuo. He decides to go out and tell the 'brute' just that so hopefully, they can move...
My Sister's Keeper (Shizuo Heiwajima x FemReader) by burgersnscones
My Sister's Keeper (Shizuo Heiwaji...by burgersnscones
Izaya Orihara is many things: he is arrogant, narcissistic, manipulative--in other words, a real scuzball. But a bad baby brother he is not, much to the surprise of ever...
I Forgive, You Do You Forgive Me? by AlegnnaStory
I Forgive, You Do You Forgive Me?by Alegnna
Shizuo heard his phone ringing and picked it up he answered the phone and said : SHIZUO: hello! Who's this? IZAYA: hello Shizu chan SHIZUO: flea? How did you know my nu...
Izaya's brother (Discontinued) by puppypuppy12
Izaya's brother (Discontinued)by Karma
What if izaya had a twin? Izaya is cunning, intelligent , manipulative, a little sadistic, and has a very teasing personality. While his twin Ikari is a little naive, k...
Grief by surreal_fix
Griefby surreal_fix
With Izaya finally dead at the hands of Shizuo, he's left a ghost that's stuck haunting his murderer. All the while he watches as Shizuo spirals into despair at his wron...
[ON HIATUS] The Broker (Izaya X Reader) by KatouMiwa
[ON HIATUS] The Broker (Izaya X Re...by Sehasasherala
DISCLAIMER: This story is not very heavy on romance at all. (Partially because I suck at romance genres) Still, it IS an "X Reader". I hope you can enjoy it as...