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Fear of Falling (Izaya Orihara) by Xercere
Fear of Falling (Izaya Orihara)by ⋙—A̶k̶i̶r̶a̶→
Hikaru Misae is a romance novelist who has little experience with love. When she meets Izaya Orihara, she can't help but find him interesting. Izaya finds himself intrig...
What is Stronger Than Love? (Shizuo Heiwajima X reader) by Reesezpieces
What is Stronger Than Love? ( Reese
After an accident in the past, is it just an accident that you meet up again? Will friendship be restored? Will love begin to rise? Or will the past prevent your future?
Shizuo x Reader by AliArcher
Shizuo x Readerby Ali Archer
(y/n) Evergarden. You moved to Ikubukuro when you was a young due to family issues. You became known as a monster. Not because of appearance because you are fucking sma...
Love Rivalry (Shizuo x Reader x Izaya) by Minnaa0
Love Rivalry (Shizuo x Reader x Minnaa0
[Completed] Read this cringy thing at your own risk [F/N] [L/N] is a very nice person to others. She always tries to remain cheerful and positive. How would things turn...
The Fall of Izaya Orihara by Yin_Kami_715
The Fall of Izaya Oriharaby Eeee
Izaya gets stabbed while traveling through Ikebukuro on business. Shizuo finds him stumbling through an alley, and Izaya's secrets are quickly discovered. Hate turns to...
Durarara boyfriend scenarios by RosyEatsMemes
Durarara boyfriend scenariosby Rosy Is Me
~Their love for you is adorable~ Edit: Y'all I started this book in 2016 and finished in the start of 2018 so don't expect anything good from it lmao I have no clue how...
HΣIШΔ by KaeWinter
aғтer geттιng вooтed ғroм нer old ѕcнool вacĸ ιn ιĸeвυĸυro , мaĸo нaѕ вeen accepтed ιnтo ĸnυgιgaoĸa jυnιor нιgн. ѕнe doeѕnт ĸnow wнaт тo eхpecт нere. мayвe мaĸe ѕoмe ne...
Shizaya texts (Izaya and Shizuo) by NikANT
Shizaya texts (Izaya and Shizuo)by Nikolina
Texts between Izaya and Shizuo from Durarara!! [ ! Contains smut ! ] If you don't like bxb don't read 7/7/2019 - #1 in #Shizaya ----- To>Shizu-chan So...Did she like...
Psychopathic Love (Shizaya) by xXSeichanXx
Psychopathic Love (Shizaya)by Sei-chan
*****Completed******* Izaya Orihara is a strange person. On the outside he seems heartless and even psychotic. However, on the inside, he suffers through his own problem...
Forgotten Hatred (Shizaya) by xXSeichanXx
Forgotten Hatred (Shizaya)by Sei-chan
*******Completed******** After some "unknown" incidents, Izaya Orihara forgets himself, the people around him, and his relationships. Although he has no desire...
male reader oneshots  by Meowrose-chan
male reader oneshots by Meowrose-chan
Idk what my life is anymore
Shizaya - Control  by KatlnnRotato
Shizaya - Control by Katlnn Rotato
Izaya finds Shizuo half dead on the street. "Im calling Shinra so he can get you healed up. Aren't I such a nice person Shizu-chan~" he said mockingly, a wide...
Shizaya-Seeing Right Through You by Alpha_Zexy_Dragon
Shizaya-Seeing Right Through Youby The Otaku Info Broker
For the first time ever Shizuo tells off a certain information broker instead of killing him, the bodyguard goes home thinking his harsh words had no effect on Izaya. Ho...
Protect Me || Shizuo x Reader「A Durarara Story」 by Words-Of-Fate
Protect Me || Shizuo x Reader「A Fate
Being sent away to live in Ikebukuro was supposed to be for your own protection. Little did you know that darker things that far surpassed the dangers in your town lurke...
Why You Shouldn't ~ Izaya Orihara X Reader  by LibranYandere
Why You Shouldn't ~ Izaya .
A girl moves back to her hometown, Ikeburko after a long stay in Canada and connects with some of her friends and family.. But Ikeburko isn't how it once was anymore.. O...
Be My Eyes by Lightblade-Absol
Be My Eyesby Lightblade-Absol
Izaya never realized how taxing late night and day long info searching on the computer could be. At first it was a slight fuzziness, but it quickly took a turn for the w...
cat & dog ; shizaya | ✔️ by t0kyolights
cat & dog ; shizaya | ✔️by Linzi;;
It was honestly a ridiculous sight. Two enemies that had been turned into a cat and dog, sitting next to one another. Stupid.
Mark of a star [SHIZAYA] by CrashTheParty
Mark of a star [SHIZAYA]by The FitnessGram™
It was a relatively normal day in Ikebukuro when it happened. Everyone was going about their day just like normal, and nothing that strange was going on. Izaya was only...
Atlas by whimsical_girl_357
Atlasby Whimsy
Izaya is reaching the limit of his endurance, and Celty and Shinra can't take it anymore. They've had enough, so they ask Shizuo to give the poor guy a break. I sadly do...