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I'm So Glad I Found You : Quintis Fic by ScorpionCyclone555
I'm So Glad I Found You : Quintis...by ScorpionCyclone555
Young girl with a name and a past, that's all they know and that's all she'll tell. She's scared, strong and all alone in this world. Not for long though, perhaps she's...
Memories  - A Scorpion Fanfiction by FandomAndBooks14
Memories - A Scorpion Fanfictionby FandomAndBooks14
[Follow Alexa and team Scorpion, a group of super-geniuses led by the eccentric Walter O'Brien] [Scorpion Season One - Ongoing] [Alexa x Toby] [Semi-Irregular updates]
Robots (English Version) by Kyra_Wasp
Robots (English Version)by Kyra Wasp
"This is not about emotions, this is about facts", Happy thought as she puts the baby in the man's arms. "And the fact is that you have a lot more to offe...
Scorpion's New EQ by EmilySeifert
Scorpion's New EQby Emily Seifert
~Discontinued, I wrote this when I was 15, and love seeing it continue to grow, but I'm not capable of putting the love into it that it deserves~ Fanfiction of the Tv sh...
Genius #5; A Scorpion Fanfiction by Writer_Reader05
Genius #5; A Scorpion Fanfictionby Writer_Reader05
Y/n had always been different, and it was probably due to her high IQ of 178. But when she meets the people who share a similar range of intelligence, she feels right at...
Scorpion x reader  by Agent-Lokitty
Scorpion x reader by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
A series of scorpion x reader fics * = self harm and other themes Characters: Walter If you wanna see anyone else just ask!!
Scorpion One-Shots by _scorpion_fan_ships_
Scorpion One-Shotsby _scorpion_fan_ships_
Scorpion one shots! Mostly Quintis, some Waige, Melvester, Kelyes, and Eddyn. Hope you enjoy!
happy + toby oneshot I {rewriting} by soyeon4eva
happy + toby oneshot I {rewriting}by ˗ˏˋ 𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘦 ˎˊ˗
Just some Scorpion Quintis fanfiction! Happy Quinn and Toby Curtis. One of my OTPs.
The Time is Now by quintislover92214
The Time is Nowby quintislover92214
This story takes place just weeks after Joy Quinn-Curtis was born. Happy and Toby, trying to adjust to parenthood is quite difficult. Geniuses who barley understand thei...
Kidnapped by Quintislover
Kidnappedby Bronwyn
Happy gets kidnapped and it's up to Toby and the cyclone to save her.
Our Life Falls into the Hands of Another by streakyglasses
Our Life Falls into the Hands of A...by Allie
A book of Quintis one shots that cover everything! Summaries/notes/ warnings will be in bold at the beginning or end of a story. Enjoy!
Scorpion by Scorpionquintiss
Scorpionby Scorpionquintiss
When Mark collins escapes prision, hes looking for revenge. Will our favourite team of geniuses beat him or crumble under his dirty, dirty battle tactics? Watch relation...
72 hours QUINTIS by BarbyHyuga
72 hours QUINTISby Bárbara Castro
3 days have passed since his proposal failed, 72 hours of tequila and loneliness and now Happy was there to make it better. QUINTIS
Scorpion/ Quintis one shots by Scorpionquintiss
Scorpion/ Quintis one shotsby Scorpionquintiss
So this is take three on trying to write a decent book, i decided to have a shot at writing some one-shots, (mainly quintis ones,some waige parts and possibly some calli...
Anger Management by Quintislover
Anger Managementby Bronwyn
Happy attends an anger management class hosted by a rather annoying psychiatrist.
The aftermath QUINTIS by BarbyHyuga
The aftermath QUINTISby Bárbara Castro
The day after his failed proposal Happy went back to the garage to try and fix them. Lots of angst. Quintis.
Break (Quintis) by slythesuperfunguy
Break (Quintis)by IG:slythesuperfunguy
This is a one shot at the beginning, but then there's an alternative ending.
Long Day by Quintislover
Long Dayby Bronwyn
It had been a long day for Happy Quinn. Surely it couldn't get any worse, could it?
•Peter Pan• Scorpion Fan Fiction by FanfictionCentral234
•Peter Pan• Scorpion Fan Fictionby Fanfiction Central
Genius Walter O'Brien and his team consisting of a human calculator, a behaviorist, a mechanical prodigy, a Homeland Security agent and a single mother have saved countl...
Let Me Help You by Quintislover
Let Me Help Youby Bronwyn
Happy vows to help Toby with his gambling addiction.