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Undyne by DragonFlame123456
Undyneby DragonFlame123456
This is the story of Undyne's life. This is the story of her love life, friends, family, and life in general.....
Scattered Thoughts of the Scattered Crew by Scattered-Crew
Scattered Thoughts of the Scattere...by Weirdos
Just our compiled thoughts and random shitposts and crap that we decide to put down. Written by all of us! Yeet- Lilly Prepare for the wrath of the semi-sane and the ins...
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My Diary  by mydiaryxx1
My Diary by Salome
Hallo liebe Leuteee Ich heisse Salome & bin 12 Jahre alt. Ich schreibe einfach auf was ich erlebe & möchte es mit euch teilen. Ich bin kein besonderes Mädchen die ein...
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Six Weeks Left by ItzCecexD
Six Weeks Leftby ItzCecexD
"I have six weeks left...."
The Surface (Undertale 2) [WARNING CURSE WORDS] by AsrielVeector
The Surface (Undertale 2) [WARNING...by Asriel Veector
This is a story about Frisk living on the surface world (Frisk is a boy in my story, Don't get mad) and thats what it is :D
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A New Begining by Sorrelflower
A New Beginingby "Don't grieve for what is los...
Frost joins the clans, but will she miss home? Even enough to bring her new family back to her old? (New version of clans StormClan*Thunder*, RainClan*River*, BreezeClan...
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hi by DakuOkami
hiby DakuOkami
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Dark Poemsby death
Here are some dark poems I whipped up! Enjoy... Sweet nightmares~
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Updates on me by jenna_wheeler456
Updates on meby Jenna Wheeler
I will write and that's when I am bored
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Der kleine Fuß by MeineKleineKuhLotta
Der kleine Fußby Magrit56
Hallo! Ich schreibe spannende Kindergeschichten für große und kleine Kinder :-) mit ein paar Einblicken in mein Leben
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?¿ by celindragneel
?¿by celindragneel
Cover credit: @JinsEssen
Faceclaimshit by Leonthefirst
Faceclaimshitby Robin Locksley
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Monsters by Poppiekitty
Monstersby フラワーガール
I see your monsters, I see your pain, Just tell me your problems. And i'll chase them away.....I'll be your lighthouse i'll make it okay.... When I see your monsters I'l...
The Ultimate Joke Book by kweenslayerr
The Ultimate Joke Bookby kweenslayerr
You know what's inside 😉😉 😉 (CREDITS TO THE WRITERS WHO MADE THE JOKES )
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Me... by Animu_Cracker
Me...by Alive but lurkin
:3 all random stuff That I add NEARLY everyday ^^ Featuring Emi_987 This is not a shout out so .... & NOW FEATURING LILLIAN_43!!!!!! (She ain't on wattpad so....)
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go away by Dat_one_girl_
go awayby Dat_one_girl_
his laughter echoed in her mind as everything went black she regretted everything she wanted to take it all back she hated him
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♪ᗩᗷᗝᑌ丅 丅ᕼᗴ ᗩᗪᗰᎥᑎ♪ by _Alwqys_
♪ᗩᗷᗝᑌ丅 丅ᕼᗴ ᗩᗪᗰᎥᑎ♪by Lily and Lyra Dark
~About The Admin~
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Hallo by Jeexsjd
Halloby Jeexsjd
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