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The Perfect Husband (Gochi) by Ginersnap2010
The Perfect Husband (Gochi)by Gingersnap
After upsetting his wife to tears.....Goku's guilt makes him wish to be the perfect husband for chichi and father for Gohan so that she never cries because of him again...
DBZ Love Stories  by ShamillaLuna134
DBZ Love Stories by ShamillaLuna134
Just some of my favourite love stories online. I don't own the stories, but I love them!!!!!
Priorities by ultraviolence2014
Prioritiesby ultraviolence2014
The fate of the universe or spending time with your significant other? For many the answer is obvious; work before play. But for Goku that kinda logic just doesn't apply...
SIEMPRE SERÁS TÚ  ~Goku y Milk~ by Bloom_with_love_2412
SIEMPRE SERÁS TÚ ~Goku y Milk~by Andy
House Husband by Ginersnap2010
House Husbandby Gingersnap
Instead of goku saving the world countless times, it's chichi. A look at what it might be , if chichi was the main character. A permant super sayain goku, and Dbz fight...
Dragon ball z one shots by Fanfic_writer_fire
Dragon ball z one shotsby Fire
One shots mostly around Vegeta he is after all my favourite character theirs goku x chi-chi bulma x vegeta and the rest are the cannon ships feel free to leave requests...
A Gochi Moment by StitchingAngel
A Gochi Momentby StitchingAngel
Just a story of GoChi. A little something I just thought of on my own on some free time I had. *Also a note there is adult content. * I do not own any of the char...
The Best Dragon Ball, Z, Super Fanfiction by MIGATTENOGOKUIGOKU
The Best Dragon Ball, Z, Super Fan...by MIGATTE NO GOKUI GOKU
In this story, you can discover my favorite Dragon Ball, Z, Super fanfictions. If you wanna know more, read the story. I promise everyone will something to read. Enjoy...
¿Con quien te quedas Milk? by Iara_Gochi
¿Con quien te quedas Milk?by Iara_Gochi
Hola Esta Historia se Trata de Gochi Vs Vechi Algo Cambiara en el Corazon del Principe que hara que los sentimientos que sentia por su amada peli azul cambiandola por la...
"Calavera de azúcar" {Terminada} by Moon8970
"Calavera de azúcar" {Terminada}by Moon89
Un accidente le ayudo a ver que no estaba sola, que simplemente una calavera de azúcar te abrió los ojos así como los cerró por un tiempo...
La vida sin ti. by Seraphiel01
La vida sin ti.by Seraphiel01
Goku cumplió su promesa pero ya no está dispuesto a mantenerla ocasionando que la vida de Milk de un giro de 180 grados. ¿Volverán a reunirse o será este el final?
Gochi (Fanfic dịch) Without you by Mellynguyen2004
Gochi (Fanfic dịch) Without youby 05WhiteCat06
Đây là fic được dịch từ tiếng anh trên web Fanfiction Nguồn:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2800654/1/Without-You Author:Linth Câu truyện lấy bối cảnh sau "Cell game&q...
Hércules ~ Versión Gochi ~ by girl_zpg15
Hércules ~ Versión Gochi ~by Unknown
Es una adaptación de una de mis películas Disney favoritas, creada mezclando el mundo de Hercules con el de Dragon Ball. La pareja principal es Gochi. To...
Gochi Fall Week by petersentessa
Gochi Fall Weekby PurelyChiChi
Goku and Chi-Chi spend time together during the fall, enjoying each other's company.
Dragonball Super & Knuckles by RainbowFox017
Dragonball Super & Knucklesby Ehm Skywalker
The Team Sonic discovers the secret device that Eggman used it to travel through dimensions as they ended up going to the 3 separated zones as they knew why so it is up...
La otra cara de la moneda by deidy2015
La otra cara de la monedaby deidy2015
¿Si te dígo que todo lo que das vuelve, me creerías? Luego de años de descuidar a su familia, Goku se enfrentara a un problema. Perder a su familia, y un nuevo enemigo...
Class of Titans by TheTrueBookThief
Class of Titansby Trifle
DBZ highschool Fanfic. Saiyan and humans, all too similar when it comes to looks but when it come down to it they are two completely different species. Having to have ev...
My Brother and I by GokuGV
My Brother and Iby Goku-Sa!
Fuutarou and Goku are brothers that landed on Earth. After ending their training with Kami rather quickly, they decided to carry on in life as High schoolers even if Gok...
Our Commitment by petersentessa
Our Commitmentby PurelyChiChi
Goku wakes up and does his usual chores for the morning. Expecting breakfast when he comes in, he instead discovers his wife sick in bed.
Solsticio de Invierno by ElisaJdb
Solsticio de Inviernoby ElisaJdb
Es el primer Solsticio de Invierno de Goku desde que regresó del espacio. Goku espera reiniciar la tradición compartida con su esposa en este día especial.