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𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖾𝗌 • 𝗌𝖺𝗆 𝖾𝗏𝖺𝗇𝗌 [1] by kkkkkgh
𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖾𝗌 • 𝗌𝖺𝗆 𝖾𝗏𝖺𝗇𝗌 kkkkkgh
"We've had so many chances" A Sam Evans Fan Fiction [season 2 • book 1][Completed]
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Burning up (A Jesse st. James fan fic) by whats_a_fictionfan
Burning up (A Jesse st. James Uuuh...
You love McKinley and you love glee club but do you love Jesse more? Finding out Shelby; the coach of vocal adrenaline was Rachel's mom by your boyfriend Jesse was a sh...
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5 more minutes - noah puckerman by ocooper
5 more minutes - noah puckermanby Wattpadwriter123
Josephine Martin. Probably one of the biggest 'losers' in all of McKinley. It could be because of how quiet she is or it could be because of her short temper. Maybe it's...
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Survivor - A Blaine Anderson Fanfic by PoisonApple4404
Survivor - A Blaine Anderson Fanficby PoisonApple4404
Rose Johnson is a junior at McKinley High School when her best friend Kurt Hummel transfers to Dalton Academy. There he meets a boy, whom he does everything in his power...
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That one Hummel [Kitty Wilde] by B00KOVERLORD
That one Hummel [Kitty Wilde]by BOOK OVERLORD
Maxine Hummel, Kurt Hummel's twin is invited back to McKinley High after escaping to LA after so long being away from Glee Club and Quinn, she soon finds herself wrapped...
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comeback | glee by rosecoloreddreams
comeback | gleeby hannah
" i just thought this would be a fresh start, like a redo at life...
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-•One New Direction•- by fabulousgleek2
-•One New Direction•-by fabulousgleek2
Delaney Hummel is one strong, feisty girl. Shes on the Cheerios, she has a heart of gold and a beautiful voice. She seems so perfect. What happens when her secret is rev...
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The Quarterback's Sister | Glee [1] by rikkisdreams
The Quarterback's Sister | Glee [1]by ; courtney
Finn has a secret twin sister? Rikki Hudson faces being the 'new girl's, bullying, shame, betrayal, anxiety, pain, even homophobia. Will she survive this new school, and...
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SpanGLEEish by SBurgundy
SpanGLEEishby SBurgundy
My name is Selena Reina Lopez, and yes, Satan is my sister. But most people at William McKinley High know her as Santana.
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Loving and Losing (A Glee Story) by PaprikaPrincess02
Loving and Losing (A Glee Story)by PaprikaPrincess02
Emilia Fabray transfers to McKinley High in order to get closer to her younger sister, Quinn, yet she finds herself getting swept away into the drama that is New Directi...
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The Girl Next Door by _wankybrittana_
The Girl Next Doorby _wankybrittana_
*Complete* Santana's Junior year gets more exciting when the new girl moves in next door. Brittana story with a side of Faberry towards the end. Highest rankings: #1 B...
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Undecided-- SAM EVANS & GLEE by EbrowE
Undecided-- SAM EVANS & GLEEby EbrowE
"I thought you were the one..." "To me, you're the only one..." ____________________________________ Luna Hudson, the younger sister of Finn Hudson t...
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Glee Oneshots  by PoisonApple4404
Glee Oneshots by PoisonApple4404
Oneshots And Preferences. Title says it all pretty much, friendships and relationships. Have fun, stay safe. A x
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Don't Stop Believing(Rachel x Readers) by alexisgranado89
Don't Stop Believing(Rachel x alexisgranado89
This story is about Rachel Berry relationships and it deals with cheating, heartbreaks, and feelings but it does include something called friendship and a soulmate.
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glee preferences [& imagines] by luthqr
glee preferences [& imagines]by — bri
glee preferences + some imagines [ girl x girl ]
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Q•U•E•E•N {Noah Puckerman/Glee} {Book 1} by hsterr
Q•U•E•E•N {Noah Puckerman/Glee} { {sksk}
In which the popular girl falls for her 'casual hookup' that is Noah Puckerman
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baby ~A Samchel Story~ by xmadisonxfowlerx
baby ~A Samchel Story~by xmadisonxfowlerx
A Samchel Story
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Artie Abrams: Hopelessly Devoted  by nickle0pickle
Artie Abrams: Hopelessly Devoted by Nic💕
Artie is in love with a cheerio: Charissa. But Charissa feels the exact opposite way. Will Charissa and Artie fall in love, or will they forever stay apart?
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Courage {Klaine} by hummxl
Courage {Klaine}by Bran the Broken
Blaine Anderson is on the football team at McKinley High and he's afraid to come out of the closet after standing on the sideline while his friends and teammates are bul...
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Rachel Berry(Cheerios Fanfiction) by monchele57
Rachel Berry(Cheerios Fanfiction)by Alexis Granado
This story is about the head cheerleader Rachel Berry and who likes this one guy but until a Quinn Fabray shows up and grabs her attention. Then she joins glee club with...
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