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One mystery left to solve | Dipper Pines (COMPLETED) by that_one_wine_aunt
One mystery left to solve | Tezz
[VERY CRINGE. I WROTE THE MAJORITY OF THIS WHEN I WAS 14] "饾槥饾槮'饾槶饾槶 饾槷饾槮饾槮饾樀 饾槩饾槰饾槩饾槳饾槸... 饾構饾槹饾槸'饾樀 饾槵饾槸饾槹饾樃 饾樃饾槱饾槮饾槼饾槮... 饾構饾槹饾槸'饾樀 饾槵饾槸饾槹饾樃 饾樃饾槱饾槮饾槸... 饾槈饾樁饾樀 锟...
Unbelievable Love by Queen_dark01
Unbelievable Loveby Mama Kat
It is the end of the world for Gravity Falls and Dipper Pines is trying to find his sister to defeat Bill Cipher. But while doing so, Dipper had time to reflect on the p...
Unsolved Cipher | Billdip by GFBilldip_fan
Unsolved Cipher | Billdipby 鈸ㄢ搻鈸炩摌
[Billdip (&Willdip) Fanfiction] [Book 1] [Slight Swearing, and A little bit Gory] Dipper needed to know what really Bill Cipher is. So he went to the stone Bill Cipher a...
Save Him (Billdip)  by SeaSnake6305
Save Him (Billdip) by SeaSnake6305
Dipper and Mabel Pines are 17 and living in Gravity Falls with their Great Uncles. Everything is fine and well until Mabel notices something off about Dipper. Mabel know...
A Bet's A Bet - A Deal's A Deal by happythoughts312
A Bet's A Bet - A Deal's A Dealby fantasy monster
Bill Cipher, a flirty annoying bastard who happens to be popular in school. Dipper Pines, a small cinnamon roll who is oblivious to be flirted at. He lost a bet and thin...
I'm staying by Dinogrl
I'm stayingby I'm_Trash
Mabel is going back home. But someone urges her to stay.
The Lost Child || A Dipper x Demon! Reader by OwOofles
The Lost Child || A Dipper x aennah
"I've been thinking too much..." The story takes place in a place called Gravity Falls, a supposedly supernatural place, where Y/N goes on various adventures w...
Trust me 'Older Dipper x Reader' by xoadley
Trust me 'Older Dipper x Reader'by A :)
Gravity Falls, Oregon is not your typical small town. The atypical happens, ghouls and ghosts roam the darkness, werewolves and vampires just happen to exist, and a very...
My Long Lost Queen, Pinetree (BillDip) by Pandasshole_
My Long Lost Queen, Pinetree ( Nagira's BlurEye
Royal Kingdom AU. "I promise, when I get older, I will make you my Queen, okay? " The golden-haired boy said as he kissed the brunette's forehead. The smaller...
Reverse Falls Dipcifica One-shots by s0urski77le5
Reverse Falls Dipcifica One-shotsby keith
Rev Dipcifica Oneshots! The title basically says it all lol - It's really cringe since it was like 2016 Ranks: #4-reversedipcifica #6-pacificasoutheast #1-pacificasou...
Northwest-Pines Mystery Hunters by LapisLover
Northwest-Pines Mystery Huntersby Squarks McSquarkface
"Why did you insist on your name being first?" "It's an eyecatcher, shut up Pines." When Mabel Pines was sent to Oregon to stay with her genius Uncle...
A Guide to Conspiracy Falls by ephemeralemerald27
A Guide to Conspiracy Fallsby Emerald Ephemeral
When Pacifica Pines and her parents move to her grandmother's hometown of Gravity Falls, she is determined to find the truth about the murderous scandal that sent her fa...
La aventura de los mellizos. (BillDip) by CloverKagamine
La aventura de los mellizos. ( Clover Kagamine
Inspirada en Juego de gemelas. Dipper y Bill tuvieron una relaci贸n... en alg煤n momento... pero el tri谩ngulo desapareci贸 sin dejar rastro. Ahora 茅l est谩 s贸lo, tratando de...
(Gravity Falls) The Lost Brother by HardyTwister
(Gravity Falls) The Lost Brotherby Hardy
It's been four years and Dipper Pines still haven't been found. Everyone believe that he got lost in the forest and die. Now Mabel is back in Gravity Falls, age 16, and...
Clarity鉁煡|| Dipper x Robbie / Dipeon || [DISCONTINUED] by HumanBillfreak
Clarity鉁煡|| Dipper x Robbie / HumanBillfreak
[DISCONTINUED] This story was originally supposed to be sweet as you can probably tell from the summary here. But I have to say that the "supernatural twist" m...
Broken Memories || Dipcifica || Secretly In Love Book 2 by francesmagallanes
Broken Memories || Dipcifica || ; howell
After a freak accident, Dipper makes a deal with Bill to never let it happen in the first place. In exchange for Pacifica's memories with the Pines Twins. Dipper strugg...
Attitude Adjustment (A Gravity Falls Fan Fic) (A Willdip Story) by InkyFalls023
Attitude Adjustment (A Gravity William
(Old Story) Mabel and Dipper Gleeful can't believe it when Will finally gets a back bone, his temper rises, he talks back, hes changes to never before seen colors! Will...
*Polar to you* by ca7H3r1ne
*Polar to you*by ca7H3r1ne
The mystery twins are back in gravity falls as teenagers (18).. one adventure with pacifica. behind the water falls a hidden cave is discovered, and- heheheh just read...
"Bill?" [A Billdip fanfic] by CaWcAwBiTcHhHh
"Bill?" [A Billdip fanfic]by Captainflyingstripes
Bill is insane like endless laughter. He may be fun at first or may be a bit disturbing. But at the end of the day, he can drive you insane. But like anything. It can be...
Exploring Gravity Falls by DragonLover366
Exploring Gravity Fallsby River
Y/n L/n-Pines is the cousin of Dipper and Mabel. During spring break, Y/n and her father travel to Aranearum to deal with the giga-spider train problem. While there, Y/n...