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I Belong by Ashkpop
I Belongby Ashkpop
What if Mai and Naru were to be met under different circumstances all together? What if he is her teacher? How would he treat her than? Would he still care for her?
Where Do We Go When We Die | Colby Brock  by xplr444
Where Do We Go When We Die | xplr444
I'm YN I'm 18 and I do youtube videos where I go to abandoned and haunted places. I'm a medium meaning I can speak to the dead, fun I know. I live in LA and I moved here...
lin x reader by ooofmaster64
lin x readerby oofmaster64
ghost hunt is not mine. I don't own anything dudes. pls read!!
Their boys ( ghost hunt ) ( mai and naru ) by kawaii_senpai_
Their boys ( ghost hunt ) ( mai kawaii_senpai_
When spr take a case they meet a pair of twins that are more like gene and naru then thought to be.
Connected To You by JustMeBeingLazyTwo
Connected To Youby JustMeBeingLazyTwo
Taniyama Mai isn't the only one the Shibuya Psychic Research met at the case of the Haunted School building. With a new addition involved, what would happen to the group...
How Did You? (Naru X Reader) by Debrawriter
How Did You? (Naru X Reader)by Debrawriter
(This story happens after Naru and Lin had left, they had been gone for one year.) You are just a normal girl, living a normal life. Or so you thought. Throughout your l...
The Baby Project by DeathShallNotPrevail
The Baby Projectby DSNP
Mai's high school has decided to do THE BABY PROJECT!!!!! Only this project gets really real. The babies are real! Mai ends up with a little boy with black hair and big...
Lost Son Of The Sea God (A Danny Phantom And Percy Jackson Story) by PoptartOfFun
Lost Son Of The Sea God (A Danny Sonia
Young Danny Fenton was just an ordinary boy in Amity park but he was unique. He had powers no one else has. One day, he went to New York for some time alone. He meets P...
New Explorers/ Colby Brock by FollowingDreams17
New Explorers/ Colby Brockby FollowingDreams17
"Shut up." "Shut up." He smiles mocking me. "Stop mocking me bitch." I start to walk down the stairs of the abandoned building. "St...
Marriage Not Dating (Ghost Hunt) (MaixNaru) by EnglishGarden
Marriage Not Dating (Ghost Hunt) ( EnglishGarden
Mai is determined to live a perfectly ordinary life after an incident when she was younger. One day her determination is ruined when she finds out that she had always be...
you've always got me by amgravie
you've always got meby gracie
colby brock x reader lilith is a psychic and can make connections to certain past events or with certain spirits by making physical contact with a related object. she'd...
All For Hell Week by LWiset
All For Hell Weekby Liliana.W
This story follows Y/n as she joins Sam and Colby for their first YouTube series "Hell Week". More information about the story in the first part. ❕ Unedited❕ ...
Mai and her child by yumilely
Mai and her childby Brenda
It's been 3 years since Naru and Lin left for England. Mai still has continued to stay in touch with the gang (except Naru and Lin). 3 Months before Naru and Lin come ba...
Ghost Adventures x Reader by GhostWriter_12
Ghost Adventures x Readerby Dean Winchester
Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Adventures or any of the locations used in my story. Any names that are used (other than the Ghost Adventures Crew) are purely a figment o...
Foreshadow [Ghost Hunt] by DawnLicht
Foreshadow [Ghost Hunt]by Lin
Shirato Yuki is a mysterious woman, who accompanies the SPR members in their investigations. Sometimes, she seems to hold the key and provide them with her help; and oth...
Ghost Hunt  Boo! by alleymonster12
Ghost Hunt Boo!by alleymonster12
Mai has an older sister!? Join Mai and Alley on their adventures with the SPR gang! Will there be power, or romance, or death!? This will contain some of the shows and s...
My pretty boy (Seth borden x reader) by deadinside_lol
My pretty boy (Seth borden x დ .•*””*• Scarlett •*””*•...
so basically your a famous youtuber that did a collab with Sam and Colby and went ghost hunting but...... (And there will be some cussing)
To the Girl with Turquoise Eyes by cowgirl10120
To the Girl with Turquoise Eyesby K.S
.... Danny Phantom X OC.... P.S I only own what you don't see in the original show.
Neidpath Castle (Sam and Colby short story) by Stitchmikaylee
Neidpath Castle (Sam and Colby Mikaylee Stitcher
Victoria Oliverns was murdered February 27, 1913. Her friends played a practical joke on her that turned into a horrific night. She cannot leave the castle. She must sta...
Y/n Brock x Seth Borden  by lxcidbxtch
Y/n Brock x Seth Borden by lxcidbxtch
Warning ⚠️ there will be swearing⚠️ This story is where y/n Brock, also known as Colby Brock's sister, meets and gets close to her brothers friend Seth Borden while on a...