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Ghost of a Chance by Weezie_24
Ghost of a Chanceby weezerz2490
What if Mai wasn't the only student at her school to get drafted into helping Naru and Lin solve the case of the old school house? Who is the person from Naru and Lin's...
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Ghost hunt fanfic Mai and Airi by BrittanyWilton
Ghost hunt fanfic Mai and Airiby Brittany Wilton
What if Mai wasn't an only child, but she had a twin and what if Gene never dead, what would happen with 2 sets of twins things will never be boring again
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I Belong by Ashkpop
I Belongby Ashkpop
What if Mai and Naru were to be met under different circumstances all together? What if he is her teacher? How would he treat her than? Would he still care for her?
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Ghost Hunt Lin x Mai by LastlyKassy
Ghost Hunt Lin x Maiby Anonymous Bean
A fanfic lol, yeah, not many people know the anime or shop this but I do!
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The Girl With Familiars (ghost hunt story) by itona_b64
The Girl With Familiars (ghost itona_b64
misaki yomaki was abandoned in a forest that was considered cursed. she was left to defend herself at the age of 8. 2 whole years in the forest she was able to make frie...
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Baby Gene  by Nightmare_Dreamer_
Baby Gene by NightmareDreamer
No one knows Naru's true identity yet. Mai confesses but got shot down by Naru, saying "Is it me you love or the one in your dreams?" Naru knows it's Gene but...
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Host of Sheets (shyan) by boojaybluejay
Host of Sheets (shyan)by whiskeyjuniper
"I'd say like... 30 percent of my thoughts are ones I recognize?" Shane said after careful consideration, idly tapping his lower lip. "I still care about...
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Nocturnal [COMPLETED✔️2018] by robyncfrances
Nocturnal [COMPLETED✔️2018]by 🍂r o b y n🍂
When Nyx Forbes moves into a new home with her antique dealer parents and little brother, she hopes that the change will heal her crumbling family and finally bring some...
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The Crying Garden by ghostwriter_63
The Crying Gardenby Denise Murdoch
Its bad enough to be uprooted but to be planted in an old house in the mountains with a grave hidden in the hollyhocks is a bit much. Stacy Williams wants to go home...
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One Fine Day (Ghost Hunt) (NaruxMai) by EnglishGarden
One Fine Day (Ghost Hunt) ( EnglishGarden
AU. Naru ends up getting sent to a Japanese high school for an unknown reason and meets Mai who is beginning to develop her psychic abilities. Together they investigate...
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the ghosts//apply fic//closed by wateryyeyess
the ghosts//apply fic//closedby ☆evie☆
a group of teens are murdered and look for their murderer...whilst being ghosts. apply fic closed lowercase intended
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Sleepwalking (Zak Bagans Fanfic)  by MandySlayer
Sleepwalking (Zak Bagans Fanfic) by Mandy
Mandy has just turned twenty three when she gets a call from Vegas. When she answers, she hears a familiar voice on the other end who asks her if he had gotten the right...
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Ghostly Hauntings (Ghost Hunt fanfic) (Naru x Mai) by EnglishGarden
Ghostly Hauntings (Ghost Hunt EnglishGarden
As part of ghost hunting society Mai investigates a high school and as a result, finds herself being haunted by the ghost of a teenager called Naru who refuses to leave...
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The Forgotten one by Ashkpop
The Forgotten oneby Ashkpop
It has been three years since Naru, also known as Oliver Devis left for England, it has been three years since she had lost contact with her so called SPR family, what h...
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Feelings Unsolved // demon!s.m. by skittlescoke
Feelings Unsolved // demon! skittlescoke
❝ 𝕣𝕠𝕔𝕜 '𝕟' 𝕣𝕠𝕝𝕝, 𝕓𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕒𝕣𝕠𝕠! ❞ -- Shane Madej is a demon. No, I'm not kidding. Though, why he decides to spend his time hunting ghosts and tormenting Ryan...
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Contracts {Ghost Hunt FanFic} by ExplosiveBullet
Contracts {Ghost Hunt FanFic}by The_Artsy_Otaku
After Oliver Davis, known as Naru, left for England 2 years earlier, Mai decided to have a little fun and summon a demon. Everything is great until the demon asks the on...
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Pain Worth Living by Ashkpop
Pain Worth Livingby Ashkpop
Naru is getting married and Not with Mai. How would she react and is the pain worth living. Warning: Suicide attempt.
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Danny Phantom One Shots by ForgottenPhantomz
Danny Phantom One Shotsby ForgottenPhantom
this is a side book that i am doing just for fun! It can be sad, angry, or happy in this story! And if you find any mistakes i am very sorry...I use the drag on the scre...
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Ghost Hunt Fanfic ●ᴥ● [Finished] by SmolAndroidBean
Ghost Hunt Fanfic ●ᴥ● [Finished]by Smol Cinnamon Roll
This is a fanfic for Ghost Hunt This is based on Mai and Naru's story in the future :) They go on new cases that are more dangerous then before and they also (Es...
Cellblock Four by LizzieRa17
Cellblock Fourby Lizzie
This story is about one fateful night, while filming their latest episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan Bergara held his best friend, Shane Madej, close and confessed his d...
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