THIS ACCOUNT IS INACTIVE. It is only up to allow people to continue reading my stories. :) 


- I'm Christian so I love God. He's my awesome Dad

- I LOVE MUSIC :D In particular: One Direction, 5SOS, The Collective, Taylor Henderson, 3Union, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix and many more.

- I can be absolutely crazy and hyper at times yet can be really sensible as well...I tend to be really sarcastic, loud and childish :D LWWY XD

- If any of you need to talk, I'm online quite often so feel free to PM me about whatever!! I don't mind :)

MY WATTPAD FRIENDS (Go Follow them):

- @EinsteinJunior - My little Idiot :D
- @IWouldBangLou - pretty awesome person who'll help me get rid of all the fossils one day :D
- @aprilannie99 - We fangirl bout Larry together and she's Narry while i'm Nouis :D
- @lumangsuperhero - My Personal Cover Maker
- @LarryInNeverland - she's kind of awesome :P and she's my fiance #Becany
- @nerdylou, @TrulyMadlyLarry, @cuddlexlou - other awesome people :D
- @someplace - My "Twin" :D

- @LiveLoveNiallerxx - What is your favourite 1D lyric and why? "I'm in love with you, and all your little things" because it makes me think that 1D actually loves me :) It also means so much because it makes me (and probs everyone else) less insecure and happy to be who we are.
- @LittleMixer2012 - what would you do if 1D knew your name and asked you for your number? - Probably fangirl heaps. Then give them my number. Then if they call or something, i'd stare at it for ages and not be able to breathe.

26/10/13 = TMH Tour (One Direction + 5SOS)

I love everyone who follows me although I honestly have no idea why you do! Thank you though :D Without you guys, I would be nothing! :)

Love you all,


P.S You get a Cupcake and a gold star for reading this *hands you gold star and cupcake*
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bex_the_box bex_the_box Aug 01, 2014 04:46AM
Hey guys
            So it's come to that time. After sending this message, i will be leaving wattpad. 
            Thank you for all your support!! You guys are amazing :) 
            Just a reminder, if you see anybody stealing m...
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Larry Stylinson One Shots

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Description: A book of One Shots for the wonderful pairing, Larry Stylinson :) © 2013, @bex_the_box ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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