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Disney Shore Academy by franny_hogan_
Disney Shore Academyby Fran
Disney princesses and characters all In one boarding school....Some have escaped the stereotype we have created for them....Elsa, Ariel, Aurora and many others struggle...
best gay books (my top 20) by Heavenly-Rose
best gay books (my top 20)by Kimmy 🌸
I kind of have an obsession with gay books, and I've read so many good ones here, so I decided to do my top 20 favorite ones.
Her Knight - Sansa Stark FanFiction (GirlxGirl) by Shazza99
Her Knight - Sansa Stark Shazza
Sansa Stark and Isabelle Bennett, two best friends seperated. They made a promise that they would always be best friends but after twelve years when the two are reunited...
Blood In Riverdale - A Riverdale FanFiction (GirlxGirl) by Shazza99
Blood In Riverdale - A Riverdale Shazza
Everyone knows the small town of Riverdale has never been a quiet town. From murders, masked killers to gang violence, the town has it all. After finally gaining some no...
Marrying The Mean Girl - Sequel To FFTMG (GirlxGirl)  by Shazza99
Marrying The Mean Girl - Sequel Shazza
Ten years have gone with no sign of Maeve returning. Alot has changed. Especially in Alice, but one thing that remained the same was her love for Maeve...She was about t...
Bxb One Shots by sociallyawkwardqueer
Bxb One Shotsby noah lynn
gay one shots made by yours truly :)
Newtmas Oneshots by papinagito
Newtmas Oneshotsby Ruby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Love Newtmas like I do? Like to read Newtmas oneshots that make you squeal IRL? Well, here is the right place! Read cute and small (but not too small) oneshots about th...
Dear TaeTEe by yourBombshell
Dear TaeTEeby
TaeTEe are the new hosts of a new weekly anthology show in which they answer letters from viewers who writes to them seeking advice. They will play the lives of the lett...
Bima Samudera by saiadino
Bima Samuderaby saiadino
Cerita tentang kehidupan di perkampungan yang jauh dari hiruk pikuk kota. Nuansa alam yang masih asri yang jauh akan polusi, tapi menyimpan beribu cerita kehidupan didal...
Alice - Once Upon A Time X Wynonna Earp by Shazza99
Alice - Once Upon A Time X Shazza
When Wynonna Earp and Doc Holliday sent their baby girl into hiding so she would be safe from the evil demon, Bulshar, they didn't realise that one day she would go miss...
Best gay stories (b×b) by EveeRn
Best gay stories (b×b)by Eveeth
Here I will be suggesting you some of the gays stories. This is purely based on my readings .. So .. the question will cross your mind why this suggestion ? I m creatin...
B×B 20 BOOKS {RECOMMENDED 4U❤}-Completed🌸 by NtombenhlePeny
B×B 20 BOOKS {RECOMMENDED 4U❤} NtombenhlePeny
The title says it all. 20 books I read and loved thought I should share with you guys😊hope u enjoy reading them just like how I did😘😘 Hala to the authors too✌
One shots by stuckyinhell
One shotsby naomi n.
Most of these are gonna be girlxgirl because I am a girl who x's girls if u know what I mean but there are also some guyxguy stuff, sometimes fanfic oneshots, look in my...
My Saviour|| Bennoda  by LeahLP_3245
My Saviour|| Bennoda by Leah⚡🌙
Chester Charles Bennington is one of those 17 year olds with a not so perfect life. His mother died when he was only 9. He's bullied at school and beaten up, at home he'...
THEY'RE GAY BECAUSE I SAID THEY ARE (EraserMic Fanfics) by LavenderPopPearls
Some fan fictions between Aizawa Shota (Eraserhead) and Yamada Hizashi (Present Mic). Don't ship it? I don't give a fuck. I do, so if you don't ship it, don't read it, d...
Scorbus {Albus x Scorpius) - One shot prompts. by kittykatttrash
Scorbus {Albus x Scorpius) - One kittykattrash
These are some one shots from prompts; originally for my Tumblr, but I'm also posting them here. The characters which are mainly featured is Scorpius and Albus. Drawing...
My Neighbor's Loverboy by UMustReadThis
My Neighbor's Loverboyby Sam Sung GN9
When love exists, it exists just near you.