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You Of All People | A Nigerian Gay MM Love Story by 234Fujoshi
You Of All People | A Nigerian Alexxiswith2xs
Folarin is sick of this. Every day, he wakes up to more fuel added to the idiotic rumours that he and his best friend, Chuka are in a secret gay relationship. It's ridic...
Love Is Gone (A Wei Ying and Lan Zhan Story) by LuvLaws
Love Is Gone (A Wei Ying and Lan LuvLaws
Thirteen years later when Wei Wuxian comes back to the world of mortals, this only focus was to find the man who had once confessed his love. Thirteen years ago that ni...
You (WangXian Short Story) by LuvLaws
You (WangXian Short Story)by LuvLaws
It's been three decades since the chaste reunion of Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian; but even today, there hasn't been a single day where Lan Zhan has been free of his worry whe...
Never Leave by notkrystel
Never Leaveby g r a c e
Loving a straight man has never been in my plans. I've catered for demanding brides, but this time my mind's not on the wife-to-be -- it's her brother who's got my atten...
Wei Ying (Lan Zhan's Memory) by LuvLaws
Wei Ying (Lan Zhan's Memory)by LuvLaws
Has love ever been weighed by anyone? Has love ever been just felt, but in return never been claimed? Can a soul live a mortal life in a memory of unrequited love? There...
Farewell by LuvLaws
Farewellby LuvLaws
A tale of two souls. One at the doorstep of eternal bliss. The other a bystander. A story of a man who loved the other, stayed true till the vow of "Death do us Ap...
Coffee 'n' Whiskey  by LuvLaws
Coffee 'n' Whiskey by LuvLaws
One blend of 'Coffee n Whiskey' was what fate concocted to bring Akira and Ryu together to brew a perfect balance of love and jazz. Ingredients: 1 oz of Whiskey 4 oz of...
Memoir by LuvLaws
Memoirby LuvLaws
A love story of a bard, who sang a song for his lover beyond and afar. Through his memoirs, he reminisces a night with his Jun-ah. ==================================== T...
Saudade (A Kim x Chay Story) by LuvLaws
Saudade (A Kim x Chay Story)by LuvLaws
They say fate of a person is written even before they are born; in my opinion our story was decided; even much before. Where conspiracies, greed and lust for power was e...
The Untamed 18+ fanart by lilypark360
The Untamed 18+ fanartby lily park
Do not read if you are under 18 years old please
BENEATH THE STARS by kay_productions
BENEATH THE STARSby kay_productions
"Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, That you never knew was missing" -Torquato Tasso Felix and...
gg is a GIRL?  by zqsku_
gg is a GIRL? by zqsku
two high school best friends are really close and one of them falls in love with the other one and then tells him that he's a girl then they both kiss then do unholy thi...
Gay For You (BoyxBoy) by imthefourthwall
Gay For You (BoyxBoy)by Lilly Jean
Office love story. One day Nick pulls a joke on Jacob. But is he ready for the response?? Read to find out. (This is a book based on two Tik-Tokers.) I do NOT own the...
A Poem Like You by LuvLaws
A Poem Like Youby LuvLaws
"Hey!" The boy who was scrambling for food was stunt at being caught red handed third time in a row for stealing crumbles from a dog's bowl. Scared of being p...
Ode to Arslan [ONC 2023] by LuvLaws
Ode to Arslan [ONC 2023]by LuvLaws
This is an original book is written for WATTPAD Open Novella Contest 2023. --- "The world goes on even when I am gone. Don't shed a tear because my memory lives on...
Łovë hūrts by LittleConfusdLoser
Łovë hūrtsby LittleConfusdLoser
Zach is a normal boy as he just started going threw testosterone as Zach is it normal trans male as he falls in love with his bestfriend jax Jax is a nice guy but ha...
Outta My Head by MeganMF7
Outta My Headby Megan
Dawson and Brett were neighbors for only a short time, but in that time they saw parts of each others lives that no one else had. Dawson leaves town without saying and y...