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The One | CRENSHAW by nayborhood
The One | CRENSHAWby 💙
Lauren London (born December 5, 1984) actress, model . Beginning her career in television acting. Relationships, Drama, Fights come along her way on a beautiful Journey...
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Succubus (Mafia! My Hero Academia X Reader)  by Bakus_bitch991
Succubus (Mafia! My Hero Lauren
Why would the Mafia take me in? They all seem so nice but there the bad guys right? In this world the Mafia men wear dog tags, showing how powerful they are it goes from...
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Forever 10💙 (NBA ben10 story) by luhhhtayyy
Forever 10💙 (NBA ben10 story)by luhhhtayyy
Just readdd I'm not good with discriptions😂💙
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Caught up in The Game  by keishcapone
Caught up in The Game by Keish
Payback is a bitch. Take down anybody who get in the way. Family over everything
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Through the storm by jakaylia123
Through the stormby jakaylia123
I'm not really good at descriptions so yeah just read🌟💯
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That's How The Game Go. by KendraFreeman4
That's How The Game Kendra Freeman
I'm Just Abby And This How The Game Go.
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My first love  by imariejames
My first love by imariejames
"Tiny it's okay I'll never hurt you" Chris is a rich little boy from ATL. Tiny on the other hand hasn't always got everything she has wanted, she wasn't really...
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BADASS QUEENS(ON HOLD) by bubble_key
a cold hearted gangsta swagiest badass bravest girl is a girl everyone fears she is perfect and known as the richest cold princess no one wants to mess with she is feis...
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HARRY..... i love you.. by mrtittys
HARRY..... i love Lucy White
harry styles is your brotheer btw
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Meeting Michael Jackson In Desprete Times by Moonwalker_Angel
Meeting Michael Jackson In Janet
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Good things never last  by Tinalatice
Good things never last by Tina Tina
This book is based on a girl who grew up having everything she wanted but was beaten and rape most of childhood . She always had her guard up until she met "Monte&q...
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Young la'Vence Tarrence is struggling in the projects with his dad and sister to even remain warm. Vence then joined the drug dealing "community" to help his f...
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Money Gang by NeNeprince_crimelab
Money Gangby NeNeprince_crimelab
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Time Heals All Wounds by KweenChris
Time Heals All Woundsby KweenChris
Karson is a single mother after her son's father is killed in a crossfire 2years ago. Staying in Jackson has took a toll on her. She runs across Ace one morning and he s...
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Picking Sides by Robicheaux
Picking Sidesby Joshua Leo Robicheaux
urban spiritual Street reverance open your eyes
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Dasha was a young girl who lived Los Angles at 15 didn't know how the world was going to change right before her eyes just in the nick of time Can she take all that life...
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Rhapsody by baby_doll507
Rhapsodyby Kimiko
Rhapsody noun an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling can two different people from two different views of the world come together and be one.
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His Smile || Minjoon by Biaswrecker23
His Smile || Minjoonby Biaswrecker23
Jimin parents turn him into a prostitute so now that's all he thinks he's good for until he met...
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Your Love Is What Heals My Heart by Moonwalker_Angel
Your Love Is What Heals My Heartby Janet
When my ex boyfriend cheats on me my heart breaks into a million pieces and my friends and sister try to help me get over it but one man can heal my heart and he never l...
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