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The Caravan (A Violentine Story) by SatansSerpentGays
The Caravan (A Violentine Story)by SatansSerpentGays
When a mystery caravan brings back some familiar faces, the kids at Ericso- I mean, Texas Two have to adapt to their new guests.
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The walking dead One-shots by clemmbaby
The walking dead One-shotsby Jesssbaby
A book of Telltales the walking dead one-shots! Request scenes and characters from any season!
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Natural  by lovinclouis
Natural by b a b y g i r l ❣️
cool teens on a long road of survival.
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An Old Friend by emmaadilemma
An Old Friendby emma
I don't really go here anymore but someone on tumblr requested a one shot of Gabe and Louis trying to 1 up each other to impress Clementine so here's a quick thing:)
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A girl's best friend by AmiTheWolf
A girl's best friendby Clementine
what would happen if Sam never bit Clem and they became an unbreakble duo? follow these two as they try to survive and reclaim lost family and most of all never leave ea...
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Unknown number G/C by lovinclouis
Unknown number G/Cby b a b y g i r l ❣️
i just so happened to meet him over message :) gabentine ?❤️
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Clementine goes after Gabe alone by emmaadilemma
Clementine goes after Gabe aloneby emma
This is a rewrite of the From the Gallows where Clementine goes after Gabe alone in Clem's perspective. This will be the only part so it won't be updated:)
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From the Gallows- Gabe's perspective by emmaadilemma
From the Gallows- Gabe's emma
This is a rewrite of the episode 5 ending where both Javi and Clementine go with Kate in Gabe's perspective.
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