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The Caravan (A Violentine Story) by SatansSerpentGays
The Caravan (A Violentine Story)by SatansSerpentGays
When a mystery caravan brings back some familiar faces, the kids at Ericso- I mean, Texas Two have to adapt to their new guests.
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_×Kariya's Inastagram×_ by RRB_FAN123
_×Kariya's Inastagram×_by Genda•••Fianne
(PICTURES ARE NOT MINE) Hello my darling fans~ 'Tis I !!! Kariya Masaki !!! Hope you enjoy my pics and posts on this (rather pointless 🙄) app. Goo' BYE !!!
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ICARUS || JAVIER GARCIA by smallseok
' ICARUS ' icarus fell for the sun but luckily, the sun fell for him too. by smallseok ( javier garcia/oc )
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Spanish Kiddos (Kariya Masaki x reader x Kirino Ranmaru) by RobinRoulette
Spanish Kiddos (Kariya Masaki x HATTORI CULT LEADER
It seems the world revolves around football now, no wonder you got into it. Now, what if you met two Spanish boys who just so happen to play it as well?
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🌸Conviviendo con Aitor Cazador☄️「IEGo」 by SS_YSF
🌸Conviviendo con Aitor Cazador☄️「 💕✨Lili Lover✨💕
Por cosas de la vida, el risueño defensa del Raimon termina una temporada en casa de la familia Greenway-Foster y para su sorpresa, cierto cazador bromista habita ahí. C...
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'How Far I'll Go For You'  The Journey Continues  by nl3536
'How Far I'll Go For You' The Nathan
3 Years. It's been three years since Gabe was separated from Clementine.Since then she has managed to take care of herself and AJ, before finding a place they might jus...
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Ad un passo da te by JDesossiribonucleico
Ad un passo da teby JDesossiribonucleico
(molto discontinua) Gabriel Garcia, un difensore della Raimon, è innamorato del capitano della squadra Riccardo Di Rigo, con cui ha un legame molto stretto. Con l'aiuto...
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All I need by BlazeTech3000
All I needby Blaze (JETT)
💀Set in an AU where James is Bisexual💀 Falling in love with someone is easy, but letting go of what you both had when all is said and done is one of life's hardest tes...
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Secrets by emmaadilemma
Secretsby emma
Gabentine one shot where Clem ad Gabe have been secretly dating for a few months
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Seattle Daddy by LittlePuppyDoll
Seattle Daddyby LittlePuppyDoll
Raven runs away from home and ends up in Seattle, where she lives on the streets, only to be found by a special man. *this will DEVELOP into a DDLG book*
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Clem goes after Gabe - Gabe's perspective by emmaadilemma
Clem goes after Gabe - Gabe's emma
The ending scene where Clementine goes after Gabe but this time it's Gabe's perspective not Clem's --- I wrote this ages ago but then decided to scrap it cause i had a b...
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Dying To Live -Gabentine- by GlowingRxse
Dying To Live -Gabentine-by 🤞
This is a Gabentine Book Yes I know it's too late for GABE AND CLEM cause season 4 but I still have hope don't judge me So now let's get started yall
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From the Gallows- Gabe's perspective by emmaadilemma
From the Gallows- Gabe's emma
This is a rewrite of the episode 5 ending where both Javi and Clementine go with Kate in Gabe's perspective.
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The Walking Dead Game One-shots by Bokutoenails
The Walking Dead Game One-shotsby Bokutoenails
A collection of one-shots for The Walking Dead Game characters.
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Questa è una Ranmasa ✌ by AlessiaBJ
Questa è una Ranmasa ✌by AlessiaBJ
Mi chiamo Jenny, e sono uno spirito della vita e dell'amore, il mio compito è tenere in vita le persone e trovargli l'aima gemella. In uno delle mie missioni mi è capita...
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Unknown number G/C by lovinclouis
Unknown number G/Cby b a b y g i r l ❣️
i just so happened to meet him over message :) gabentine ?❤️
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The Cupboard by emmaadilemma
The Cupboardby emma
Gabentine one shot based on a writing prompt I saw
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The Memorial Wall-- Clementine's perspective by emmaadilemma
The Memorial Wall-- Clementine's emma
This is a rewrite of the scene where Javi puts Gabe's picture up on the memorial wall, but instead of Kate with him, it's Clementine.
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The Little Prince by emmaadilemma
The Little Princeby emma
Gabentine one shot set in a library
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