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Lucky One by ylka67
Lucky Oneby ylka67
My contribution to the Future Library Competition. It is written from the prompt "Pandora's Room".
This Is 2114 #FutureLibrary by coldplay106
This Is 2114 #FutureLibraryby lol
Entry for "Dear 2114 with Margaret Atwood"
Magic #Futurelibrary by Catty2563
Magic #Futurelibraryby Catty2563
It's the year 2114 . . . and the grand opening of the Future Library! Read about this amazing event from two perspectives: The girl who's never seen a real book before A...
Crow to me [2014-2114] #FutureLibrary by ed_green
Crow to me [2014-2114] #FutureLibr...by Ed
Entry for Margaret Atwood's 'Dear 2114' Future Library Writing Contest
Travel Back by notrllyactivelol
Travel Backby not rlly active lol
This is 2114 --------------------------- on the day the Future Library opens, a young girl discovers more about the past than what she had bargained for ...
The Last Librarian #futurelibrary by CaptureCastle
The Last Librarian #futurelibraryby CaptureCastle
This is 2114, and the world is perfect. At the age of 23, every citizen receives The Fountain - and injection that prevents ageing. There is no hunger, no pain, and no d...
2114 [future library] by MagmaKepner
2114 [future library]by mags
For Margaret Atwood's "Dear 2114" contest.
THIS IS 2214 (#future library) by mee123
THIS IS 2214 (#future library)by mee123
The year is 2114 The wasteland should have been expected All those stories Dystopia Apocalyptic Purgatory Yet no one even saw the wasteland coming * My entry for the Fut...
What the Moon Had to Say #FutureLibrary by jamiesonwolf
What the Moon Had to Say #FutureLi...by Jamieson Wolf
Kimberlee wonders if the world is populate by zombies. Everyone is so dependant on their Mackpads, iTablets, ReadaLots and BrainShares. She wonders what it would take t...
The End is the Beginning #FutureLibrary by dinaalexandrea
The End is the Beginning #FutureLi...by dinaalexandrea
Alone in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, Mona writes her story about the end of the world, or at least, the end of her world. This story was inspired by Margaret A...
Future Library by Margaret Atwood by MargaretAtwood
Future Library by Margaret Atwoodby Margaret Atwood
"As a child, I was one of those who buried treasures in jars, with the idea that someone, some day, might come along and dig them up. I found similar things while d...
True Books by WillaKB
True Booksby WillaKB
Two young girls attend the revealing of the books in the Kids' Future Library. They admit to some truths about the world, and learn new truths about one another.
Dear Future by -thirteen-
Dear Futureby birdie
"Maybe, where I see flying cars and holidays to the moon, they’ll see - you’ll see ships that go light years in moments and trips to other galaxies. Maybe, where I...
Dear 2114 by hannah-grace
Dear 2114by Hannah
A person thinks about a tree, and a tree thinks about everything. A winning story of the incredibly talented Margaret Atwood's short story competition for the Future Lib...
To my future grand daughter (A contest entry for Margaret Atwood's Dear 2114 Writing Contest) by Cutiejea
To my future grand daughter (A con...by Cutiejea
A contest entry for Margaret Atwood's Dear 2114 Writing Contest Category: Dear 2114 I know I may not live to the year 2114... Or maybe I could. But if I cant... This is...
2114 - #FutureLibrary by voidwanderer
2114 - #FutureLibraryby sophia
A hundred years ago, there was a time capsule, Future Library and it was to be opened today. A young woman is determined to show her daughter that dreams are found behin...
Into the Snow by Dream_catcher0401
Into the Snowby Dream_catcher0401
A Short Story My #FutureLibrary Entry *I do not own this cover*