What the Moon Had to Say #FutureLibrary

What the Moon Had to Say #FutureLibrary

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Kimberlee wonders if the world is populate by zombies. 

Everyone is so dependant on their Mackpads, iTablets, ReadaLots and BrainShares. She wonders what it would take to get people to look up, to see the world around them, to engage. 

She goes to see Scribbler Moon, a fellow artist. Kimberlee tells her that she's tried everything she can think of to get people to see: graffiti art, instillations, murals, sculptures. She's at her wits end. Moon tells her that she isn't thinking big enough. 

Taking Kimberlee to her son Alistair, deep in the warrens of the black market, Kimberlee is shown a new way to create art that uses the stars themselves. 

Come and find out what the moon had to say...