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Kobra Kid x Killjoy reader by lokiisyes1054
Kobra Kid x Killjoy readerby dEMOnrat1054
After being left by your group several times, you figured you were better off on your own. You didn't know why, they just made you think that. After being abandoned and...
Band members x (male) reader by pretty_in_punkk
Band members x (male) readerby Party dad
Let's be real this is mostly my chemical romance
AFTER THE PARTY - party poison x reader  by K-KILLJOY
AFTER THE PARTY - party poison x [🔪] 𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄
when Y/K/N falls unconscious on the zones' deserts the draculoids were already behind her. but luckily, the fabulous four are the ones to find her first. after spending...
I hate you (right?) {party poison x reader} by pretty_in_punkk
I hate you (right?) {party Party dad
You're a lone killjoy, just trying to live your life. You meet up with the Fab Four and you and Party Poison immediately clash. You don't get along. You hate him with yo...
Inseparable {fun ghoul x reader}  by pretty_in_punkk
Inseparable {fun ghoul x reader} by Party dad
You joined the fabulous killjoys after being the abandoned. You can ghoul connect instantly, becoming inseparable. Desert life is hard though and nothing can stay the sa...
Let Art Be Our Weapon: Frerard/Killjoys Epic by FireNinjaDagger
Let Art Be Our Weapon: Frerard/ FireNinjaDagger
After his home is gone, Gerard and Mikey must flee from everything they know and the Killjoys take them in. There Gerard meets Frank, a heart attack in black hair dye wi...
Killjoys Gerard x reader by ReVeNGeQueeN03
Killjoys Gerard x readerby lonely shadow
(I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS IN SEVENTH GRADE SO PLEASE BEAR WITH THIS) (Written in 2016) You are a lone killjoy who met a random guy who turns out to be a killjoy too. Is i...
no time for hero's// Danger Days  by DoubleDare-
no time for hero's// Danger Days by Crow
"Dr. Death-Defying's famous niece?" "No. His 2nd cousin." BASED OFF Danger Days: THE TRUE LIVES OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOY'S. All rights go to MCR for...
PartyGhoul Oneshots by never_gonna_make_it
PartyGhoul Oneshotsby sauce in a pan
Cover is a placeholder, I will make a new one eventually. A collection of crappy oneshots detailing the adventures of two desert-bound homosexuals. Go ahead and give it...
A KILLJOY WEDDING (Y/N x Party Violent Kat
Nobody's ever written a Killjoy Wedding, so I got up and did it myself. The pairing is You and Party Poison, and you guessed it - they're getting married. Then on thei...
it seemed like a good idea at the time (sequel to cabin fever) by pretty_in_punkk
it seemed like a good idea at Party dad
after that kinda rocky start, Y/K/N and Party Poison have quickly gained the reputation of acting like an old married couple. without thinkging Y/K/N agrees to a bet tha...
Fragile Hearts | Party Poison x Male Reader by AnyStalker707
Fragile Hearts | Party Poison x Poison
Party Poison didn't know how much his life would change after the Fabulous Four found an injured guy in the middle of the desert and decided to take care of him. Party P...
Make Some Noise (Danger days)  by kat-emoji
Make Some Noise (Danger days) by Leothephoenixwitch
Poison: We are the saviors of the Zones, The Fabulous Four!! Ghoul: It's a working title. Kobra: Shut up Ghoul we're on a heist. Jet: God you guys are idiots. This is my...
30 day otp challenge (partyghoul) by never_gonna_make_it
30 day otp challenge (partyghoul)by sauce in a pan
*funtime foxy voice* we're back at it, at it again
Twinkies Never Die (completed) by heymoon123
Twinkies Never Die (completed)by Mclovin
K/j/n goes out into the desert on her motorcycle for a quick mission but what happens when she runs into the fabulous killjoys? What crazy quirky antics are they gonna g...
Foolish Heart //Danger Days// by hometownromance
Foolish Heart //Danger Days//by Tuva
(Book #1 of the Danger Trilogy) ::COMPLETED:: "Racing shadows in the moonlight, through the desert on a hot night, and for a second there we'd won, yeah, we w...
I don't want to be a killjoy by pretty_in_punkk
I don't want to be a killjoyby Party dad
kobra kid X male!reader Y/N, a former high ranking official for bli gets caught by a group of killjoys, who take it upon themselves to make him see why bli's bad. Even a...
Toxicity ~ A Party Poison Story by EllieIncredible
Toxicity ~ A Party Poison Storyby Grey
Toxic Rock, one of the most fearless Killjoys out there. Doctor D always talked about her. Some of the Killjoys even have a bounty on her - not for her death, but to get...
Danger Days One Shots by ScribblesTheCat
Danger Days One Shotsby ❔ Ashh's Stalker ❔
Alternatively titled: the Danger Days music videos fucked me up real bad so I'm writing fluffy one-shots to dull the pain
Frerard One Shots by FireNinjaDagger
Frerard One Shotsby FireNinjaDagger
Frerard one-shots. Fluff, Whump, Angst. Chapter descriptions: 1. Killjoys "Traffic Report" inspired 2. Soulmate Tattoo AU 3. Original 4. Inspired by "Snuf...