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Smut collection  by stella_aster22
Smut collection by stella_aster22
Each chapter is an individual sex scene
  • roughsex
  • filthy
  • whore
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  • anime
  • mychemicalromance
  • mmm
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Why Me?  by August_alsina_gf
Why Me? by August_alsina_gf
My life's the truth( I might change some people's name but idk)
  • mybook
  • dontworry
  • innocent
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strangers. [joji & also max, but not as a ship] by ubereatmyass
strangers. [joji & also max, but ubereatmyass
AU where Joji lives in Manhattan instead of Brooklyn, Max is a high class drug dealer from Battery Park City, and Ian is... Ian. Our protagonist is an 18 year old girl l...
  • george
  • romance
  • filthy
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The Journal Of 🅱️alex  by Saiyajin677
The Journal Of 🅱️alex by Saiyajin677
🅱️alex sets out on a journey to find the legendary weapon, The 🅱️iscuit, so he can use it to tear a hole in the fabric of the realms to find his friend, Chris-Boy, and...
  • filthy
  • memes
  • franku
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Secrets of a Hoarder by SaraImrie
Secrets of a Hoarderby Sara
After the sudden death of her fiance, Victoria's life becomes a mess, literally. No one would ever consider that this well polished and professional bridal consultant...
  • dreaming
  • danger
  • messy
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• swept away • by prismakit
• swept away •by svshi.trxsh
a place for vents for bones for horror for hurting for healing for me
  • filthy
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • tvfilthyfrank
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Messy by The_Caterpillar
Messyby Thet Paing Soę
a weird shitty little story about a guy who lately begins his life again after he fell in love with a YouTube video
  • filthy
  • horrific
  • happy
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Valentine [ C.H ] by oddly_ana
Valentine [ C.H ]by Stasia
" Will you be my Valentine? " - Calum Hood and Alice Seavy both have a rough past when it comes to love and yet they keep finding themselves being drawn to it.
  • calum
  • lizakoshy
  • calumhood
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the lief and timez of a pink guy by GrinReaperX
the lief and timez of a pink guyby TheGrinReaper
3 thousand chromosomes in2 teh futer, will filthu franky get his dick succ? find out in ths excite stori
  • love
  • filthy
  • tragedy
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so.on [Completed] by anrir3
so.on [Completed]by Kai
Sei/Enlai on the cover A story of idol boys as they face the most unexpected event of their lives. Who would think that this collaboration will end their lives. "t...
  • friends
  • japanese
  • escape
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Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal by Yaymab
Keep the Change, You Filthy Animalby Teo
I guess once you escape from hell, you’re pretty much okay with any situation, as long as it makes sense. You find a balance, a routine, and no matter how shitty it may...
  • alexgaskarth
  • keep
  • animal
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Fix it by 5sos_for_days
Fix itby 5sos_for_days
Mali finds herself with some annoying neighbors. (Of course wow typical so original) she meets George, they both have problems, whateves the usual.
  • joji
  • fan
  • filthy
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A Tale Of Two Queens by Queen_Of_The_MMMMs
A Tale Of Two Queensby Cinnamon
In this messed up yet amazing world, two queens rule. Queen Onic, and Queen Alice. Both are fine rulers, treating their subjects right, and taking care of all haters. Fo...
  • onic
  • boris
  • weeaboo
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She Was Filthy by aashmore12
She Was Filthyby AlexAOnPaper
The realization of being bad...somewhat.
  • poetry
  • she
  • dark
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