Captain Taco was born on the moons of Mercury, in the year 600000 ad. He enjoys his favourite food of Ramen Tacos. He fought the fire demons of Azeroth to bring the glory of enlightenment to earth. Nah, just kidding. He's just a kid from Canada. Ramen Tacos are good though. 

So, I suppose I should say a bit about myself. My favourite fandoms that I'm apart of are MLP, Steven Universe, FNaF, Bionicle, Undertale, and of course, Godzilla. My favourite characters from each are Fluttershy, Garnet, Springtrap, Kopaka, Undyne, and Gigan. My favourite band is Nightwish, my favourite Anime series is Gurren Lagann, and my favourite movies are Big Hero Six, The Avengers, Godzilla 2014, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and Interstellar, in no particular order. My favourite video games are Pokemon (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum specifically), Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, Soul Calibur 5, Kingdom Hearts, and Disney Infinity, again in no particular order. My favourite YouTube/internet celebrities are Game Grumps, the Nostalgia Critic, JonTron, Filthy Frank, and Markiplier. My favourite TV shows from my childhood are Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, and Samurai Jack.

I also have two YouTube channels. One where I post whatever whenever ( and my Let's Play channel with some of my friends (
You can also check out my Instagram at (, where I post drawings, pictures, and dank memes.

Check out my stories and follow me, and I might just follow back.
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Godzilla Warriors Book 8 is coming soon! Should be finished before the end of June. Sorry I haven't been very active on Wattpad recently. I've been focussing on posting artwork on my Tumblr, Instagra...
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