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The Duke's Adopted Daughter by Hellhound_Blacky
The Duke's Adopted Daughterby Hell_Hound Blacky
There's a rumor sorrounding the Duke's Household. One day, the Duke brought a girl, but aside from him no one saw her face. They said that she was living in an isolated...
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"Hey" | ✔ by thisMaria
"Hey" | ✔by 🐞
It all started with a "Hey."
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Qi Xiuying - Another Transmigrate's Story by sleepy_eiycee
Qi Xiuying - Another Transmigrate' sleepy_eiycee
She blankly stares at the unfamiliar ceiling. 'Didn't I die?! I'm sure I did cut my wrist, I felt it! I watched my blood flow before I blacked out! What's happening?!' H...
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Black Bureau Elites 10: MAYHEM IN DISGUISE (Agent Bookworm) by NoelleArroyoPHR
Black Bureau Elites 10: MAYHEM Noelle Arroyo
(Please take note: revised by the author from the first edition published) SI Erriene Aliente, isang bookworm. Iyon din ang codename niya sa BB pero mas bilang natutuwan...
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A Compilation of Philippine Short Stories Written by Different Filipino Authors by JhovLovesYou
A Compilation of Philippine Jhov unnie ♪
Disclaimer: I don't own any stories posted on this book. This book contains the different English short stories written by the different prominent Filipino authors. This...
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The Defectors ✔ by Imcrazyyouknow
The Defectors ✔by Ian Jacobs
We come into the world where freedom isn't something we can have. We can't afford it unless we gone through the process called Rebirth, where life and death are just par...
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The Story of Bat and Ongan by LunaKirikit
The Story of Bat and Onganby Luna Kirikit
How satisfied could a person be when it comes to love versus distance? Family over certain priorities and duty above everything else? The story that I'm about to share w...
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A Lost Star by TearsAsInk
A Lost Starby Reverie Sevilla
Life is difficult but the people around us makes it worse. I am Zinerva a normal teenager, who's hoping to live like a normal teenager but I have something that they don...
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Angels Have Claws by PsychoticInk
Angels Have Clawsby JHUNMAR HIDALGO
Some women are evils disguised in an angels body. How can a victim become a suspect of a series of murder? Will Evelyn get the life she wanted? Will Evelyn live in peace...
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CIGARETTE  by LaurenceLastPrinceRu
CIGARETTE by Laurence Rufino
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That Girl That Summer by speckyprince
That Girl That Summerby RossEureka
"No. I'm not normal. I don't want to be normal. Normal is boring." -Brianna Villanueva That Girl, That Summer *** Kyle was looking for a place where he c...
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In Paris (Under Major Editing) by Micahnicaal
In Paris (Under Major Editing)by 🌙
Is two broken hearts and shattered souls can love each other?
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How to die a beautiful death by mr_paw
How to die a beautiful deathby mr_paw
What would a veteran soul reaper do if he fell for the girl he has to reap? Azrael is a reaper, an angel who is tasked to deliver the souls of every individual who's ti...
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Intertwined by taratriestowrite
Intertwinedby Tara Frejas
Haian, a Guardian of the Saeng Tree, wakes up feeling sick one day. As this has never happened in her days of guardianship, she approaches her next door neighbor and gua...
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Art Has Left The Land by MisordinaryGirl726
Art Has Left The Landby Anne Henson
This poem is dedicated to Moments of Writer's Block.
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Seventeen Sundays by MisordinaryGirl726
Seventeen Sundaysby Anne Henson
This was written on a bad day, and I just wanted to write something. I'm not an alcoholic but I really really like wine, though I only drink it on special occassions. Th...
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Four-Letter Word by sparksfire
Four-Letter Wordby Kesh
I've unearthed some of my stories from 2009-2011, and this was one of them. Hope you enjoy reading! ...
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Out to love by jashiiiii
Out to loveby Jashiiiii
its all about these wreck less teens who maneged to fight for love but still confuse about it. I might not be a usual teen for 21st century because im not an internet p...
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Through The Forest (Postponed) by insanelysans
Through The Forest (Postponed)by silent
Nicolas, a 13 years old boy who's stuck with Azerath a demon that Veronica trapped inside Nicolas's body, Now Nicolas must find Veronica to find answers about the questi...
This time i will change by ARJAMAMAisMe
This time i will changeby ARJAMAMAisMe
AJ Martinez is what you called a shy and introvert person. She always sit at a corner sometimes she is reading her favorite book and listening to music she wasn't alwa...
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