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Fire In The Skies (an Ace Combat ZERO fanfiction) by seventhranger
Fire In The Skies (an Ace Combat J152
I looked at the patch of upturned ground in front of me. It was still new, and no flowers were in sight. The grave was simple; an ordinary headstone marked it, the only...
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Book of Original Characters(fandom and my own) by acesCOspitfire
Book of Original Characters( Spitfire
Just a book of OCs.
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Devil of the Skies(a Top Gun fanfiction) by acesCOspitfire
Devil of the Skies(a Top Gun Spitfire
Modern AU "Can you hear me, pilot with the lightning bolt?" In the year 2018, Canada has declared war on America who is backed by no one but their own for...
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Breakout by xbronten
Breakoutby xbronten
Almost seventy years after World War III, the world is divided and America is known as the New United States. In this future, transatlantic travel is limited to certain...
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Left For Slaughter by StockHitnrun
Left For Slaughterby StockHitnrun
On Friday of December 2007, Eryk Scott was to return hope from deployment to visit his family. On a routine run he was reported to be KIA when he and his squadron of F-1...
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Into the Black: Birth of Legends by nothatdude
Into the Black: Birth of Legendsby Anthony Pinkett
A squadron of trainee pilots who only want to make their mark. A secret experimental weapons platform at the heart of a wide ranging interstellar conspiracy. A galaxy on...
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Hostile Skies  by Blue24angels
Hostile Skies by Blue24angels
This is book 1 of a 20 Book series Book 2 and 3 are done
War and Love by thatnerdoverthere__
War and Loveby Caitlin Moore
Kate Laurence was 19 when she graduated pilot training school as was about to leave for Iraq. When Kate decides that instead of fighting for the bad guys, she could do r...
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They Flew Jugs by charli_v
They Flew Jugsby Charli Varboncoeur
Moments in the history of the 56th Fighter Group, the first to fly P-47 Thunderbolts in combat during World War II. Written in 2015.
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Catching Raindrops by MoatazGalmone
Catching Raindropsby Zee
At the time of war when the reason of fighting is lost between what is right and what is wrong, at the time of war when you're fighting for a country that is not yours...
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