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Dazzling Haze|Michael Afton x Fem!reader by michaelaftons_wife
Dazzling Haze|Michael Afton x Fem...by 📷🤨
cover's not mineeee Things like this don't happen to normal people. Your dad doesn't die, and you don't have to move in with a stranger named Henry, so why is it happeni...
𖤐 ᨵׁׅׅυׁׅꭈׁׅׅ꯱~ 𖤐 Bloodmoon(s) x Y/n 𖤐 by BugGoblin2
𖤐 ᨵׁׅׅυׁׅꭈׁׅׅ꯱~ 𖤐 Bloodmoon(s) x...by minimum wage worker
!! Cover art by Wenn1/SillyPers0n on Pinterest!! I love their art sm !! Y/n got a job at the Mega Pizza Plex. when reports of a red moon animatronic began surfacing, the...
The kid next door Michael Afton x Male reader by CorvidEntity
The kid next door Michael Afton x...by Forgotten Dreams
Y/N moves to Hurricane Utah from Northern Alaska. While moving in to your new house you meet your next door neighbors, the Afton family. You're a reckless teenager who's...
《 mike schmidt x reader 》 by grapeTM
《 mike schmidt x reader 》by grape™
SPOILERS FOR THE FNAF MOVIE kinda like a self-insert yeah, i never actually learned the entire fnaf lore, but i know the main things so this may or may not make much sen...
FNAF SB - New and Old Friends by XxLeagueOf7xX
FNAF SB - New and Old Friendsby Lunar Productions
Note: Credits to Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool Studios Cover Not Mine- Credits to rightful owner Warning : Contains Spoilers and some disturbing descriptions Gregory just...
Becoming one of them  by Comet_star101
Becoming one of them by Comet_star101
This is a sequel to 'You're one of them'. To understand anything in this book please read the previous one!! Michael Afton is currently looking after Y/N and the five sp...
Foxy X Reader, Only Five Nights? by aliencopcar
Foxy X Reader, Only Five Nights?by aliencopcar
What happens when (y/n) gets a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? She befriends a certain animatronic that she absolutely adores. She's human. He's a robot. How can this...
Five Nights at FREDDY'S - The Real Story by AubreeLynn10
Five Nights at FREDDY'S - The Real...by Aubree Lynn
Have you ever wanted to know why the animatronics we all know and LOVE walk the halls at Freddy's? Well its time for you to know the truth. When this mysterious man come...
Human!FNAF x Reader by moonmuuse
Human!FNAF x Readerby evelina
(Y/n) decided to get a new summer job at a pizza place as a night guard! A job where you have to sit around and stare at cameras the whole night? Easy-peasy! Things are...
You Are My Sunshine by bleachanimefan
You Are My Sunshineby bleachanimefan
A sun/OC/Moon fanfic! Ayla a new hire to the Fazebear Pizzaplex starts her first job as the animatronic mechanics. However, strange things has been happening since she's...
Taken Away  [william afton x reader] by apoliash
Taken Away [william afton x reade...by apoliash
The year is 1985. Going to Freddy's has become a daily ritual for you. Sitting at the same colorful table, watching Ashton, the kid you're babysitting. Although, somethi...
TSAMS one-shots  by Alison134163
TSAMS one-shots by Yue
TSAMS one-shots hope you enjoy 🌙☀️
Lovely Purple (Vincent x Reader) by vxlkyrie-writes
Lovely Purple (Vincent x Reader)by Valkyrie
Look dude, idk what to tell you, I started this thing 7 years ago and idk why it's still getting reads. I'm sorry if this is my first impression of you, but if you like...
Harry's Strings (Being Rewritten) by Allure_Crimson
Harry's Strings (Being Rewritten)by Allure_Crimson
At the age of five, Harry Potter disappeared. The police searched for weeks but found nothing. They eventually declared him dead. On what would've been his eleventh birt...
Reborn Monsters ~ (FNAF Fanfic) by A_CrAzY_CaT
Reborn Monsters ~ (FNAF Fanfic)by A_CrAzY_CaT
Mike Schmidt is a 20-year-old man with a terrible past. He decides to become a night security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Not remembering much about the place from...
All FNAF Characters (Part 1) by LifeintheHex
All FNAF Characters (Part 1)by LifeintheHex
A bunch of bios and info on every FNAF Character. NOTE: I have not played Ruin or Help Wanted 2, so they won't be included yet, and I haven't read every FNAF story eith...
𝗟𝗢𝗩𝗘 𝗖𝗔𝗡༯𝗧 𝗧𝗔𝗟𝗞 by chinachickchic
Finished! Sequel coming soon! Y/n l/n, schools famous daughter of the principal journeys herself in this disastrous place with one boy and one animatronic, gregory and...
Never Forget ( fnaf x reader ) by lucylovedog38
Never Forget ( fnaf x reader )by discontinued
*DISCONTINUED* Fazbears Pizzaria is a common diner. Appart from one thing. Animatronics. Free to roam at night and a new night guard looking after them. What will happen...
Sweet End Bunny || FNAF Bonnie x Reader by stelyaria
Sweet End Bunny || FNAF Bonnie x R...by pure idiocy
(Y/n)'s troubles have been too much for her to handle. But when her mysterious friend drops a piece of paper by her house, a whole new adventure begins. A seemingly inn...