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House Of Farts by zachtheowl16
House Of Fartsby Zach the owl
All roommates are gay and each is a gas bag and have their own kinks to work as in this house he smelt it is well you know the rest Lux and others go on adventures as th...
Hot Konosuba Stories by TimothyQueen
Hot Konosuba Storiesby Timothy Queen
In this blessed World, things start to get even hotter
Dads bad gas by gayfartstoriez
Dads bad gasby gayfartstoriez
A fart fetish story
G/T One Shot's  by yunhoebish
G/T One Shot's by Emily
Just random story's
Alberto's gassy punishment by Scpstories12097
Alberto's gassy punishmentby Senpai and Laito
SO FUNNY (contains heavy fart jokes)
babysitter (fart fetish, inflation, buttcrush )  by Whyyouhateonnoodles
babysitter (fart fetish, inflation...by Whyyouhateonnoodles
If don't like these fetishs don't continue but if you do come on in
Weird kink stuff idk by boob5678
Weird kink stuff idkby Boob haha funny
Scat, omo, things like that Most is reader pov
Kaminari and shinsous fun by TheGod_fe7ishi3t
Kaminari and shinsous funby Daniel Martinez
Denki and shinsou.. yeah Stay away if ya don't like, piss/scat/flatulence
Well-fed 2: built to grow by zachtheowl16
Well-fed 2: built to growby Zach the owl
Sanji is a Construction worker in love with a strange fetish. but soon he gets in over his 30 year old head as he meets Daniel a guy in bdsm and a feeder he may need but...
Harry potbelly by zachtheowl16
Harry potbellyby Zach the owl
Harry and Draco grow closer after the endgame of the deadly hallows, in the years to come Harry Potter becomes a full on slob, but anything can happen in the world of wi...
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Borutos gassy fun by nasmith69
Borutos gassy funby hillo99
Boruto has a lot of fun with his new friend I'm making a part 2 with naruto haha
Growing Pangs (dabi x bakugou ) by zachtheowl16
Growing Pangs (dabi x bakugou )by Zach the owl
dabi x bakugou ......Bakugou gets kidnapped by Dabi and fattened up things get crazy however when shigaraki returns he joins in and feeds Bakugou.
Nu-Metal X Reader One Shots by Gray_is_emo
Nu-Metal X Reader One Shotsby GЯACE ✯
Hello I'm a crappy writer with bad updating schedules Anyways this book will contain one shots with band members x y/n!! You can make certain requests like certain band...
A Filthy Christmas with Kefla by GreenieGreens
A Filthy Christmas with Keflaby SamSpratticus
It's Christmas Eve, and Caulifla ends up drinking too much so she can't go home. She and Kale stays at your place for Christmas, but Little do you k is the surprise they...
When Sickness Strikes by SickOCs
When Sickness Strikesby Amber
This is a book of sickfics involving my original characters.
Tales of the Fart by zachtheowl16
Tales of the Fartby Zach the owl
Lukas is trapped in a basement with Henry the bad boy of Florida. the only food they have is burritos and beans. the only drinks they have are beers. anything can happe...
Tales of slob city SEASON ONE, TWO, THREE. by zachtheowl16
Tales of slob city SEASON ONE, TWO...by Zach the owl
Zig , Lee and more in the stories of slob city, but something bad is coming that will change everything. Season one- episodes: 10 In the second season... the city fall u...