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Lia's FartSlave by Arii_Danger
Lia's FartSlaveby Arii
Lia is a bossy 18 year old girl living with her sister in a hotel, Her sister Layla is 16 years old. Lia pays the bills and service for the hotel so she makes Layla to s...
Kaminari and shinsous fun by TheGod_fe7ishi3t
Kaminari and shinsous funby Daniel Martinez
Denki and shinsou.. yeah Stay away if ya don't like, piss/scat/flatulence
Pooping At Aunt Sakura's  by TommyXM
Pooping At Aunt Sakura's by TommyXM
Boruto has to pinch a few off after dinner at Sarada's
pokemon fart stories by wedgie_boy
pokemon fart storiesby wedgie_boy
a series of unconnected pokemon fart stories
Sat on and Farted on by Gassy boyfriend by xxkinkwriterxx
Sat on and Farted on by Gassy boyf...by xxkinkwriterxx
Bruno is a nasty man and won't stop farting. Lets just see how far this goes!
The Sleepover Hijinks  by one_that_writes
The Sleepover Hijinks by one_that_writes
Claire was at a sleepover with 3 of her friends. Claire's dad is fed up with Claire and her friends acting like an entitled brats making fun of everyone so he takes acti...
Stinky hell by fartloverrr
Stinky hellby fartloverrr
You died and are in the bad place your punishment for being bad on earth is to be farted in by bad Janet for eternity.
My boyfriends sisters baby. by smellyfartss
My boyfriends sisters baby.by Fart face
Your boyfriends parents are away for the week so you go over and spend some time with him. Only to see he's not there and it's just his evil little sister.
Uncommon Friends by DiaperPup4
Uncommon Friendsby DiaperPup
One day brand new neighbours move next door to Brent and his dad. When going to introduce themselves, Brent makes a close friend with someone he would have never picture...
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SunnySide Daycare by DiaperPup4
SunnySide Daycareby DiaperPup
Drew the young adult fox works at the SunnySide Daycare for young toddlers and babies. One day he stumbles across a new little baby skunk who causes quiet the chaos for...
A Filthy Christmas with Kefla by GreenieGreens
A Filthy Christmas with Keflaby SamSpratticus
It's Christmas Eve, and Caulifla ends up drinking too much so she can't go home. She and Kale stays at your place for Christmas, but Little do you k is the surprise they...
Weird kink stuff idk by boob5678
Weird kink stuff idkby Boob haha funny
Scat, omo, things like that Most is reader pov
Borutos gassy fun by nasmith69
Borutos gassy funby hillo99
Boruto has a lot of fun with his new friend I'm making a part 2 with naruto haha
Hot Konosuba Stories by TimothyQueen
Hot Konosuba Storiesby Timothy Queen
In this blessed World, things start to get even hotter
I LOVE 90S BRITS by hottestgirlintheusa
I LOVE 90S BRITSby Chloé 🫀💌🤍💋
THIS WONT BE A STORY JUST ONSHOTS!!! just one shots pretaining to my characters with Liam, Graham and Damon if that makes any sense Liam Gallagher x oc Graham Coxon x oc...
Yor Gives Tummy Massages by TommyXM
Yor Gives Tummy Massagesby TommyXM
Anya's classmate Emile is gassy and Yor being the lovely lady she is helps him
Nurse Joy and the Smelly Elevator by TommyXM
Nurse Joy and the Smelly Elevatorby TommyXM
Nurse Joy and Brock are stuck in an elevator when things start to get stinky...
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Sakura Uchiha: Fart/Poop Doctor by TommyXM
Sakura Uchiha: Fart/Poop Doctorby TommyXM
Sakura educates academy students on her field of work.