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My Goofy Lover by deecreates
My Goofy Loverby dee. ⭐
Shameece Latimore has a thing for silly guys and Marlon Williams is her type. ©2019 Deanna D. Jackson | Deecreates.
  • romancecomedy
  • goofiness
  • thewayansbros
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Reminiscence by caramelcakepop25
Reminiscenceby caramelcakepop25
Words don't have much meaning until you give them one. A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. But a memory is a memory is a memory that changes everything. What if you ca...
  • humor
  • mysteryromance
  • romance
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Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel) by curly1718
Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel)by Shelby
It's been almost five months since Kora was forced out of London and had to move back to New York. She hates her life there almost as much as she hates her mom for forci...
  • teasing
  • kiss
  • horrible
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Random Character One-shots by bluetrashbins
Random Character One-shotsby bluetrashbins
since nobody debated on my post, i decided for my own requests are always open! if you want to request something pm me here on wattpad about who, or what idea you want a...
  • oneshot
  • goofiness
  • random
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Tagged Book (Michisagi) by MichiTenoh
Tagged Book (Michisagi)by Michiko Tensetsugi
Well in case I might get tagged :v
  • idontknowwhattagshouldibedoing
  • michitenoh
  • random
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Beauty and the Beast - A Destiel AU by SterekIsEndgame
Beauty and the Beast - A Destiel AUby SterekIsEndgame
Dean Winchester doesn't fit in with the society of his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. The huntress Lisa Braeden wants him for a husband, but Dean doesn't love her. Dean l...
  • lisabraeden
  • castiel
  • feels
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Tom Hiddleston: vacation farts by BtsIca_98
Tom Hiddleston: vacation fartsby Jessica Fernandez
Instances were Tom Hiddleston farts during vacation with Kim Namjoon.
  • vacation
  • arguments
  • goofiness
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RID/TFP DARES!!!!!!(plus OC AND friend OC aka raven prime) by xMOONxFLAMEx
  • funny
  • goofiness
  • transformers
Badboy's Babygirl by crazybaby2005
Badboy's Babygirlby crazybaby2005
Amara Woods is an adorably sweet, cute, and shy 16 year old girl. She only reaches about 5"1 in height so she is pretty short. She may be cute but she doesn't let p...
  • richkids
  • overprotective
  • mean
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You're Toxic by azlyn21
You're Toxicby azlyn21
" I just want to know why, Riff " he says vulnerability seeping through his voice unlike his cocky self. I scrunch my brows, " Why what ? " "Wh...
  • chicklit
  • restraininglove
  • lovetriangle
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✌💙👄  by NaeNoel
✌💙👄 by QueenD👅💦
Doesn't Really Need A Description Just Fun Posts Nd Stuff Like That 😊💕
  • lgbtfriendly
  • instagram
  • fun
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b + b by sunsetbabe00
b + bby the heartbroken
two peas in a pod. yin and yang. best friends. but plot twist they're in love... dun dun dunnn (a/n: it's just full of bullshit-y best friend crap and love.)
  • goofiness
  • cuddles
  • bestfriends
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Baboons :The goof book for the fanfic Balloons: by AwkwardTrinBD
Baboons :The goof book for the AwkwardTrin
This is just for shits and giggles...
  • fnaf
  • goof
  • goofiness
Dear Crush, by AmelliaRose2002
Dear Crush,by Amellia Rose
hm, I've never been good at these, so lets go Roselyn has a crush, a long running crush. On a boy named Matthew. She hads like him since 6th grade. They are now in 9th g...
  • goofiness
  • crush
  • happiness
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Down the sewer pipes then take a left by WeirdMusicalNerd
Down the sewer pipes then take a Isabella Garcia
Lindsey K, Maria M, Jesse L, Lily W, Donavan R and Jackson M have an interesting time partying and traveling creating long lasting memories until things get a bit to hec...
  • goodtimes
  • slowbuild
  • friendship
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My Book of OCs!! by jayheartnet122
My Book of OCs!!by M
yeah kind of in the tittle and well there are a lot of them that i have so enjoy!!
  • fandom
  • ocinsert
  • goofiness
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You Thought You Could Get Rid Of Me Think Again by AlyssaAldridge
You Thought You Could Get Rid Of Alyssa Aldridge
a 15 year old kayzleigh about to turn 16 is the most hated girl in her pack the day her wolf comes out is the day she ran from her pack and the people who we're supposed...
  • awesome
  • great
  • badpast
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Jokes And Quotes by unicorn628
Jokes And Quotesby unicorn628
it's just a joke book nothing scary
  • fuuny
  • werd
  • awesome
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