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The House Always Wins (Fallout NV  x BNHA) by Amochi_s
The House Always Wins (Fallout NV...by ChooseGoose
The sixth courier is send to an entire different world full of heroes and villains after an experiment went wrong in Old World Blues. Now he helps Mr. House to put a dom...
The Burned Arc by Mothman_connoisseur
The Burned Arcby
A month before his younger sister Jeane goes to Beacon Joshua Graham or Jaune Arc is approached by Ozpin to join as a Councilor as he knows how to deal with trauma and a...
When did knights become couriers? by Mothman_connoisseur
When did knights become couriers?by
With the reveal of his transcripts, Jaune immediately became an outcast. His family disowns him and the council demands his removal from the academy. But one night he di...
Fallout: Enterprise by ScfiKpopTrash01
Fallout: Enterpriseby K.C
10,07,2077 a day the world came to a halt the day Man had destroyed everything on that day the brave crew of the USS Enterprise pride of the US Navy had set out to accom...
Courier Six Wild Adventures In The DC Universe (Remake) by epicscott1
Courier Six Wild Adventures In The...by epicscott1
Courier Six gets transported to the DC Universe by an experiment that went wrong from the Think Tank. Now the Courier must adjust to the world of superheroes and supervi...
fallout x reader one shots by fallout_geek_
fallout x reader one shotsby 🌿sage🌿
⚠️: this is not a by the books "x-reader" - i do not write in second person and do not use "y/n". please, read the "rules" section for mor...
My Hero Academia: Wasteland Heroes by Shadow_trooper
My Hero Academia: Wasteland Heroesby Shadow_trooper
The Arrival of 3 mysterious figures, and the slow appearance of threats from their world, the world of heroes must adapt to the changes even if they seem insane.
Nukes Goes Here, Nukes Goes There, Nukes Goes Boom(18+) by caboose19
Nukes Goes Here, Nukes Goes There...by HetzaHelevu
Y/n "Hellhound" Rose Roa was a survivor of Earth after the Great War (nuclear warfare), when China nuked America, and America nuked China, and the world has nu...
Fallout Fandom Outlet by FandomAnxiety
Fallout Fandom Outletby Doll
"It's said war - war never changes. Men do, through the roads they walk. And this road - has reached its end." - Ulysses ____________________________________ A...
the three hyperpowers  by __dark_scythe__
the three hyperpowers by dфrж sсyьhу
!warning rwby gundam code geass and armored core are not my! !slow update! !note if you think that the dialogue and images has changed their likely are change! before th...
Fallout oneshots, imagines, and headcannons :D by _buggzbb_
Fallout oneshots, imagines, and he...by Arcade
Aaaaa mainly fallout 4 and New Vegas Read da intro so you get the format lmao Trigger warnings will be in the chapter-things, you know what I mean besties I will not c...
Fire Emblem Legion by Queen_Caeda
Fire Emblem Legionby Marth's Wife
A tale of three nations. A tale of love birds. A tale of tragedies and adventures.
Arknights: Fractured Memories by Immortality_Sucks
Arknights: Fractured Memoriesby Immortality Sucks
Rosmontis doesn't remember much about her past. The second she woke up she was riddled with bandages and other medical stuff she can't seem to remember the name off, eve...
Multi Media x Reader Oneshot book by AnonymouseGeek
Multi Media x Reader Oneshot bookby Anonymouse Geek
A multimedia oneshot book! Like Papa Louie games and want a fic? Come here! Want a Fallout or Cuphead comfort fic? At your service! Anything I like or can write, expect...
Sword's Gambit: Dance of Power by IanConarco17
Sword's Gambit: Dance of Powerby Ian Conarco
In the grand city of Eldor, a place of breathtaking beauty and hidden secrets, Faust Valthier arrives, driven by his dreams of glory and discovery. Little does he know t...
fallout: texas by HarleyRaney
fallout: texasby Harley Raney
(Rarely updated) war. War never changes. the year is 2265. a land once known as 'texas' lays under the control of the new texas republic, named after a country that exis...
Fallout X Reader Imagines  by Decanusseverus
Fallout X Reader Imagines by Grace
This book is a collection of x readers about characters from fallout 4 and fallout new Vegas! I do take requests, and I'll try my best to get to everyones!
Codsworth x Reader Oneshots (Femdom imagines) by RachelPatsRats
Codsworth x Reader Oneshots (Femdo...by Rachel Ratt
Who doesn't love Fallout 4's loyal companion, man's best friend reinvented? He isn't just any Mr. Handy, but Codsworth! The commonwealth needs more of this lovable robot...
Fallout one shots by Zionthewanderer111
Fallout one shotsby Zion
I love the fallout games and I noticed there isn't alot of fallout character one shots or x readers so I decided to make this book. Updates will be fast I just need requ...
Fallout Prompts & Misc. Collection (3, NV, & 4) by emspathetic
Fallout Prompts & Misc. Collection...by >:8
[𝓞𝓷𝓰𝓸𝓲𝓷𝓰] ---- This book is a 𝗳𝗿𝗮𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 of an accumulation of many Fallout pieces. There are two separate books that only contain preferences and headcanon...