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Empty without you (felix x skz) by MamaSouthAfrica
Empty without you (felix x skz)by Viv
⚠️DISCONTINUED(Sry-)⚠️ I'm shit at descriptions but here we go: Stray kids: a famous group of 7 people; Jisung, Changbin, Chan, Jeongin, Minho, Seungmin and Hyunjin. ...
Selena by olivwrites4461
Selenaby Welcome and Enjoy
The story of a Formula One Representative™ who competes not only on track- but with life- in order to stay on top.
FE3H x Reader Onehots || The 2nd Book by cloudnaut
FE3H x Reader Onehots || The 2nd B...by 𝚂𝙾𝙵𝚃
Hello and welcome to my pit of boredom - Part Two!! I love all the people that supported me during the making of my first book, and I really hope this one exceeds the ra...
Just Fire Emblem Things by TheAnimeOtakus
Just Fire Emblem Thingsby ✨Nia-Senpai✨
[Ive thought about this for quite awhile and now it's here] This is a random book on my adventures through Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest...
✓ | Fire Emblem One Shots by justamethyst3
✓ | Fire Emblem One Shotsby Mey Kesseki
This fic of oneshots has only been posted on Wattpad under the username: justamethyst3 It shouldnnit be posted anywhere else ~ * ~ Current Status: Completed ~ * ~ One-sh...
Fire Emblem One shots & Scenarios by Jazboo5
Fire Emblem One shots & Scenariosby Jazboo5
>>>>Started: February 5, 2018 Ended: October 1st, 2019 One shots and scenarios about you and your favorite fire emblem character. Yes, these are mainly goi...
Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite by digitaldreams0801
Fire Emblem Fates Rewriteby Imperial Princess
Join young royal Corrin on a journey across the continent of Pheuyura on an adventure of birthrights, conquests, and revelations to stop a war that seems near eternal...
Libertação do Poder das Trevas by SilvioDutra0
Libertação do Poder das Trevasby Silvio Dutra
Interpretação da seguinte passagem bíblica: "Dando graças ao Pai que vos fez idôneos para participar da herança dos santos na luz, e que nos tirou do poder das trev...
Reach for My Hand (Dimitri x Reader) by BylethEisner
Reach for My Hand (Dimitri x Reade...by BylethEisner
What happens when (Y/N) (L/N) unintentionally arrives at Garreg Mach Monastery, and has to make a new life for herself at the establishment? Will she be able to quickly...
Toda Alegria em Todas as Provações - evangelho - Spurgeon by SilvioDutra0
Toda Alegria em Todas as Provações...by Silvio Dutra
Exposição do tema a partir do seguinte texto bíblico: "Meus irmãos, tende por motivo de toda alegria o passardes por várias provações, sabendo que a provação da vos...
Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions One-Shot Stories by TheArtistSylveon
Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lion...by The Artist Sylveon
A clueless professor that just got the job the moment she walked in the door, An awkward and kind prince that has darkness within, A stoic vassal that loves to cook and...
Renovação by SilvioDutra0
Renovaçãoby Silvio Dutra
Um desdobramento do assunto a partir da seguinte passagem bíblica: "Eu orei por você, Simão, para que sua fé não desapareça. E quando você estiver convertido, forta...
Lashing out (Chrobin) by pokemonheroyt
Lashing out (Chrobin)by PokemonHero
4 months before Mark, his older brother, moved to Elibe, Robin escaped his abusive family's home in Altea, and fled all the way to Ylisse. There, Robin met some new peop...
jumentinho E o encontro do rei by JoaquimP1
jumentinho E o encontro do reiby Joaquim
o jumentinho tinha sonho conhecer rei que fazia milagre e ensinava coisa .Mateus 21:1-11; João 12:27-36Zacarias 9:9-10
A Luz do Mundo by SilvioDutra0
A Luz do Mundoby Silvio Dutra
Exposição do tema a partir do seguinte texto bíblico: "Vós sois a luz do mundo." (Mateus 5:14)
(DISCONTINUED) From another world (Claude x Reader) by Evonacht
(DISCONTINUED) From another world...by Jessica
Through questionable occurences, you get brought to Fódlan. There you're able to use your nerd knowledge to help its people and maybe woo some cute boys and girls. This...
Been Through alot /Eddsworld/ by Kat3IsQueen101
Been Through alot /Eddsworld/by Kat3IsQueen101
(WARNING: THIS STORY HAS NO GOOD ENDING)Your Y/N And you lived with Edd Tom Tord and Matt. you had a little thing for them all but it is hard to choose one until they al...
RENASCER by Dassy18
RENASCERby EsterSilva
Renascer conta a história de quatro jovens, Anne, Samantha, Matthew e Luke , que foram criados juntos desde pequenos, em berço cristão na cidade de Nova Iorque, nos Esta...
A Morte de Moisés by SilvioDutra0
A Morte de Moisésby Silvio Dutra
Exposição do tema a partir do seguinte texto bíblico: "Assim, morreu ali Moisés, servo do SENHOR, na terra de Moabe, segundo a palavra do SENHOR." (Deuteronômi...
Unexpected Date (Claude Von Riegan x Reader) by Renonen13
Unexpected Date (Claude Von Riegan...by Rin Ipps :)
Just a small One-shot for this trickster, Claude von Riegan! :D (I don't own any artwork!)