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Isn't Exactly A Fairytale by ShilluParShian
Isn't Exactly A Fairytaleby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
Story is on a wife n huband. A sandhir FF read n njoy. Story credits goes to original writer.
Not Exactly (A Logan Lerman Fanfic) by zenmalk
Not Exactly (A Logan Lerman Fanfic)by cringy
Imagine auditioning for a movie, and actually getting the role. (a logan lerman fanfic with a bit of sam claflin)
Meredith/Mark, Addison Walks In by Bobbiejelly
Meredith/Mark, Addison Walks Inby bobbiejelly
Exactly as it sounds. Rated E for Explicit. F/M & F/F.
Myth And Soul - by Vedpratap Thakare by I_AM_VED
Myth And Soul - by Vedpratap Thaka...by VEDPRATAP THAKARE
NEXT 10 CHAPTERS PUBLISHED This book contains Mysterical Thoughts In this book you will experience the tour of the life ... . This book is in very easy Language and att...
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Awakening by runningstar7
Awakeningby runningstar7
"All I knew was that I needed to break down this wall." I was trapped. Locked up deep inside myself. I could only hang in this in-between world, trapped in li...
Strange Coincidences by SpectacularPennywyze
Strange Coincidencesby Pennywyze Atwell
These are the strange coincidences that have occurred in my life.
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Mother by trabuewaterfield36
Motherby trabuewaterfield36
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that one person  by IqbalKaur9
that one person by Snow flakes
variety . who don't wanna have it !!?? But is that variety always important or good . ? our life's are full of different people . some are awesome , some are require...
Laugh by nikkiecourval89
Laughby nikkiecourval89
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Actually by gauthiersander57
Actuallyby gauthiersander57
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Exist by dogsobrien31
Existby dogsobrien31
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Seem by onidasartell69
Seemby onidasartell69
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Wide by alcotconklin67
Wideby alcotconklin67
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Pass by friedmansocolow17
Passby friedmansocolow17
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Box by bayardjarrell72
Boxby bayardjarrell72
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