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Food Wars: The Heaven's Senses by Rubyrose645
Food Wars: The Heaven's Sensesby Rubyrose645
I'll never forget the day I first held a cooking knife. At the age of three, my older twin brother and I received our first knives, and after that, I never once lost my...
Endless Love (and Food Battles) by madamsolar
Endless Love (and Food Battles)by K
Soma Yukihira and Erina Nakiri- two big names of the culinary world, suddenly vanished from Japan and no one knew of their whereabouts. Where are they? Are they together...
Slice of Life by sugandeseplayer
Slice of Lifeby sugandese national
Soma x Erina one shots. That is all. (I do not own Shokugeki no Soma nor the art used for the cover.) (Comments are appreciated.)
Hooked • Harry Hook ✔ by inbetweentwilight
Hooked • Harry Hook ✔by ms. alena
"Well, what do we have 'ere?" A hoarse voice stated above me, making my eyes glaze upward in the direction of the culprit, only to freeze at the icy, crystalli...
Tear in My Heart [Nakiri Erina X Fem!Reader] by CodenameoC
Tear in My Heart [Nakiri Erina X tal
Tanahashi (Y/N), daughter of the famous chef Tanahashi Juuzo. Being the sous-chef in her father's restaurant, high expectations were awaited from her. (Y/N)'s father th...
The Chefs' Love by honingzoet
The Chefs' Loveby stan twice
❝on that day, their threads of fate were intertwined forever.❞ ███████████████ HI LOL ME FROM 7/26/21 IS HERE TO SAY I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS NINE (9) YEARS OLD AND AM ON...
Scrumptious ℘ Shokugeki No Soma | Food Wars X Male! OC by senyoratrinidad
Scrumptious ℘ Shokugeki No Soma | 𝕿𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖓𝖌
He's just a guy who seemed like he doesn't care, but truth is? He's playing the biggest part in a lot of people's lives. SCRUMPTIOUS © senyoratrinidad
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: First Seat's Secret Talent by Ninja_Guy66
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: Bruvs_Wattpad
When Yukihira Soma decides to go to a trip overseas, Polar Star Dormitory was resting their heads when they discovered their friend's biggest secret...
Anchored • Harry Hook ✔ by inbetweentwilight
Anchored • Harry Hook ✔by ms. alena
My whole body trembled as I tried to stop the tear that's threatening to fall. I pulled my arm away from his grip not liking the way he held my arm tightly, but very gen...
Serendipity || tsukasa eishi by nutaellakookie
Serendipity || tsukasa eishiby nutaellakookie
❝I swear to God, Rindou, if you don't shut the hell up in two seconds flat, I'll shove this entire crate of brussel sprouts up your skinny ass.❞ ________________________...
All parts you just request it (ran out of tags)
(Rewritten) Ayanokouji of class 1-E  by timothy_g2
(Rewritten) Ayanokouji of class Ayanokoujibro
Ayanokouji in an elite class with others from different anime Might create some sub plots about the other anime but if I do it will be fully explained Won't be copying a...
Not So Gentleman✔ by shirimasenpaii
Not So Gentleman✔by g e y
you call yourself a gentleman? you call yourself a fine woman? jjba ff[̅̅ Joseph Joestar✨ start:1/5/20 end:1/23/20
Food wars preferences/scenarios  by DinaH10
Food wars preferences/scenarios by °arMy°
This is Food wars characters preferences or/and scenarios if you want any other characters or any scenario you can always request :)
Can I try once again? [JONADIO] by Jo_Karr
Can I try once again? [JONADIO]by Dino Dick
[Part 3 spoiler] Dio almost got everything. Immortality, money, people, and even power to stop time. Everything was ruined when was he defeated by Jotaro Kujo, great-gre...
Finding My Special Ingredient by Lallion
Finding My Special Ingredientby Phoenix Lynx
Mimanoya Aika is a chef aiming to perfect her cooking. Being 15 only, she has a big reputation because of going out to travel and cook with her father and non-blooded re...
Food Wars! X MaleReader! by AzukiBeansKashima
Food Wars! X MaleReader!by 鹿島小豆
[Y/N] Yukihira was an older brother to Soma Yukihira. they both were very talented in their cooking and had battled their father. Even if they couldn't defeat their fath...
Sugawara x Reader - Crossovers Anyone?! by Ami_Chan26
Sugawara x Reader - Crossovers aRaRa GoMeN
Y/n Nakiri transfers to Karasuno highschool when she wants to go back to her hometown. A very involved Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) crossover. If you haven't seen Food...
Cream Puff by Mama_Wolfblood
Cream Puffby Mama_Wolfblood
Iris Sakamaki has always dreamed of becoming not only a top tier baker but also a top tier chef as well. She wants to fix her broken home due to her parents rivalry.
JJBA SHIPSby Dino Dick
Just Pics fanart, memes, and comics with random Jojo ships. U can ask if you want something from your ship too. I'll try to update daily or in two, three days, I'll see...