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The Empress by WinterVulpix
The Empressby X-Frisk
Asuka Tsukuyomi formerly known as 'Asuka Nakiri' the older sister of Erina Nakiri. When her father was exiled from the school and the Nakiri family, he took Asuka with h...
  • azami
  • shokugekinosoma
  • asuka
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Food Wars Ships  by Zenvoria
Food Wars Ships by Zenvoria
Basically a whole rant about my opinions on food wars ships that I hope you'll find interesting
  • soma
  • ikumi
  • yuki
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The Star Of Totsuki💫 [UNDER EDITING] by Reddishing_Chic
The Star Of Totsuki💫 [UNDER Checkmate✔
WARNING!!! - You're typical kind of fanfiction (Meaning? It's very common for your tastes) - Grammar, Errors, Mispellings, and etc. are present for this book is still un...
  • shokugekinosoma
  • soma
  • erina
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Hooked • Harry Hook ✔ by Allen_Garcia
Hooked • Harry Hook ✔by Allen Garcia
"Well, what do we have 'ere?" A hoarse voice stated above me making my eyes glazed upward to the culprit only to freeze at the icy crystallise irises of the ow...
  • carlos
  • carribean
  • pirates
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[ ĐN Fairy Tail ] Tử thần bóng đêm by Verlimon_Erina
[ ĐN Fairy Tail ] Tử thần bóng đêmby Dương Tiễn
Cô là đứa con của trời, là công chúa Thiên Giới. Vì quá chán cuộc sống ở Thiên giới mà cô đã xuống nhân gian chơi nhưng không ngờ khi cô xuống cô đã bị rối loạn thời gi...
  • verlimon
  • fairytail
  • đn
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Shokugeki no Erin  by crazy_person_Kiba
Shokugeki no Erin by Kibathecrazy
Erin Nakiri. Brother of Erina Nakiri. after years of wandering around the world, he comes back to Totsuki tea house culinary school. here comes back to visit his family...
  • yukihirasoma
  • shokugekinosoma
  • ốc
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The Queen Of Flavor  by QueenRamonNoodlez
The Queen Of Flavor by Catnip
" Flavor, That is all I care about! Well, and you too!" Akiyama Yoki. The poor girl was abandoned when she was 4 years old. She was abandoned in the rainforest...
  • takumi
  • anime
  • akirahayama
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Shokugeki No Soma x Reader: The Other Nakiri by serenity_dragneel
Shokugeki No Soma x Reader: The Serenity Dragneel
___ Nakiri is a younger sister of Erina Nakiri, of course, she has amazing talents, but... shes over shadowed by her older sister, Erina. Then, she was accepted... into...
  • souma
  • yukihira
  • shokogekinosoma
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Timebomb | Shokugeki No Soma by _avocadhoe
Timebomb | Shokugeki No Somaby 💜 Lilah 💜
Park Mikala is one to be feared. His mother was one of the top 5 best chefs in France while his father is the owner of Park Inc. global food stores. Even his grandparent...
  • foodwarsxmaleoc
  • boyxboy
  • erina
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The Chefs' Love by honingzoet
The Chefs' Loveby stan twice
❝on that day, their threads of fate were intertwined forever.❞ ███████████████ As you have noticed from the cover, this is a Sorina fanfic. It starts from the beginning...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • anime
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Serendipity || tsukasa eishi by nutaellakookie
Serendipity || tsukasa eishiby nutaellakookie
"I swear to God, Rindou, if you don't shut the hell up in two seconds flat, I'll shove this entire crate of brussel sprouts up your skinny ass." ______________...
  • tsukasa
  • rindō
  • shokugeki
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The Queen's Knight by Lallion
The Queen's Knightby Phoenix Lynx
Mimanoya Aika is a chef aiming to perfect her cooking. Being 15 only, she has a big reputation because of going out to travel and cook with her father and non-blooded re...
  • eliteten
  • shokugekinosoma
  • romance
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Cooking is My Specialty by Fairy1234567890
Cooking is My Specialtyby Misuki
Being a chef is hard enough. But being a daughter of a Dad traveling with him all over the world as a chef is harder. A girl named Shiro, who travel around the world wit...
  • sns
  • food
  • ốc
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Fairy Tail: The Change by nicki254
Fairy Tail: The Changeby nicki254
5 years have past since the Grand Magic Games. Many things changed since then. Jellal and Cobra, now known as Eric, were wet free and joined Fairy Tail. And many more. E...
  • nalu
  • princesses
  • fairytail
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You're Lacking (Tsukasa Eishi x Male Oc ) by LillyAndLiam
You're Lacking (Tsukasa Eishi x LillyAndLiam
A/n: I do not own Food Wars nor it's characters, I only own my Oc and others that come up. I do not own some pictures that may come up and I made the bad cover. I have...
  • bl
  • yukihira
  • tsukasaeishi
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Holder Of The Zeroth Seat (The Second Plate: NI no Sara) by Savage-Raven
Holder Of The Zeroth Seat (The Mona-san🛍👑
Finally, the continuation of Rose's adventure as being the zero seat of the Elite Ten. Rose and Soma are a couple now but now they face new challenges in their way. Wit...
  • food
  • foodwars
  • shokugekinosoma
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The Fiery Chef (Shokugeki no Soma Fanfic) by JazMaligo
The Fiery Chef (Shokugeki no SkyMaiden
Man... I have a lot of stories to do... but whatever! I'm doing everything for the readers!? And besides, I have A LOT of free time. Meet... The Fiery Chef... ... also k...
  • ocxoc
  • soma
  • azami
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Delicious or Disgusting? (Shokugeki No Soma) by Penguin-Hikari
Delicious or Disgusting? ( ☆Hikari☆
Fifteen year old Yukihira Seira is the younger twin to Yukihira Soma, and has cooked at their family diner for her whole life. However, that soon changes when their fath...
  • food
  • erina
  • yukihara
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"She'sThe Star" [ H I A T U S ] by Reddishing_Chic
"She'sThe Star" [ H I A T U S ]by Checkmate✔
This is the Book 2 of The Star Of Totsuki: "She's The Star" If you haven't read the first book: "The Star Of Totsuki" please read it for you to under...
  • food
  • foodwars
  • cooking
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Zeroth Seat of the Elite Ten (The Third Plate: San no Sara)  by Savage-Raven
Zeroth Seat of the Elite Ten ( Mona-san🛍👑
After the Autumn Elections and The Stagiaire, the top 8 first years are privileged to finally meet the Elite Ten of Totsuki Academy. But how will Rose react to this? Wil...
  • foodwars
  • shokugekinosoma
  • erina
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