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Chick Fil A  by babygirlmandy
Chick Fil A by Mandy 💖
Order whatever you like only at Chick Fil A 😌
  • food
  • chickfila
  • money
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Living in the City by zeffrarose
Living in the Cityby zeffrarose
The name's Rose, born and raised far from where I live now. I moved to San Francisco on my own in hopes of starting a new chapter in my life and decided to document my e...
  • chicklit
  • romance
  • blogging
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My Cook Book by SympathyWolf
My Cook Bookby SympathyWolf
~* These simple recipes are refined, trusted & tried by myself! I really do recommend this, hehe. Anyways, go ahead and dig into my recipes that I've made, collected and...
  • snacks
  • dessert
  • fast
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X readers 🖤 by gxxfygxxber
X readers 🖤by Gxxfygxxber
X Reader shitzu
  • eat
  • lemon
  • natsu
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My Weight Loss Journey by cristinnychic
My Weight Loss Journeyby Cristin
Hi, Today is the day I am starting a new chapter in my life, a fitness chapter! I keep on saying I am, but I never complete it, which I hate! I am 20 years old, I 5'5&qu...
  • healthy
  • diet
  • journey
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Desserts&Kawaii by Aurora7124
Desserts&Kawaiiby Aurora Starry
Dành riêng cho những cô gái yêu thích đáng iu và ngắm đồ ngọt.Bạn sẽ phải kêu lên"Aw...Kawaii!"
  • eat
  • share
  • picture
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Me And My Wife's Favourite Foods  by JohnDorLim
Me And My Wife's Favourite Foods by JohnDor Lim
Slurp! Delicious!
  • eat
  • hawker
  • food
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Chill : Until Someone Decides To Break In by hanhaylo
Chill : Until Someone Decides To LemonDrxp
Nothing's better than sitting on the couch with trays of junk food while watching r/ with your best friend in the middle of the night. peace and comfortable can last lon...
  • tv
  • cheese
  • couch
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The Happy Challenges by HopeWriters22
The Happy Challengesby Spreading Hope, Awareness and...
In this book, you will find little challenges that make you happier. As you complete challenges, you can level up for more difficult tasks, such as taking a long walk o...
  • happy
  • garden
  • eat
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Soulless Walkers (Zombie Apocalypse) by ShutupWYQ
Soulless Walkers (Zombie Rist
I felt sleepy even though the movie was quite thrilling, "Resident Evil" "Come on Ell, here comes the best part" "More like nasty, the lady just...
  • walkers
  • guns
  • apocalypse
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Recipes  by WhisperingRivers
Recipes by <3
These are some of my favorite recipes.
  • yum
  • cookies
  • appetizers
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Daryl's Daughter Carl x reader by Mac-in-cheese
Daryl's Daughter Carl x readerby CrankyCrew
your name is Grace Dickson. your dad is Daryl Dickson. you fall in love with Carl. read to find out what happens next..... ...
  • bickson
  • alexis
  • gun
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Sticks and Stones | Yoonmin by TlkFluentSarcasm
Sticks and Stones | Yoonminby 非常にゲイ
Sticks and stones may break my bones but their words made me anorexic. - Jimin ⚠️ Anorexia Self-induced vomiting Depression Suicidal thoughts Self harm Started: 1/1...
  • anorexia
  • jimin
  • seokjin
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Recipes  by ivouac
Recipes by Ivy
Hi there! This "book" is going to be a recipe book with a compilation of recipes that I made for myself and decided to share because I thought they would be go...
  • food
  • delicious
  • tasty
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Mr. dinooooosaur by Thatgsdmurphy
Mr. dinooooosaurby •ugly
The best book ever written
  • fanfiction
  • ugly
  • food
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fuck it or what by Only_castiel
fuck it or whatby Only_castiel
i don't do descriptions too often
  • breakfast
  • eat
  • bekfast
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more short stories!/ten more by Kage_Shikamaru
more short stories!/ten moreby Buttermilknuggi
I was bored * like always *
  • eat
The Afterlife Diner by Golden_Cheese
The Afterlife Dinerby Max Merlin
An original story that I made. Some of it might be plagiarised, tell me if it is similar to anything. Actually, it might be related to Coco. Y'know, the idea of a living...
  • afterlife
  • skeleton
  • food
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Don't eat by emmawoodstock
Don't eatby 3mma
How to loose weight? How to win a boy? How to survive with a psycopath as a father? How to not argue with your mother? What to do when you feel alone?
  • family
  • horror
  • food
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